Report of NNA 5/11 Monthly rally /5・11抗議集会事後報告

The people of hard core members never have given up and protested against Abe government again.
Steve Zeltzer and Kazumi Torii had come back from Japan a few weeks ago.
They reported what they had seen there.
The letter to PM Abe was written by Steve Zeltzer and read loud by Yoko Clark
Attached please see the letter.
Genta Yoshikawa video taped the rally.
Thank you so much for your participation and your supporting!






主催:「Go West, Come West!!! 3.11東北・関東 放射能汚染からの避難者と仲間たち」
連絡先:090-4003-1386 gowest@gowest-comewes
written by NNA member Chizu Hamada
— letter to Japanese Prime Minister Abe —

5/11/19 Letter To Prime Minister Abe

We are here today at the San Francisco Japanese Consulate on May 11, 2019 to call for the immediate halt of the restarting of all nuclear plants in Japan, This is the 80th action that we have had since the Fukushima nuclear disaster. You have said in order to obtain the Olympics that Fukushima has been “decontaminated”. This untruth has been challenged openly even by former prime minister Kan and Koizumi yet you and your government continue to put out false propaganda about the reality of the situation.
The melted radioactive rods are still in the reactors at Fukushima and there is over 1 million tons of radioactive tritium contaminated water. Your government has sought to release this water in the Pacific Ocean despite the opposition of the Fisherman’s association and the communities. There are also tens of thousands of bags of contaminated material spread throughout Fukushima. Is this your “decontamination”. You and your government has sought to force other prefectures to take this contaminated material and is using it in road construction thereby spreading out the danger material.
We are demanding that you allow the Fukushima families who have escaped the
nuclear catastrophe to return to Fukushima or lose their housing subsidies. Would you have your children and grandchildren living in Fukushima as you are demanding of the Fukushima children and families?
You and your government have also allowed the endangerment of the workers who are involved in the clean-up through sub-contracting some time by Yakuza and without proper health and safety protection.
Many of these workers are day laborers who have been recruited but not informed of the dangers. These workers have gotten cancer and instead of your government taking responsibility for their health issues caused by radioactive dangers your government has sought to cost shift to them personally.
You and your government have also allowed the recruitment of migrant workers in this clean-up and they have not been properly trained and protected after they leave the job.
The effort to whitewash the continuing dangerous radioactive dangers by you and your government is now combined with your effort to have the Olympics baseball, softball and para-Olympics at the Azuma stadium in Fukushima.
You are placing athletes, their families and tourists in serious and potential deadly
danger. They will be in an area of contamination and also the potential of an earthquake that could rupture the thousands of tanks of radioactive water as well as leading to further destabilization and potential massive contamination of the broken Fukushima nuclear reactors.
At the same time you and your government are pressing ahead to deny the dangers of Fukushima you are pushing to eliminate Article 9 of the Japan constitution so you can remilitarize Japan and become a nuclear power. You and your government have also passed secrecy and conspiracy laws not to protect the people of Japan but to intimidate and threaten journalists and whistleblowers about the real situation at Fukushima and the systemic corruption of your government.
You and your police have even arrested a refugee from Fukushima who was protesting in Hiroshima and letting the public know of these dangers. Other anti-nuclear activists have been arrested and harassed for simply passing out flyer about these dangers. We protest the big lie of you and your government that everything is under control despite the real facts on the ground.
We will continue to demand that the families and children be defended and there be a halt to the restart of all nuclear plants in Japan and around the world.
Steve Zeltzer
No Nukes Action Committee
P.O. Box 720027
San Francisco, California

One Response to “Report of NNA 5/11 Monthly rally /5・11抗議集会事後報告”
  1. Jason Kamalie says:

    Wow! The 80th monthly rally since the Daiichi triple meltdowns in Fukushima. Extraordinary cause, and an extraordinary group. Here follow some of the points made:

    CHIZU –
    80th monthly rally. Here every month to protest Japanese government nuclear power, we are demanding an end to nuclear plants and weapons throughout the world. That’s why here standing in front of the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco. Already 8 years have passed since the events of the Daiichi meltdown. We are here for the victims of Fukushima – especially the children. The Japanese government is not caring for these; instead it has cut victim compensation and is trying to “clean” Fukushima by methods as futile as putting radioactive materials in plastic bags.

    At Daiichi, things are still very grave since we don’t know how to retrieve the melted cores – we don’t know the specific conditions and locations. Radiation is hard to eliminate, some say it will take a hundred years or more of effort. The Abe government is trying to spread radioactive dirty and debris all around Japan. Activists are trying to prevent this, but are confronted by the massive organization of government, Tepco, etc. Worse, space is running out to store contaminated water at the reactor site, even as more is created each day in attempts to cool various reactor parts and cores. Tepco wants to release this contaminated water into the Pacific ocean, against the wishes of the fishing industry, and much of the world.

    Japan is planning on hosting some Olympic events in Fukushima. Irradiated winds and rain will likely persist in the area for quite some time, but the government maintains that the area has been “decontaminated” and that there’s no reason to worry. The NNA, and activists all around the world, oppose the release of dirty waters into the ocean, we oppose Olympics being hosted in Fukushima, and we support the initiative to care for evacuees and others negatively impacted.

    Fukushima related thyroid cancer cases, specifically in children, number 200, which the government wants to keep under wraps.

    Visited Fukushima last month, and there were still very serious problems. Visited teachers who said children there actually have hypertension (high blood pressure) because of the problems. The government doesn’t want any negative attention or serious investigation, brings in so-called experts to counter any health claims and to create the narrative that there are no health concerns here. “Don’t worry, be happy” seems to be the motto. Steve visited a cleanup worker in Tokyo, two of the workers in his unit got cancer. Government hires and pays workers, but may not disclose the dangers of cancer. People in bad shape financially will take these jobs. Yakuza gang is involved, bringing in untrained, uninformed people to do cleanup work. Steve interviewed former Japanese ambassador to Switzerland who said it was essentially crazy to go to Fukushima, especially concerning the Olympics. A major earthquake could rupture all those tanks of dirty water, and cause the collapse of the plant infrastructure, releasing more radiation.
    Refugees have been harassed when they try to warn the public about radiation “hot spots,” not just in Fukushima, but through out Japan, even Tokyo. A few have been arrested for distributing leaflets. People largely don’t want to go back to Fukushima. Government built a new school to entice people back, brand new school – only 3 kids returned. You have to be mad, crazy that it’s OK to have Olympics there. We’re going to try to stop it by leading an international campaign against it because this is a dangerous proposition that needs to be exposed. No honesty, no integrity. Most people surrounding Fukushima, or impacted by it, simply can’t believe that the government is hosting a segment of the Olympics in Japan. Stop the madness!

    We went to Fukushima, on the way there, we went to a village on the way, in which radiation counters went up instantly, and thousands of thousands of black bags piling up along the streets – and the streets were empty. These were the scenes on the way to Fukushima. Only three students returned to the newly-built Fukushima school – the government bused in students from other districts. Steve and Kazmi put the Geiger counter in some places which showed instances on par with expectations, but other readings from people were much higher in spots. So many areas have spots or instances of high radiation. Hosting softball games in such radiation sounds crazy. But, we have to keep fighting.

    About 4,000 people working on the decommission of Daiichi, but the high levels of radiation requires increasing numbers of workers. One concern is the language barrier to understand basic safety instructions and the specific dangers and conditions related to their jobs. When foreign workers are discharged, some of these are reporting cancer – which Japan has thrown away. Nothing is really contained by their cleanup efforts.

    Steve’s letter was read aloud by Yoko Clark. Steve followed up by saying he videotaped his interviews and compiled these in a rough-cut video to be screened on May 26th

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