Report from 10/11/18 NNA Rally・10月11日NNA抗議集会報告

About a dozen of people have attended on the 75th NNA Monthly Rally. Among several speakers, there were Sharat G.Lin of San Jose Peace and Justice Center, Anti-Nukes activist Jan Boudart from Chicago and Puerto Rican labor activist Ricardo Ortiz. For the details, please watch the video which was taken by Genta Yoshikawa. The … Continue reading

Report of 9/11 NNA Rally

Thank you whoever have attended and supported our 9/11 NNA rally! At the front of SF Japanese consulate, we protested the policy of Japanese nuclear energy and militarism. We condemned any illegal arrests and harassment toward the activists who are disclosing the government’s and industries’ lies. The letter to PM Abe was written by Jane … Continue reading

Report of 8/6 Livermore Protest and 8/11 SF Monthly Rally

About 200 people gathered at the Livermore Nuclear Weapon Lab on 8/6. Including Daniel Ellsberg, Hibakusha Rev. Nobuaki Hanaoka, some more activists and Carole Hisasue who lives near Di Ablo canyon nuclear power plant and a member of Mothers for Peace had all impressive speeches. Please see the video which Genta Yoshikawa took and put … Continue reading

Report of 7/11 NNA rally・7/11 抗議集会事後報告

About a dozen people got together on 7/11. Speak out included Japan’s Energy Basic Plan was approved for 20-22% of nuclear dependence by 2030, and another reactor, Gennkai plant #4, was restarted on 6/16, and TEPCO resumed Higashidori nuclear plant construction. Steve Zeltzer wrote the letter to PM Abe for this … Continue reading

Report from 6/11/18 NNA rally・

About a dozen of people (plus a doggy) got together for the 71st NNA rally. There were some speak outs about Fukushima and SF Hunters Point problems. The letter to PM Abe was written and read out by Don Eichelberger of Abalone Alliance Safe Energy Clearinghouse. Attached please read his letter. There was no … Continue reading

A report of 4/11/18 monthly rally・4/11/18 月例抗議集会の事後報告

I can not help feeling that the Fukushima disaster has been forgotten among many people in the world and even in Japan. But the Fukushima disaster has not been contained.There are so many problems. That is the reason we have been standing and voicing at the front of SF Japanese consulate every 11th of month. … Continue reading

Report : the 7th anniversary of Fukushima Meltdown/68th NNA monthly rally・7周年福島メルトダウン惨事・第68回NNA 抗議集会事後報告

  The 7th Anniversary of Fukushima meltdown and our 68th NNA Monthly Rally went fine. About 20 people participated. Thank you for joining us from many groups, such as Circle of Concern, Fukushima Response, Abalone Alliance, Peaceworkers, former SF Occupy and people of grass roots. And thank Tri-Valley CAREs for joining with the statement. We … Continue reading

A report of 2/11/18, NNA monthly rally and a request of writing the letter to PM Abe for 3/11 rally・2/11/18 抗議集会事後報告

We had the 67th NNA monthly rally yesterday. Eight people got together. The monthly letter to PM was written by Tsukuru Fors Lauritzen who lives in LA. Tsukuru has organized several Fukushima related documentary film viewings, and is preparing another documentary film viewing in 3/11 in LA. “Nuclear Cattle” is the title of film and … Continue reading

A report of 1/11/18 rally・1/11/18 原発・核反対抗議集会事後報告

Half a dozen people came to the rally. There are good news and bad news. We had the victorious ruling at three courts in Japan last year even though they are not perfect rulings because one of them didn’t rule for the government’s responsibility. Hitach electric Co. will export the reactor and build plants in … Continue reading

Report from the 11/11 NNA rally・11月抗議集会事後報告

The rally was held during the time Trump was visiting Asia and soliciting more war weapons. Japan had already decided to purchase so many weapons from USA, but PM Abe promised Trump that Japan will buy MORE. It seemed Trump’s task, a shameful sales of death and war, had accomplished. About 15 people gathered and … Continue reading