Report of 4/11/16 NNA Monthly Rally

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About twenty people gathered at the 45th NNA rally and many people spoke out. People who had a enthusiastic spirit and spoke out were Machiko Conway, Paul Kangas, Don Eichelberger, Don Marlin, Lotus Yee Fong, Jeff Nagata, Sam Kanno and myself. We addressed many problems and concerns and suggestions for the nuclear policy and nuclear disasters. … Continue reading

A Report of the 5th Anniversary Fukushima – 44th Monthly Rally 福島5周年、44回月例集会事後報告

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Hi everybody, Thank you so much for supporting and attending the NNA rally! There were about 40 people who brought strong spirits even occasionally rainy weather. Many people spoke out. Thank you, Linda Sealy, John Burtucci, Paul Kangas, Grace Shimizu, Gilbert Perez, Cynthia Papermaster, Oliver Mellan, Machiko Conwey, Don Marlin for speaking. We understand that … Continue reading

A report of the 43rd NNA monthly rally on 2/11・2/11月例抗議集会の報告

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It was warm afternoon. Nine of hard core people got together at the front of SF Japanese Consulate on February 11th. It almost 5 years fromFukushima and 30 years from Chernobyl. But as the washington Post stated, the recovery of Fukushima is not so well. Only 10% of decommission work was done. Two people … Continue reading

A report of 1/11/16 rally・第42回月例抗議集会1/11事後報告

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Thank you for joining our 42nd Monthly NNA Rally! This was the first rally of 2016. About 20 people attended. We have protested not only against nukes but also against the military policy of Japanese, Korean and USA government. And about 10 Korean American joined and protested against the agreement Japan and South Korea made about … Continue reading

Report of 12/11 Monthly NNA Rally ・ 12/11、月例反原発集会事後報告

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Thank you for joining our 12/11 NNA monthly Rally. About a dozen of people gathered. Several people spoke out. At this time, Machiko Conway, a president of, wrote and read out the letter for PM Abe.  To Mr Abe 12.11.2015 The SF branch of IWJ, Independent Web Journal, broadcasted our rally live on internet. … Continue reading

A report of 11/11 NNA Monthly Rally & OKINAWAN SPEAKING TOUR AGAINST THE BASE Nov. 15th-17th

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About 15 people gathered at the rally. Cecile Pineda, Dan Marlin, Maureen Hartman, Andy, Yoko Clark, Machiko Conway and others spoke out. We had three attendants who just came back from Fukushima. They reported about the conditions of today’s Fukushima. One of them reported the Fukushima Corroborated Clinic which Chieko Shiina also helped to build is having the difficulties to be continued. … Continue reading

The report of 10/11 NNA Rally ・ 10/11 NNA抗議集会リポート

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  About 15 people joined our 39th Rally. All people whoever came to this rally knew that the Fukushima accident wasn’t contained yet and it is ongoing accident. Several people spoke out. We marched to the Union Square led by Sam Kanno who wrote the letter to PM Abe for this time. He read his … Continue reading

The report : 9/11 NNA Monthly Rally * 9/11月例ラリー事後報告

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Thank you for joining the 38th NNA Rally. It is a critical time that Japan is going to become the militarism country farther more after passing the Security Bills. The majority people in Japan are opposing these bills. But again Japanese government is trying to crash down people’s voices. And  PM Abe is oppressing hard … Continue reading

8/11 Rally Ustream archive link and the letter to PM Abe

NNA-275battery RPRT

Our 37th NNA rally was held on the day the Sendai nuclear power plant was restarted. This plant  should not have started. The survey indicated still more than 60% people are wishing to close all plants in Japan. About 15-20 people attended and several people spoke out.         Here is the link of Ustream … Continue reading

8/6/15 Statement by Chizu Hamada of No Nukes Action Committee at Livermore National Laboratory  on 70th Anniversary of Dropping of Nuclear Bomb on Hiroshima


Ohayougozaiasu. Good Morning, I was born in Japan, and I grew up in a post-war climate that has shaped the way I view the world. A couple month ago, I had a chance to speak about Japanese militarism. During that talk, I mentioned that dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were war crimes. When … Continue reading


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