6/11/19 SF Speak Out At Japan Consulate

6/11/19 SF Speak Out At Japan Consulate To Stop Restarting of Japanese NUKE Plants, Defense of Fukushima Children and Families And Against Abe Gov Cover-up & Olympics In Fukushima and Japan
Stop PM Abe’s Big LIE and Fraud On The People Of The World That Fukushima is SAFE!

Tuesday June 11, 2019 3:00 PM
San Francisco Japanese Consulate
275 Battery St near California St.
San Francisco

The Japanese government continues to tell the people of Japan and the world that the dangers of the meltdown of three nuclear reactors at Fukushima have been solved and that Fukushima has been “decontaminated”. It is demanding that the families and children return to the area or losing housing subsidies. It has also funded schools so close to the dangerous broken nuclear plants that the students have to conduct “training drills” so if there is an accident at the plant they can run to the basement of the schools.
What kind of government would put children at risk by placing them next to broken down nuclear plants that continued to be kept cool by putting water in the reactors to keep them cool. There is over 1 million tons of contaminated radioactive water in tanks surrounding the plants. The water contains tritium which the government wants to release in the Pacific Ocean. The government has told the International Olympic Committee that these problems had been solved and the committee in part through bribes allowed the Olympics to be brought to Japan.
The Abe government is now holding baseball games and the para-Olympics at Fukushima to whitewash the fact that the population is still being contaminated.
There are thousands of bags of radioactive waste throughout Fukushima with no place to go and the government has ordered that they be used throughout Japan on road repair.
The action at the San Francisco consulate is to demand a halt to the restarting of nuclear plants, opposing the forced return of families and children to Fukushima and for the cancellation of the Olympics in Fukushima and Japan.
In a major earthquake the Olympians, participants and people of Japan along with the world could face a major catastrophe of contamination and the rupture of the thousands of tanks around the plant as well as the collapse of the unstable nuclear plants.

Join No Nukes Action NNA on it’s 81st action at the San Francisco Japanese Consulate to protest the continued Japanese Abe government to force Japanese children and their families back to Fukushima.

The Abe government is also pushing for militarization and removal of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution that prevents military interventions outside Japan. They are also pushing for a new US military base in Okinawa despite the opposition of the mass of Okinawan people and the governor. This base would also have US nuclear ships and weapons which is presently against the US-Japan Security Agreement. The US has already violated this agreement many times and used Okinawa as a base for illegal wars around the world.
The majority of Japanese people are opposed to restarting Japan’s nuclear plants including the previous 3 prime ministers who are worried that Japan would be destroyed with another disaster like Fukushima. Again this shows that the Abe government has contempt for the people it supposedly represents. Join the rally and speak out.

Defend the people of Fukushima, Japan and the world.
Stop The Restart of ALL Japan NUKE Plants
Defend the Children and People of Fukushima
No Olympic Baseball Games at Fukushima and Olympics in Japan
No Militarization and War In Asia

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Tokyo – Next Olympic Venue, Is Our Home We Can’t Go Back Again

■ Ailing Daughter, Beaming Prime Minister

In the summer of 2013. I was at my home in Tokyo when the city won the place of 2020 Olympic venue.
On TV, Prime Minister Abe, spreading both of his arms, addressing that the situation is under control about the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant Incident.

His speech was smooth with a smile, he claims it has never done and will never do any damage to Tokyo. Then he mentions the health issues in regards, he was telling that we definitely never had any problem neither in the past, at the present nor will be in the future.

Just then, sitting next to me was my eight-year-old daughter, whose health was deteriorating day by day. It had been a slow process.

“I feel sick. I have no strength left…”

“I”m woozy. I have a headache, I have a tummy ache, my legs hurt that I can’t walk, my hands are all in pain to my fingertips, I’m cold, my face is hot, Mummy I’m worn out”
Such condition started to bother us periodically after the accident. It started to worsen and never seemed to get better.

I used to be very ignorant about nuclear plants.
I started to research and read books frantically after the accident as if it was a wake-up call. My daughter’s health crumbled as if it was in parallel with my learning progresses. I first started to connect my daughter’s change with the radiation issue after I’ve developed my knowledge about internal radiation exposure.

■Radiation Exposure in Tokyo? No way!

I was never sure. It can’t be radiation exposure, but what if it was? In Tokyo? No way. Doctors never took me seriously about having such concerns. They just chastised instead of giving any advice. My husband just laughed it off. He always ended up getting angry and we ended up fighting every time. I could never, ever talk about it to any of my friends. “Definitely no problem” the words come out of Prime Minister Abe’s mouth with a nice smile are, for us living in Tokyo, common sense like the air that fills all around us.

I don’t know. I don’t know what I was suffering about. I don’t know why I am suffering. I don’t know what I should be doing. How long does it last? I have no perspective about whether there be the day my daughter regains her health or not. Painful days.
The symptom was very identical to the “Bura Bura Disease.” My daughter was nothing but healthy until 5 years old. She was stronger than anyone. She used to be a girl who would play outside every day from early in the morning until the day falls dark.

I was beyond shocked when I heard our Prime Minister Abe told the lie “Under Control,” but that was nothing compared to the words that followed – “It has never done and will never do any damage to Tokyo.”
I was flabbergasted. That was back when I was not yet so sure of whether my daughter was a victim of the affected health, but the health was the problem I was facing each and every day with my daughter. I did not want Prime Minister, who had no idea what my daughter was facing, to be talking like that with such a big smile. I had this chilling feeling that we are being squashed and dumped, together with my daughter. Whatever happens, I will never approve of this Olympic. Such unforgiving phrase was etched deep in my heart. And since then my heart has never changed.So that was how I came to my understanding of this Olympic – it is to squash and cut the nuclear accident and the aftermaths.This is an Olympic to show off “recovery” by cutting us off with a smile.

Half a year later, my daughter’s health deteriorated to the point she has no day of strength. She can’t go to school. She can’t play with friends. When it is bad, she can not go to the bathroom by herself. It was 3 years after the accident.

■She Gets Better! …When She Goes to Places with No Contamination

It was then I met Dr. Shigeru Mita, then the only doctor in Greater Tokyo who was dealing seriously with the problems in relation to the radiation exposure. I heard that symptoms vary by individual, some children recover conspicuously or show remarkable improvement in blood test results after moving to places such as Western Japan – where there is no contamination.

We made it and attend his last local lecture event. A month later the doctor migrated. He clearly stated my daughter’s case is the damage caused by radiation exposure.Hearing him say that, I was not shocked but felt a deep relief. Finally, I can start to face the real problem and start working towards her health. It was the doctor’s recommendation to recuperate, emigrate, move to the place without contamination.

Immediately , we moved our daughter to Toyama, where my family is. Then there was a miracle.

Our daughter, whom we had to piggy bag to use the toilet, walked 15 minutes to the local beach and swam in a pool. It was only a few days after she arrived Toyama. It was a miracle after a month of agony – she was feeling sick all the time, she would cry because her body was in pain. For a month, she could not get out of the house, not to mention going to school.

The same miracle happened when we recuperated her in Okinawa, then in Kobe, to where we later relocated. Then she falls back again when she came back to Tokyo. Her condition would be back after a week. Sometimes it comes back as soon as the night she returned.

“I can’t do the homework,” the daughter once recovered says, “I could not say I was feeling sick… I did not want to disappoint you Mum”
I will never forget the hopelessness every time I had to witness my girl swept away by the waves of symptoms. I will never forget the tears that she shed in despair.

■Increasing “Degradation of Abilities” in the Metropolitan Area

Finally, we moved to Kobe in Western Japan. It was after we spent about 4 months without her health recovering except the time we relocated her for recuperation. We were lucky to have been able to move with all the family together. Many of evacuees from the Kanto Plain fell into serious financial strife because they had to move. Many mothers and children made a hard decision to move without their fathers who could not give up work to feed the family. I am thankful that we did not have to suffer from such financial strife, it was an easy start in Kobe although we were totally strange to the area.

But more than anything, there is no word that can express how thankful I was to see my daughter coming back alive rapidly, started to play with many friends as if she was trying to recover the life she missed out. It was another miracle.

So what was happening to her body?
And what is happening to our body now?
After our relocation, we visited Mita Clinic in Okayama. Their examination and testing slowly uncovered the answers to my questions. We underwent multiple testing on our Pituitary Hormone which led us to understand the impact of radiation exposure on our brain. Important enough organ to be affected.

The deterioration of the hormone observed in my family including my daughter is said to be happening in many who lives in the Tokyo metropolitan. My family is healthy for the time being. Dr. Mita, however, says that more people are starting to suffer severe symptoms such as weakening of motivation, declined thinking and memory ability, and losing strength to fight against any kind of

sickness to the point where they can no longer lead a normal life.Dr. Mita coined such symptoms as “Degradation of Abilities.”

Can we recover what had already been lost?

No one has the answer. We are the test subjects for keeps. The country is on the experimental bench and many of us, the test subjects, instead of sharing knowledge and unite in harmony for our recovery, are being made to run the exact opposite direction.

I was born and raised in Tokyo. It’s the city where I also raised my children and spent my entire life. My parents, siblings, and friends are in Tokyo. All my memory, nostalgia and love for my home is now lost without a trace.

I can not go home. I have even lost my wish to go home. That’s how intense it was. That’s the result of our experience with our daughter during our last 4 months in Tokyo. Now we must face the cruel test results of our pituitary gland hormone.

We must face what we can not see, smell, or feel. That’s the fear of radiation itself.But it doesn’t end there. The worst part is this horrible feeling that I can not share such a fierce feeling of crisis at all with any of the people I care and spend time with.

■ Olympic Brings on Sad Future

Do you still think Olympic would be a great idea?
As 2020 approaches, revulsion is creeping in to fill me. I’ve been having trouble finding the right word to let you understand how unpleasant a feeling can be.
That is the ground my daughter can never walk on anymore. That is the ground where many families, many mothers, and children evacuated from. That land we escaped from in order to protect our children, protect our own. That land we ran away from, hoping for the tomorrow without tormenting health damage.

My home town had been contaminated. We can not erase what is there. We can not say it never happened. We are blindfolded about the ongoing nuclear accident and nuclear contamination spreading throughout Eastern Japan. And they put this Olympic on our way we are walking towards as if some sort of culmination of achievement.

So this is the Olympic of recovery and regeneration.
Is Olympic our hope? Is it our future? What kind of hope, what sort of future are we meant expect with the Olympics, when we are blindfolded about the wounded bodies of our children, our own bodies in pain? Are we expected to push forward for the Olympic to show off “Recovery” with blindfolds?
Who is that for? What is it for?

My child hit my head hard. Then the blindfold fell. So I found out the existence of the blindfold. We can not protect our most precious things from radiation exposure because of the blindfold. So what

sad future does that bring about? We should be able to learn from the past nuclear bombs, nuclear accidents, nuclear disaster, and nuclear testings if we want to learn. My daughter is teaching me a tiny piece of the puzzle with her own body.

This Olympic is the biggest blindfold in history. Let us throw away the blindfold. Our wish is to live our own lives, with our own body that we are given by right.To retrieve the tomorrow where our children can run with a healthy smile on their face, why not us the adults get over any barriers, hold hands and cooperate.

I will not not forgive this 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.


Arts Activists protest eviction of rough sleepers from Shibuya park for 2020 Olympics redevelopment by hijacking construction hoardings

Posted on Mar 31, 2019by William Andrews



written by NNA member Steve Zeltzer


One Response to “6/11/19 SF Speak Out At Japan Consulate”
  1. Jason Kamalie says:


    This group has some wonderful speakers, that’s for sure. The NNA met on June 11th, the usual day of the month, and departed somewhat from its usual format. Chizu, the elegant MC who hosts these events wasn’t on hand to coordinate, so Steve, his wife, Kazmi, and others joined in again to have a kind of impromptu format speak-out, inviting returning and new members to participate. Here were the main points articulated:

    (1) I was surprised and upset that Mr. Fumiaki Hoshino, a political prisoner held in Japan who protested, among other things, the U.S. military presence in Japan, had developed a kind of cancer while being held, and passed away. He had been complaining about his physical condition for years. I find it surprising and disturbing such a thing could happen so quickly. Just a month ago we were protesting for his release. I disapprove entirely what happened concerning Mr. Hoshino, and will anticipate painful consequences to attend where Justice must flow. I disapprove entirely of the Japanese, and especially, the U.S. Imperial ambition and provocations throughout the world. Steve and others again suggested that Abe and various government actors in Japan and in the u.s. should be put on trial for various activities toward harming the planet, and the people speaking out against it.

    (2) The group continues to protest any restarting of nuclear power plants in Japan – the will of the Japanese People has been to keep those closed, and even if it wasn’t so, the government and corporate forces have a duty to safeguard the planet against the potential harms demonstrated at Fukushima Daiichi. Thankfully, restarting the plants in Japan has been a painstakingly slow process which is still being fought in courts and in the public. At any moment, those plants which have reopened might reclose, and for that the NNA hopes and anticipates.

    A new speaker named Yoko made the excellent observation that she tried to find articles that correlated cancers and illnesses by people in the Fukushima area with the Daiichi meltdowns. She said she couldn’t find many of those, but conversely, she found an article by researchers and professors from Nagasaki, likely funded or chosen by government to put out an article that concluded there was no relationship between the meltdowns at Daiichi and the resulting illnesses. The very opposite is plain to even the most basic studies conducted – several percent higher cancer rates, even at this early stage. Yoko’s point is well taken: the government seeks actively to cover up.

    (3) Kazmi, in her own subtle and eloquent way, spelled out the details of Mr. Hoshino’s treatment and illness. She said, and certainly we can understand the case for, that Hoshino was actually murdered by the Japanese government by way of his treatment in prison, his lack of access to resources, to friends and family. All of this for daring to stand up against a government that embraces unneeded, unwanted military imperialism from a country far away. Japan should be ashamed that it treated one of its sons in such a way for standing up for the pride of national sovereignty, and against u.s. military aggression.

    (4) Ricardo spoke, too – and wow, what a speech. He has spoken before, always with a fiery voice and cutting rhetoric. He told more of the story of Hoshino, while focusing on the imperial power and unjust distribution of wealth, in a system, and by a people, seeking to expand its reach globally. He emphasized the U.S. presence within his own native country which is unneeded and unwanted. He strongly condemned that presence in his nation and abroad in Japan and other countries.

    (5) The NNA is full of excellent speakers. Steve has to be one of the best. I haven’t always agreed with Steve on the slate of issues we peruse, but there’s no denying his passion and ability to concisely and consistently sum up and expound upon the most pressing of the Fukushima issues. He expressed, again, outrage from the NNA and from do-gooders all around the earth who are familiar with Hoshino’s cause. He also expressed the anger and exasperation of those Japanese people negatively impacted by the u.s. military occupation in Okinawa. He condemns, as we all do, the rapes of u.s. military personnel upon the population, the general sense of unease at the presence of military, the loudness of military operations in proximity to schools, and the will of the people against such an occupation.

    (6) Most people of any sense of justice despise bullies. And, that’s precisely what the u.s. seems to be. A marauding, instigative bully just itching for a fight by sending its ships, planes, and military through the alleys and airways across the world which don’t belong to it, and generally foisting its way of life upon nations much older than the u.s., which would like to maintain their own cultures.

    Anyway, despite Chizu’s absence, it was still a pretty good rally with terrific speeches. Anybody interested in how to speak out should come and observe these pertaining to the NNA, they are excellent speakers.

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