Fukushima, Never Again

“Fukushima, Never Again” 57.40 min 2012
English and Japanese captions
Production Of Labor Video Project
「Fukushima, Never Again」 約57分 (英語・日本語字幕付き)
2012年 アメリカ合衆国制作

Future Screening:

1. San Jose Green Party will host FNA screening as a part of their movie night program.
Refreshment and food will be served from 6:30PM. Umi Hagitani will attend and moderate post-screening discussion.
April 13th 7PM @ San Jose Peace and Justice Center (48 S. 7th St., San Jose, CA)

2. The Southern California Library and Yushi Yamazaki from LA will host a screening.
April 14th 2-6PM (planning speakers and discussion)
Southern California Library is at 6120 S. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90044
$5 donation requested (no one turned away due to lack of funds)
Please contact Yushi Yamazaki 323-401-3035 or yushiyam@usc.edu
Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/268209639933058/

3. Turkey Screenings
The filmmakers of “Fukushima, Never Again”, Steve Zeltzer and Kazmi Torii from Labor Video Project are invited to Turkey to show the film at several locations in Turkey. Details of dates and location will be announced soon.

– We are looking for translators in following languages: (Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese) Contact lvpsf@laborvideo.org

“Fukushima, Never Again” tells the story of the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdowns in north east Japan in March of 2011 and exposes the cover-up by Tepco and the Japanese government. The film interviews the Mothers Of Fukushima, nuclear power experts and trade unionists who are fighting for justice and the protection of the children and the people of Japan and the world.
The residents and citizens were forced to buy their own geiger counters and radiation dosimeters in order to test their communities to find out if they were in danger. The government said contaminated soil in children’s school grounds was safe and then when the people found out it was contaminated and removed the top soil, which the government and TEPCO refused to decontaminate.
It also relays how the nuclear energy program for “peaceful atoms” was brought to Japan under the auspices of the US military occupation and also the criminal cover-up of the safety dangers of the plant by TEPCO and GE management which built the plant in Fukushima.
This documentary allows the voices of the people and workers to speak out about the reality of the disaster and what this means not only for the people of Japan but the people of the world as the US government and nuclear industry continue to push for more new plants and government subsidies. This film breaks the information blockade story line of the corporate media in Japan, the US and around the world that Fukushima is over.



Available from:

Labor Video Project
P.O. Box 720027
San Francisco, CA 94172

Read what people say about the film:
– Send your reflection to lvpsf@laborvideo.org or 311bayarea@gmail.com

Feb 2nd, Premier Screening at Red Stone Building (San Francisco)

Past Screening
– March 3rd: Saint Stephen’s Church, 1445 Nipomo Street, downtown SLO from 7PM.
– March 11th, ILWU Local 34 7PM
– March 14th, Santa Cruz The Santa Cruz contact for 3/14 showing of Fukushima Never Again is Dorah Rosen at (831) 427-0624 [home]; (205) 253-4211 [cell] and email = dorahbee@comcast.net

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  1. Mario says:

    – 11 de Março – Dia de Ação Global Fukushima 2012 – Calendário de Eventos
    – March 11 – Global Fukushima Action Day 2012 – Calendar of Events
    – Mars 11 – Journée mondiale d’action Fukushima 2012 – Calendrier des événements
    – 11 de Maezo – Dia de Acción Global Fukushima 2012 – Calendario de Eventos
    – 11. März – Weltweiter Aktionstag Fukushima 2012 – Kalender der Manifestationen
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    Updated: February 28
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