10/11 Speak Out-Stop Restarting The Japanese NUKES

10/11 Speak Out-Stop Restarting The Japanese NUKES And Releasing Radioactive Water-Stop Repressing Anti-War/Anti-Nuclear Activists
Thursday October 11, 2018 3:00 PM
Japanese Consulate
275 Battery St near California St.
San Francisco

The Abe government continues to demand that the refugees of Fukushima and their children return to Fukushima because it has supposedly been “decontaminated”. This is not true and the government is still trying to remove the melted rods that were created by the earthquake and loss of energy. There continues to be radioactive contamination and the number of cancer cases is rising according to public hospital reports. October 11th is also the day for girls worldwide and the girls from Fukushima should not be faced with getting cancer by being forced to return. The Abe government in fact is pushing to restart even more nuclear plants in highly dangerous areas. Japan is in what is called the ring of fire because of the dangerous earthquakes but this does not matter to these government officials.
The government is still planning to release 900,000 tons of radioactive water contaminated with Tritium
At the same time, the Abe government is repressing anti-nuclear activists including Fukushima refugees and even arrested one women at Hiroshima in August that was alerting the public about the danger of radiation in Japan. She was held without charges for ten day and is with the group GoWest.
Increasingly repressive laws have been passed by the racist and reactionary Abe government including the Secrecy Act and Conspiracy Act that are aimed at silencing journalists and whistleblowers.
The government also continues to imprison anti-war activist Fumiaki Hoshino who has been imprisoned for more than 43 years for protesting against the US-Japan military treaty which allowed the US to bring weapons including nuclear weapons into Okinawa and other US military bases. His conditions are very difficult with extreme heat and cold temperatures in the prison that threaten his health as well as the health of other prisoners. The Abe government is also driving to remove Article 9 in the constitution so that they can rebuild the military and move toward war.
Come speak out to defend the people of Fukushima, Japan and the world.

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written by NNA member Steve Zeltzer



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