New to Protest?はじめてのデモ

No Nukes Art
Artists in Japan and all over the world are submitting their posters against nukes. Print them out, bring to your action. Or submit your own poster in solidarity!日本と世界の人々が 脱原子力のポスターを日々つくっています。デモや抗議行動に持ってきてもいいし、インスパイアされたら、あなたのアートワークを世界とシェアも出来ます。
(Japanese, but updating daily!!! Don’t miss it!)

Sustainable Activism and Avoid Burn Out
Activism has a lot of capacity to hold people with different backgrounds and different ways of acting on them. If you feel too low, or burnt out, perhaps this can be good ways to appreciate yourself as well as your affiliation with others.



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