Report from 4/11 NNA Monthly Rally

The attendants are very few,  but we had a good rally. Paul Kangas came back from the trip to Russia and China and spoke. Genta Yoshikawa spoke very first time. And we had three very first attendants. Steve Zeltzer who wrote the letter to PM Abe couldn’t attend this rally, so Genta Yoshikawa read it … Continue reading

A report of Fukushima 6th Anniversary/ 56th NNA monthly rally

NNA held our 56th Anti-Nukes Monthly and Fukushima 6th Anniversary Rally on 3/11/17 at SF. It was fine afternoon. But all of us who attended this rally understood the Fukushima’s many  problems have been continuing. After finishing one of speak out and singing with Vic Sadot, we marched to the Justin Herman Plaza and continued … Continue reading

A report of 12/11/16 NNA Rally/12・11反原発・反核抗議集会事後報告

We had the last NNA rally in 2016 on December 11. Three people from LA came to attend the rally and left to LA soon after. The letter to PM Abe was written and read out by Atuko Uchida who lives in LA. Attached please read her letter. SF office of IWJ(Independent Web Journal) took … Continue reading

Five Years After Fukushima : Living with Disaster

film screening and report on Okinawa to the people in Bay Area “Five Years After Fukushima : Living with Disaster”  18 min. Documentary film by Greenpeace  Five and half years have passed from severe meltdown of Fukushima. Now what’s going on in Fukushima? … nuclear reactors, victims, children, compensation, decontamination, contamination value, returning of victims, safety … Continue reading

報告: 8月9日のリバモア核兵器研究所前抗議集会

朝6時半にバークレー、ベイエイリアを出発し、核兵器・原発絶滅集会に参加の皆さん、ごくろうさまでした。カリフォルニア晴れの天気で、青空の下、約300人が参加しました。     スピーチをした一人、被爆者のはなおかさんは「時期の大統領になりうるドナルド・トランプは核兵器の使用は、いつも準備しておきたいと言っている」とその恐ろしさを述べ、ヴェトナム 戦争の機密書類を公表し、反戦・反核で知られているダニエル・エルスバーグさんも「次期大統領可能なヒラリー・クリントンでさえ核兵器を使うか、使わないかははっきり公表すべきでない、と言って使う余地を残しておきたがっている」と、私たちがまさに核戦争にいつでも巻き込まれる状況であることの不気味さを語りました。    今回もIWJ (Independent Web Journal)  SF支局さんがインターネットで中継してくださいました。そのアーカイブィンクです。 パート1: パート2: 次に、拙い私のスピーチですが、要望もあり添付しました。 過去の歴史を忘れず、それから学び、核兵器・核発電を絶滅していきましょう! 知ることは大事です、そして声を出し立ち上がることは更に大事です。   8/9/16 , at Lawrence Livermore Lab (Chizu Hamada speech) Ohayou gozaimasu! Good morning! In 1974, I left my life in Japan to come to the United States. For over 40 years now, I have called the Bay Area my … Continue reading

The report of 7/11/16 NNA Rally

Thank you for joining our 48th No Nukes Action Rally. The previous day, on July 10, Japanese had the election of the upper house of parliament. The result was awful for the peace activists and people who want to keep our pacifist constitution and decommission all nuclear power plants. Because 2/3 of the seats were taken … Continue reading

The report of 10/11 NNA Rally ・ 10/11 NNA抗議集会リポート

  About 15 people joined our 39th Rally. All people whoever came to this rally knew that the Fukushima accident wasn’t contained yet and it is ongoing accident. Several people spoke out. We marched to the Union Square led by Sam Kanno who wrote the letter to PM Abe for this time. He read his … Continue reading

The report : 9/11 NNA Monthly Rally * 9/11月例ラリー事後報告

Thank you for joining the 38th NNA Rally. It is a critical time that Japan is going to become the militarism country farther more after passing the Security Bills. The majority people in Japan are opposing these bills. But again Japanese government is trying to crash down people’s voices. And  PM Abe is oppressing hard … Continue reading

8/11 Rally Ustream archive link and the letter to PM Abe

Our 37th NNA rally was held on the day the Sendai nuclear power plant was restarted. This plant  should not have started. The survey indicated still more than 60% people are wishing to close all plants in Japan. About 15-20 people attended and several people spoke out.         Here is the link of Ustream … Continue reading

8/6/15 Statement by Chizu Hamada of No Nukes Action Committee at Livermore National Laboratory  on 70th Anniversary of Dropping of Nuclear Bomb on Hiroshima

Ohayougozaiasu. Good Morning, I was born in Japan, and I grew up in a post-war climate that has shaped the way I view the world. A couple month ago, I had a chance to speak about Japanese militarism. During that talk, I mentioned that dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were war crimes. When … Continue reading