Celebrate Japan’s Children’s Day without Nukes! Invitation from Doug Minkler! 日本は今原発ゼロ!本当のこどもの日を、版画家Doug Minklerさんとお祝いしよう!

(“Fukushima” Photo Courtesy: Doug Minkler, Tri-Valley CAREs) Corporations want artists to glorify their wars, their products & their philosophies. I make posters for my own preservation, that is, planetary preservation. My prints are inspired not by rugged individualism, but by the collective humor, defiance, & lust for life exhibited by those on the margins. – … Continue reading

May 9th: “Fukushima, Never Again” Film Screening @ Goddard Riverside Community Center in NYC / ニューヨーク市でゴダール・リヴァーサイド・コミュニティ・センターで「フクシマ・ネヴァー・アゲイン」上映

“Why don’t you lick the soil!” – Sachiko Sato, a farmer and mother from Fukushima, presents a bag of contaminated soil from a school yard to government officials. (photo courtesy of Ryusaku Tanaka Todos Somos Japon and No Nukes Action Committee will co-sponsor a film screening of “Fukushima, Never Again” with  Shut Down Indian Point … Continue reading

“Fukushima Bir Daha Asla/Fukushima Never Again” Screened in Sendika Film Festival in Turkey!トルコ労働映画祭にて「フクシマ・ネヴァー・アゲイン」上映

(Photo Courtesy: Caner Okzan/ Green Peace) Fukushima, Never Again will be screened in Labor Film Festival in Turkey, which will be held in different cities all over the country, such as: İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bolu, Eskişehir, Samsun, Bursa, Kıbrıs, Adana, Mersin, Antakya, İzmit, Zonguldak, Antalya, Batman, Diyarbakır, Torino-Festilav, Londra, Muğla, Niğde, Artvin! Check the festival website … Continue reading