4.6 Occupy Good Friday- At the Gates of Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab 国立リヴァーモア・ラボでの核兵器や原子力の研究・開発に反対する集い

Our ally Tri-Valley CAREs invites us to the upcoming event on April 6th sponsored by Tri-Valley CAREs. We’re planning to carpool, please talk to 311bayarea@gmail.com Tri-Valley CAREssは4月6日に国立リヴァーモア・ラボでの核兵器や原子力の研究・開発に反対する集いを開きます。車に乗り合わせて現地に向かいたい方、311bayarea@gmail.comまでご相談ください。 Friday, April 6, 2012  6:45 AM (gathering), 7 AM (worship followed by procession), 10 AM (community gathering) Occupy Good Friday- At the Gates of Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab We will join the Ecumenical … Continue reading

MARCH 11TH SF EVENT REPORT 3/ Atomic Culture, by Judy Haramoto(311 SFでのイベントレポート Judy Haramoto氏による原子力文化アート)

At our March 11th, SF event, a San Francisco artist Judy Hiramoto spoke about her investigation on Nuclear culture, which she had an exhibition on that theme 15 years ago on the 50th anniversary of the atomic bomb. 私たちが311に開いたイベントで、SFでのサンフランシスコ在住のアーティストJudy Haramotoさんが、彼女自身も十五年前にの原爆開発50周年時に原子力文化として展示会を開いたときの作品を振り返ります。


San Clemente Green, San Onofre Safety (SOS), Residents Organized for a Safe Environment (ROSE), and Citizens for Responsible Ethical Environmental Decisions (CREED) started a new petition to stop SONGS (San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station)! Please sign and spread the word!
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San Clemente Green, San Onofre Safety (SOS), Residents Organized for a Safe Environment (ROSE), and Citizens for Responsible Ethical Environmental Decisions (CREED) が、サンオノフレ原発の再稼動反対をNRCに訴えるための署名を始めました。どうぞご協力ください。拡散希望。

March 11th SF Event Report 2/ Poetry(311 SFでのイベントレポート 詩の朗読)

On March 11th, after the action at Bechtel, we carried a potluck and created an evening to remember Fukushima. Here are videos shot by Kevin Pardo. 3月11日にベクテルでの行動を終えた後、フクシマをおぼえる持ち寄り夕食会とプレゼンテーションを行いました。Kevin Pardoさんによるビデオをご紹介します。 Organizers  fromCircle of Concern, Watanabe Toshiko, Maureen Hartmann, and Dan Marlin read poems. Circle of Concernの、わたなべとしこさんと、Dan Marlin氏、Maureen Hartmann氏による詩の朗読。 The opening poem is written by a farmer, Arata Maeda in the … Continue reading

Open-Mic: 33rd Anniversary of Three Mile Island

Bring your bulls, words, poetry, songs, questions, and drums to Powell BART station at the tram station on Wednesday, March 28th at 5PM to remember the 33rd Anniversary of the Three Mile Island accident in 1979. The action will be non-violent peaceful attempt to gather up, question, say no to nuclear power, and support people’s … Continue reading

一緒に翻訳してくれる方募集中:Translators Needed for Sachiko Sato’s Speech in Tokushima!

2012.1.11「福島の子どもたちを放射能から守るネットワーク」世話人である、佐藤幸子さんによる徳島NAZEN発足会での講演をご一緒に、日本語から英語に訳してくださる方々、募集しています。あなたのgmailアドレスを添えて、311bayarea@gmail.comまでメッセージをください。google docにアップしてありますので、時間があるときにゆっくりやっていきましょう。4月三週目ぐらいには終えたいです。最終的な文法チェックが出来る方も募集中です。(萩谷海) We need translators for the transcript for Sachiko Sato (from Kodomo Fukushima)’s speech for Tokushima Nanzen opening meeting on Jan 11th, 2012. It should be translated from Japanese to English, and we also need some people who can grammar check. The document is already updated on google document, so please send me (311bayarea@gmail.com) … Continue reading

Fukushima’s 1st Anniversary at Bechtel 2012: Cyclub

Bechtel HQ, San Francisco 3/11/12 — About a dozen people gathered on Sunday at noon to commemorate the anniversary of the nuclear accident at Fukushima and speak out against nuclear power. 3.11、サンフランシスコのベクテル社前では、原子力に反対する人々が集まり、語り合い、パフォーマンスをしました。 Junko Suzuki-Parsons and her band played; Yukari Murakami and Tao Ota danced. Enjoy their performance as well as the interviews! (Thank you, Ed … Continue reading

Morning Mix with Tara and Steve Zeltzer on Fukushima’s 1st Anniversary

Steve Zeltzer from No Nukes Action spoke about events and learnings from Fukushima’s first Anniversary on KPFA’s morning mix. Listen up!
No Nukes ActionのSteve Zeltzer氏が、バークレーのラジオKPFAのMorning Mixでフクシマについて話をしました。

March 13th-16th The Wake-Up Call from Fukushima: “A Series of Programs with Prof. Akira Murakami” presented by EON

Our ally the Ecological Option Network will host a series of events with Dr. Akira Murakami from Akita University! 私たちの仲間である、 the Ecological Option Networkが、秋田大学の村上東教授を招いてベイエリアで、イベントを開催します。お近くの方は、ぜひどうぞ! “A Series of Programs with Prof. Akira Murakami” http://eon3emfblog.net/?p=4546  Join the growing movement to shut down California’s Nuclear Reactors! Uncensored info about Japan’s catastrophe that is affecting the whole world and will … Continue reading