Press Release-4/11 Rally-Speak Out on Japan Kyushu Earthquake and Dangers of Another Fukushima Ignored by Abe Government


4/11 Rally-Speak Out on Japan Kyushu Earthquake and Dangers of Another Fukushima Ignored by Abe Government Wednesday May 11, 2016 3:00 PM 275 Battery St./California St. San Francisco On Wednesday May 11th at 3:00 PM , people will speak out at the San Francisco Japanese consulate to demand the closure of all nuclear plants in … Continue reading



4月14日発生の震度7の熊本地震から3週間が経ちました。この間、余震は驚くほど多くなんと1250回!日本列島は地震のるつぼです。 しかし九電は川内原発を止めようとはせず、原子力規制委も口をそろえ、安全を宣伝しています。 <規制委員長「川内原発停止不要」 地震で臨時会合> 共同通信 2016/4/18(月) 13:29 ですが、原発オペレーターと政府を信じる事はできません。5年前の福島メルトダウンで東電は真実を隠し嘘をつき続けてきました。 そして原子力規制委員会(NRA)がしているおそろしくずさんな原発点検は、再びIAEAから政府へ警告が今年4月にもありました。例えば、アメリカでの原発検査員は2年間の訓練が必要なのに、日本では2週間で検査員を作り上げてしまい、アメリカでは一つの原発点検に一年間で2000時間を費やすのに、日本ではたった168時間です。そして更に憤慨な事は、政府とNRAが2007年にIAEAからの日本の点検制度は不備であるとの警告を全く無視したことです。国民の安全を第一に考え、準備/予防を深刻にしていたら2011年の地震によるメルトダウンは防げたはずです。利益と国策ばかり考えているとしか思えません。 しかも40年を超える老朽原発すらもこれからどんどん再稼動させて行く日本の状況は気違いじみています。 関電高浜1、2号機、正式合格の見通し、老朽原発で新基準初 状況に憂えているだけでは、何も好転しません。 政府に抗議が必要です。立ち上がりましょう! 一人、一人が立ち上がり原発推進と日本の軍国化に歯止めをしなければいけません。スピークアウトする人も大歓迎です。 皆さんの参加を期待します。   第46回月例11日、5月反核抗議集会   日時 : 5月11日,水曜日 午後3時から4時半まで 場所 : サンフランシスコ日本領事館前、275 Battery Street、 SF BART. Embarcadero 駅より3−4ブロック   written by NNA member Chiuzu Hamada  

5th Anniversary Pettion Letter to Abe Japanese Prime Minister from Kyoto Japan

Nukes and human beings cannot coexist. The former we never can deal with. Fukushima Disaster 3.11 has yet to be liquidated at all. Nuclear power and nuke weapons are one and the same,  as developed making use of radioactive energy first into bombs then into electric power as well  by the greediest circles. Radiation damages … Continue reading

5th Anniversary Demanding letter to Abe Japanese Prime minister from United States Citizens

  5th Anniversary Demanding letter to Abe Japanese Prime minister from United States Citizens   March 7, 2016 Dear Mr Abe Prime Minister of Japan & The members of the Japanese parliament We are the citizens of United State of America. We wish to appeal for the most important subject regarding the Fukushima Nuclear disaster and Fukushima … Continue reading

NNA Statement for 3/11/16

NNA statement for 3/11/16 ・ NNA 3/11/2916 声明文 (Statement in English) March 11, 2016 Join International Day Of Action On Fifth Anniversary of Fukushima Meltdown And Continued Radioactive Contamination March 11, 2016 is the fifth anniversary of Fukushima and the meltdowns of the nuclear power plant. The lessons of that disaster continue to be ignored. There are … Continue reading

A report of 1/11/16 rally・第42回月例抗議集会1/11事後報告

NNA-275battery RPRT

Thank you for joining our 42nd Monthly NNA Rally! This was the first rally of 2016. About 20 people attended. We have protested not only against nukes but also against the military policy of Japanese, Korean and USA government. And about 10 Korean American joined and protested against the agreement Japan and South Korea made about … Continue reading

Report of 12/11 Monthly NNA Rally ・ 12/11、月例反原発集会事後報告

NNA-275battery RPRT

Thank you for joining our 12/11 NNA monthly Rally. About a dozen of people gathered. Several people spoke out. At this time, Machiko Conway, a president of, wrote and read out the letter for PM Abe.  To Mr Abe 12.11.2015 The SF branch of IWJ, Independent Web Journal, broadcasted our rally live on internet. … Continue reading

A report of 11/11 NNA Monthly Rally & OKINAWAN SPEAKING TOUR AGAINST THE BASE Nov. 15th-17th

NNA-275battery RPRT

About 15 people gathered at the rally. Cecile Pineda, Dan Marlin, Maureen Hartman, Andy, Yoko Clark, Machiko Conway and others spoke out. We had three attendants who just came back from Fukushima. They reported about the conditions of today’s Fukushima. One of them reported the Fukushima Corroborated Clinic which Chieko Shiina also helped to build is having the difficulties to be continued. … Continue reading

The report of 10/11 NNA Rally ・ 10/11 NNA抗議集会リポート

NNA-275battery RPRT

  About 15 people joined our 39th Rally. All people whoever came to this rally knew that the Fukushima accident wasn’t contained yet and it is ongoing accident. Several people spoke out. We marched to the Union Square led by Sam Kanno who wrote the letter to PM Abe for this time. He read his … Continue reading

The report : 9/11 NNA Monthly Rally * 9/11月例ラリー事後報告

NNA-275battery RPRT

Thank you for joining the 38th NNA Rally. It is a critical time that Japan is going to become the militarism country farther more after passing the Security Bills. The majority people in Japan are opposing these bills. But again Japanese government is trying to crash down people’s voices. And  PM Abe is oppressing hard … Continue reading


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