Now Dec 3rd: Fukushima, The Lessons Of Nuclear Power And The Media(福島―原子力の教訓とメディア)

We regret that we have not announced that we need to postpone our October 4th educational conference earlier. We learned the scale of cover-ups and scarcity of general information about radioactive contamination from on-going Fukushima incidents 7 months ago, and the U.S.-Japan nuclear industry ties. Rescheduling our conference to December 3rd at San Francisco State … Continue reading

TELL THE WHITE HOUSE: END TAXPAYER SUBSIDIES FOR NEW NUCLEAR REACTORS 「国の税金を使って助成金これ以上原子力発電所を作るのはやめよう!」ホワイトハウスへ抗議しよう!

We received an email from Nuclear Information Resources Service (NIRS), asking for the petition to end the subsidies for new nuclear reactors. As No Nukes Action, we support to this petition! Tell your friends about it! (Translator: Umi Hagitani) 私たちはNuclear Information Research Services(NIRS=原子力情報調査サービス)から、米国の原発への予算停止を求める嘆願書についてのメールを受け取りました。No Nukes Actionとして、この嘆願運動を支援します。ぜひ広めてください。(翻訳者:萩谷海) – – – – – – – -(feel free to copy and … Continue reading

Nuclear Farmicide: The effects of the 3/11 Disaster on the farmers of Fukushima

Nuclear Farmicide: The effects of the 3/11 Disaster on the farmers of Fukushima –Research Report #3 by A Concerned Citizen(Ruel Bernard) Like many people here in California, the meltdowns at Fukushima are making me wonder about our own two nuclear power stations, Diablo Canyon and San Onofre. Just like Fukushima, they’re located on the ocean and … Continue reading

Petition to Evacuate the Children from Radioactively Contaminated Area: ふくしま集団疎開を支援します!

We Support the Evacuation of Every Child from Radioactively Contaminated Areas No Nukes Action support the organizers of ふくしま集団疎開裁判(Fukushima Group Evacuation Trial) on their petition request regarding the evacuation of the children from the radioactively contaminated area. Please forward to your friends if you could. To Japanese readers, you could just send the link below(日本語のわかる方はふくしま集団疎開裁判ブログをご参照ください). The … Continue reading