LA: April 14th, Fukushima, Never Again Screening/ LAでのフクシマ・ネヴァー・アゲイン上映会

No Nukes Action Committee is happy to announce the first LA screening of “Fukushima, Never Again” on April 14th at Southern California Library! No Nukes Actionは、ロサンジェルスのSouthern California Libraryにて、4月14日に行われるFukushima, Never Againの上映会を応援します!

Date: April 14th, 2PM to 6PM (there will be speakers and discussion, detail to be announced 詳細は追って!)
Place: 6120 S. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90044
$5 donation requested (no one turned away due to lack of funds)
Contact Yushi Yamazaki 323-401-3035 or
Facebook event page: 

Here’s a greeting from Yushi Yamazaki, the organizer for this LA screening!上映会オーガナイズをするYushi Yamazakiさんによる呼びかけ文です。

The first step toward coalition buillding in the Greater Los Angeles area for nuclear-free future. We are all stake-holders. Come out everybone! Not only environmentalists, but also those who are concerned with reproductive rights, chidlren’s health, workers’s rights in nuclear industry, and farmers’ fishermen’s and everybody’s rights to commons (land and ocean)!

Download the flyer to spread the word!チラシをダウンロードして、どうぞ周りに広めてください。


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