A report of 2/11/18, NNA monthly rally and a request of writing the letter to PM Abe for 3/11 rally・2/11/18 抗議集会事後報告

We had the 67th NNA monthly rally yesterday. Eight people got together. The monthly letter to PM was written by Tsukuru Fors Lauritzen who lives in LA. Tsukuru has organized several Fukushima related documentary film viewings, and is preparing another documentary film viewing in 3/11 in LA. “Nuclear Cattle” is the title of film and … Continue reading

A report of 1/11/18 rally・1/11/18 原発・核反対抗議集会事後報告

Half a dozen people came to the rally. There are good news and bad news. We had the victorious ruling at three courts in Japan last year even though they are not perfect rulings because one of them didn’t rule for the government’s responsibility. Hitach electric Co. will export the reactor and build plants in … Continue reading

Report from the 11/11 NNA rally・11月抗議集会事後報告

The rally was held during the time Trump was visiting Asia and soliciting more war weapons. Japan had already decided to purchase so many weapons from USA, but PM Abe promised Trump that Japan will buy MORE. It seemed Trump’s task, a shameful sales of death and war, had accomplished. About 15 people gathered and … Continue reading

A report of 10/11/17 Rally * 月例抗議11月集会の事後報告

About 10 people gathered at SF Japanese Consulate yesterday. The letter to PM Abe was written in Japanese by a peace activist Miho Aida. Yoko Clark kindly translated it into English. Please read the letter attached below. Genta Yoshikawa recorded the rally and put it on Youtube. https://youtu.be/cgG7-FUoKe8  Hope see you at next 11/11/17 rally!  * ナパ、ソノマ一帯の大火事が一向に鎮火できず、SFベイエイリアは灰と煤でどんよりした空気に包まれていました。 … Continue reading

Report of NNA rally on 8/11/17・8月11日抗議集会の事後報告

During a significant month for the Atomic-bombs Hibakusha and anti-nukes activists, our 61st NNA rally was held on August 11th. By the huge tension of USA/North Korea, several human rights, and anti-war activists joined. The subjects of speak-out were of the danger of militarism, nuclear arms, and necessary of many people’s awareness. About a dozen … Continue reading

A Report of 7/11 NNA rally / 7・11抗議集会事後報告

A dozen of people gathered at front of SF Japanese Consulate. It was the significant day that Anti-Conspiracy law took effect on the same day in Japan. And only a few days earlier, UN adopted treaty banning nuclear weapons. Several people spoke out including Cecile Peneda, Tadashi Seto from Japan. And a couple of people … Continue reading

A report of the 59th monthly NNA rally on 6/11/17・6/11抗議集会事後報告

No Nukes Action appreciate your encouragements for us to keep going our monthly rally for years! At this time, eight hard core people gathered at the 59th NNA rally on June 11th. The demanding letter to PM Abe was written by Sam Kanno who lives in LA, and the letter was mailed to PM Abe … Continue reading

A report from the 5.11 Monthly No Nukes Action rally・5/11 抗議集会からの報告

The scary mountain fire in the restricted area in Fukushima had started on April 29 and continued burning until a day before our rally. It had lasted for twelve days! 5000 people worked to put the fire out with hazmat suits. On April 8 it was recorded 3-9 times higher cesium label than previous day at … Continue reading

Report from 4/11 NNA Monthly Rally

The attendants are very few,  but we had a good rally. Paul Kangas came back from the trip to Russia and China and spoke. Genta Yoshikawa spoke very first time. And we had three very first attendants. Steve Zeltzer who wrote the letter to PM Abe couldn’t attend this rally, so Genta Yoshikawa read it … Continue reading

A report of Fukushima 6th Anniversary/ 56th NNA monthly rally

NNA held our 56th Anti-Nukes Monthly and Fukushima 6th Anniversary Rally on 3/11/17 at SF. It was fine afternoon. But all of us who attended this rally understood the Fukushima’s many  problems have been continuing. After finishing one of speak out and singing with Vic Sadot, we marched to the Justin Herman Plaza and continued … Continue reading