May 9th: “Fukushima, Never Again” Film Screening @ Goddard Riverside Community Center in NYC / ニューヨーク市でゴダール・リヴァーサイド・コミュニティ・センターで「フクシマ・ネヴァー・アゲイン」上映

“Why don’t you lick the soil!” – Sachiko Sato, a farmer and mother from Fukushima, presents a bag of contaminated soil from a school yard to government officials. (photo courtesy of Ryusaku Tanaka

Todos Somos Japon and No Nukes Action Committee will co-sponsor a film screening of “Fukushima, Never Again” with  Shut Down Indian Point Now! See the detail here! There will be another screening on the following day.
No Nukes Action CommitteeはTodos Somos Japon、 Shut Down Indian Point Now!と共催で、映画「フクシマ・ネヴァー・アゲイン」を、5月9日午後七時より、ニューヨーク市内の Goddard Riverside Community Centerにて、上映します。くわしくはこちら!また翌日10日にはNY市内のダウンタウンでもう一度上映会を開きます

Wednesday May 9th, 2012 , 7pm

Goddard Riverside Community Center – 593 Columbus Avenue  (at 88th Street) New York, NY 10024

Join us for a film screening co-organized by No Nukes Action Committeein Bay Area, Shut Down Indian Point Now! and Todos Somos Japon in NYC.

Free & Open to the public.


2012| 54min. | in Japanese with English subtitles
by Labor Video Project

“Fukushima, Never Again” tells the story of the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdowns in northeast Japan in March of 2011 and exposes the cover-up by TEPCO and the Japanese government. This is the first film that shown in the United States that interviews the mothers of Fukushima, nuclear power experts and trade unionists who are fighting for justice and the protection of the children and the people of Japan and the world. The residents and citizens were forced to buy their own geiger counters and radiation dosimeters in order to test their communities to find out if they were in danger. The government said contaminated soil in children’s school grounds was safe and then when the people found out it was contaminated and removed the topsoil, the government and TEPCO refused to remove it from the school grounds. It also relays how the nuclear energy program for “peaceful atoms” was brought to Japan under the auspices of the US military occupation. It also looks at the criminal cover-up of the safety dangers of the plant by TEPCO and GE management, which built the plant in Fukushima. Included is an interview with Kei Sugaoka, the GE nuclear plant inspector from the bay area who exposed cover-ups in the safety at the Fukushima plant and was retaliated against by GE.

This documentary allows the voices of the people and workers to speak out about the reality of the disaster and what this means not only for the people of Japan but the people of the world as the US government and nuclear industry continue to push for more new plants and government subsidies. This film breaks the information blockade story line of the corporate media in Japan, the US and around the world that Fukushima is over.

Introduction by Umi Hagitani (No Nukes Action Committee, CA)


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