1/11/19 SF Speak Out At Japan Consulate

1/11/19 SF Speak Out At Japan Consulate Against Restarting Of Japan NUKE Plants And For Defense of Families and Children Of Fukushima
Friday January 11, 2019 3:00 PM
Japanese Consulate
275 Battery St near California St.
San Francisco

The Japanese Abe government continues to restart nuclear plants throughout the country. At the same time they have accumulated over 1 million tons of radioactive water at the Fukushima plant which they want to release into the Pacific ocean. It contains tritium which the government is saying is safe in “small amounts”.
The government has also covered up the statistics of thyroid cancer in children in order to continue the cover-up of the dangers of Fukushima. 3.11 Fund for Children With Thyroid Cancer has said that children who have cancer are not being counted by Fukushima Medical University which is controlled by TEPCO and other supporters of nuclear power. There is a growing increase of thyroid cancer and other diseases from the radioactive contamination. The government continues to demand that children and familiar return to Fukushima or lose the housing benefits outside Fukushima.
The danger of another major earthquake that threatens another Fukushima and also would release millions of tons of radioactive water into the ocean.
At the same time the government is pushing ahead to build a new military base in Henoko that will have US nuclear weapons despite mass opposition from the people of Okinawa. The same Abe government is pushing ahead to remove Article 9 that forbids expansion of Japan’s military role around the world.
Stopping another Fukushima and more militarization are part and parcel of the same struggle.

Come speak out to defend the people of Fukushima, Japan and the world.

For more event information: https://nonukesaction.wordpress.com/


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written by Steve Zeltzer


One Response to “1/11/19 SF Speak Out At Japan Consulate”
  1. Jason says:

    Best wishes to the NNA as you get ready for the first rally of the new year.  Ring in the new year with chants, speak outs, and great collaboration!  Wish I was there. Jason

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