Join Us 2.11.2013 at Japanese Consulate 3-4:30 pm

From Barbara George of Womens Energy Matters: Californians seeking to forestall nuclear catastrophe on our coast will gather at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in San Francisco, Tues. Jan. 8th for the first hearing in the San Onofre Investigation. Women’s Energy Matters (WEM), the Coalition to Decommission San Onofre, No Nukes Action, and others … Continue reading

1.11.2013 Rally Friday 3pm at Japanese Consulate – Be There to Oppose LDP/Abe Plan for New Nuclear Plants

from Steve Zeltzer:  No Nukes Action Committee will have a rally and speak-out Friday January 11, 2013 at the Japanese Consulate, 50 Fremont Street, San Francisco, at 3 pm, to protest Japan’s LDP/Abe government’s push for the building of more nuclear plants, and the government & industry media campaign that Fukushima can be “decontaminated” and … Continue reading

Fukushima Collaborative Clinic Opens!

LINK TO CLINIC WEBSITE: The Community Clinic Chieko Shiina envisioned and raised funds for during her Summer 2012 California Tour has opened its doors! An opening reception was held on November 23rd, and the first physical exams were performed December 1st. Steve Zeltzer of No Nukes Action Committee spoke in solidarity to celebrate the … Continue reading


[from Umi Hagitani]   No Nukes Action Committee and other groups and individuals against nukes will protest at the Japanese Consulate in downtown San Francisco on December 11th at 3pm… [50 Fremont Street, near Embarcadero BART].  For the past four months, we’ve focused on appealing to Japan’s Prime Minister Noda.  This time is different!  We will protest … Continue reading

Never Restart Any Nuke Reactor in Japan! Hell No to Burning Rubble too!大飯原発の再稼働に反対!がれきも燃やさないで!6.22の午後三時にSF日本領事館前に集合!

TODAY!! June 22nd at 3PM to 5PM! Come join as the Rally/Picket against the Oi Reactor Restart + Burning Radioactive Rubble! (50 Fremont, San Francisco) This will be co-sponsored by Fukushima Fall Out Awareness Network, Ecological Options Network, Greenaction for health and Environmental Justice, Fukushima Response, The Raging Grannies Action League, Tri-Valley CAREs, and Occupy San Francisco! No … Continue reading

Appeal to Fund a Japanese Delegate Ms. Chieko Shiina’s California Anti-nukes Tour!

Last year, No Nukes Action Committee coordinated a state-wide anti nukes educational conference focusing on media with activists and scholars from New York, Canada, Japan, Korea, and Mongolia. We also coordinated two Japanese delegates from Miyagi and Fukushima to visit San Clemente with Nuclear Free California to help support anti-San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) … Continue reading