Steve Zeltzer Visiting Japan / March 10th Broadcast on KPFA

Steve Zeltzer, an activist and the director of Fukushima, Never Again goes to Japan during March to document the third anniversary of the ongoing nuclear accident in Fukushima. He will visit Osaka, Tokyo, Fukushima, and Taiwan this time. His interviews with Prof. Masaki Shimoji and many other activists will be broadcasted on KPFA: His … Continue reading

Steve Zeltzer’s from Miyagi Japan on Coming Monday, Oct 29th on MorningMix!

Steve Zeltzer reported from Miyagi Japan on Monday’s Morning Mix on KPFA with Chie Matsumoto of Labornet Tokyo. Listen up from 8:24. Here’s his message: “Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am now in Akita and have been interviewing refugees from Fukushima. I will be going there later this morning. I will be on KPFA WorkWeek which … Continue reading

July 14th: Occupy the Bohemian Grove feat. Chieko Shiina/ オキュパイ・ボヘミアン・グローヴに「原発いらない福島の女たち」の椎名千恵子さん登場!

Saturday July 14th : Sonoma, San Francisco Title: Occupy Bohemian Grove Time July 14th, Noon to 4PM (Chieko will appear around 2-3PM) Place:Monte Rio Amphitheatre (9925 Main Street, Monte Rio, CA 95462) Co-sponsor: Occupy the Bohemian Grove Website: イベント名: オキュパイ・ボヘミアン・グローブ 時間: 7月14日1時から3時(椎名さんの登場は2時からです。来られない方もKPFAでの生中継をぜひお聴きください!) 住所: Monte Rio Amphitheatre (9925 Main Street, Monte Rio, CA 95462) 共催者: … Continue reading

Interview with Prof. Akira Murakami/村上東教授とのインタビュー

Prof. Akira Murakami, professor of North American culture and media literacy at Akita University, who was recently in the SF Bay area at the behest of the Ecological Options Network; at the bottom of the hour (see the video on the bottom), it’s Steve Zeltzer with Work Week Radio; we’ll conclude the show specifically dealing with The … Continue reading

Morning Mix with Tara and Steve Zeltzer on Fukushima’s 1st Anniversary

Steve Zeltzer from No Nukes Action spoke about events and learnings from Fukushima’s first Anniversary on KPFA’s morning mix. Listen up!
No Nukes ActionのSteve Zeltzer氏が、バークレーのラジオKPFAのMorning Mixでフクシマについて話をしました。

Conference Speaker Anthony Hall On KPFA 94.1 Friday Dec 2 at 8:30 PM

Dr. Anthony Hall will be on KPFA FM 94.1 FM on line at and will be discussing nuclear power and the global economy and we will be publicizing our conference. 土曜の討論会にお招きしているアンソニー・ホール氏が明日金曜日朝、KPFAのMorning Mixという番組に登場します。お聴き逃しなく!