Report of 7/11 NNA rally・7/11 抗議集会事後報告

About a dozen people got together on 7/11.

Speak out included Japan’s Energy Basic Plan was approved for 20-22% of nuclear dependence by 2030,

and another reactor, Gennkai plant #4, was restarted on 6/16,

and TEPCO resumed Higashidori nuclear plant construction.
Steve Zeltzer wrote the letter to PM Abe for this rally.
Attached please read.

Genta Yoshikawa made a video.

And please do not forget to attend the Livermore protest on Monday 8/6.
All information is on the attached poster.

See at the Livermore protest and 8/11 rally at SF!







今回は、スティーブ ゼルツアーが安倍首相への手紙を書き、朗読しました。

ヴィディオが収録され、Genta Yoshikawa-Ch1で見られます。



written by NNA member Chizu Hamada


— letter to Japanese P.M. Abe —

To Prime Minister Abe,

We are here today again to call for the immediate halt of the restarting of the many nuclear plants in Japan. Despite your government’s proclamations that the Fukushima meltdowns have been overcome and you have “decontaminated” the Fukushima area, this is patently untrue, as most people know. You and your government have still not removed the melted cores that continue to reside in the reactors and you continue to contaminate millions of gallons of water to keep the temperature down in these reactors.

You and your government, which not control TEPCO, have allowed subcontractors including yakuza to bring in day laborers, and even foreign trainees to work in the plants without proper safety training and protection and health safeguards if they are contaminated. You and your government are again allowing the Fukushima contract cleanup workers in great danger, and likely victims of cancer and other diseases from their work at the Fukushima nuclear plants.

Thousands of tanks surrounding the plants that contain millions of gallons of contaminated water are also at serious risk of rupture in another likely major earthquake. You and your government are also still seeking to release thousands of tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean despite the opposition of the local fisherman’s co-operatives and the people of Japan and the United States.

Despite the continuing higher levels of radiation in the Fukushima area, you and your government continue to demand that the children and families that evacuated be forced back to the area by the cutoff of subsidies on their housing outside the Fukushima area.

If you think it is safe, maybe you Prime Minister Abe and your family should move closer to Fukushima, so you as well can suffer the dangers of increased radioactive contamination instead of forcing the children and families who do not want to be forced back to suffer this contamination.

You, Prime Minister Abe, and your government also continue to push for the militarization of Asia with the construction of more US bases in Okinawa and for the removal of article 9 of the Japanese constitution to allow the further militarization of Japan. You and your government have also increased the repression of anti-nuclear activists and journalists by illegal harassment and even false arrests. These repressive tactics to silence opposition show the real face of you and your government, which itself is involved in a massive education corruption scandal over illegal transfer of public property for rightwing reactionary militaristic schools that you and your wife support.

We again, call for an end to the restarting of the nuclear plants that threaten not only the survival of Japan and the people of Japan but also the whole Pacific rim and the people of the United States.

Our voices will not be silenced.

Steve Zeltzer
No Nukes Action Committee


— 8/6 Livermore Event —




2 Responses to “Report of 7/11 NNA rally・7/11 抗議集会事後報告”
  1. Jason N. Kamalie says:


    This was another great rally. Every rally is a great rally — put on by a heroic little band of peacekeepers and earth-lovers concerned very much with the potential harm of nuclear energy, plants, and nuclear weapons. They persist, and they change the world one rally at a time. They inform, draw interest, and generally protest the bad policies of the Abe Administration in Japan concerning nuclear power plants (restarting them after Fukushima), pushing Japan into militarization via revising their constitution, Secrecy and Conspiracy laws that seek to thwart discussion and intimidate journalists, and the development of nuclear arms. Led by Chizu and Steve, the NNA continues to be a thorn in the side of the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco.

    Steve Zeltzer began introductions today with a brief recap that expressed solidarity and persistence in standing for the right of children and evacuees not being forced or required to return to Fukushima. Steve went on to say that the group is there to remind people of Fukushima – and how the problems there continue to effect people in Japan and U.S. Also, Steve reminds us that the Abe government continues to demand restart of nuclear plants. It’s a ridiculous position. Steve said that, at the time of the rally, it was warm, hot in Japan, a lot of sunshine – and that could be harnessed as solar power (as Paul Kangas has stressed many times), but the Japanese government has refused. Steve also reminded everyone that the Japanese government is in charge of Tepco. Enough is enough! Stop the restarts. There have been some recent floods in Japan, and global warming will continue to grow. Nuclear plants are dangerous to the country and to the entire world. As always, Steve affirms that the NNA is there to defend the people of Fukushima, even while Trump is doing more talking about weapons and militarization. Steve made it clear that the world needs military spending to convert to social services, education, and to put to uses like providing for the Fukushima evacuees. No more nuclear power, no more plants — and instead, let’s have environmentally safe energy processes and policy. The Fukushima situation has not been cleaned up. Also, along with the rest of us, Steve has strongly opposed U.S. militarization, the building of U.S. bases in Okinawa, and anywhere in Japan.

    Chizu came next with her own take on things there, and to provide another great recap. “I don′t want to be here, but I have to be here. That′s the situation.” In July 3, Congress passed the resolution of the base load energy plan, by 2030 supply of energy by nuclear power is slotted for 22%. That′s too much. How many more nuclear power plants have to be restarted to meet that percentage? Already 6 reactors are operating, restarted. Chizu brought up the excellent point that “strict″ self regulating isn’t strict at all under the current restart policy – there’s no evacuation plan included, so how are basic safety regulations in place for operations? Tepco shamelessly resumed construction on another nuclear plant – despite Fukushima disaster. “We don′t need nuclear reactors – it′s a poison, a disaster.” “I′d like people to remember that Fukushima is still technically under a state of emergency.” That has not changed. And, despite that state of emergency, government is not only pushing evacuees to return, but have raised the ″safe″ level of exposure to radiation to convince the public. Worse, still – the radioactivity causing this state of emergency might be around for a hundred years more. It′s crazy to expect people to move back to such a state AND the government wants to restart its reactors. The government didn′t prosecute Tepco officials or lay responsibility on Tepco. Government recommended, instead, to build and restart nuclear plants. And, doing this against the majority of the voices of Japan. Government has no regret, no remorse, and no responsibility for what happened in Fukushima. Tepco predicted the possibility of a huge tsunami, and could have prevented some of the harm that ensued, but refused. Nobody took responsibility. It′s very shameless of Tepco and the Abe Government. Thyroid cancer has increased to include more that 200 people now, mainly children – and possibly even higher outside Fukushima. Children are most susceptible to the radiation, they should be protected. We cannot leave this contaminated and dirty earth to the next generation – we must stop this current nuclear policy. Another problem is Japan′s real reason for retaining nuclear power – they want to develop a nuclear weapon. Shame on Japan.

    The letter by Steve Z. was another persuasive and well-written piece that succinctly recaps all the major problems of Fukushima, and the harms of the government in not treating those comprehensively.

    Chizu reminds about the anniversary next month of the atomic bombs dropped in Japan with the annual protests at Livermore Labs.

    Seriously. What would we do without the No Nukes Action Committee? Thanks also for the professional camera work of Genta San, and the managing of the website by Kazmi. Everybody here plays an important role in the functioning of a well-oiled, well managed protest group. I miss them all. A special hi to Bob, Yoko, Sam, Sarasa, Kazmi, Kazmi, Genta, Grace, Carol, and so many others.

  2. Jason says:

    Congratulations on another great rally.  It was good to see the NNA in once again.Best wishes,JasonOhio

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