Report of 9/11 NNA Rally

Thank you whoever have attended and supported our 9/11 NNA rally!

At the front of SF Japanese consulate, we protested the policy of Japanese nuclear energy and militarism. We condemned any illegal arrests and harassment toward the activists who are disclosing the government’s and industries’ lies.

The letter to PM Abe was written by Jane Swanson, President of Mothers for Peace in San Luis Obispo. It was read loud by Yoko Clark. Please read attached.

The group “Go West, Come West!!!” which members are Fukushima Meltdown evacuees and their supporters had the event on the sidewalk in Hiroshima on the day of atomic bomb commemoration, 8/6 this year.
At the end of event, one of the members was arrested and held in jail 10 days without any charge.
This was clearly a police harassment, illegal arrest and oppression from the authorities.

One of this group members , Yoko Shimosawa sent us a message for our 9/11 rally. She is an evacuee and mother. She wrote the hart felt message and Toshiko Watanabe read it loud at the rally.
Attached please read the massage.

Please see more details of the rally by the video Genta Yoshikawa had taken.

Please join again for the next 75th NNA rally on 10/11!



今回の安倍首相への手紙は、カリフォルニア唯一の稼働原発Diablo Canyonを建造前から反対し続けて来たMothers for Peaceの会長、Jane Swansonさんに書いてもらいました。手紙は当日朝に投函されました。添付を参照をしてください。

Go west, Come West!!!のメンバー・下澤陽子さん・が送ってくれた両国語メセージのうち、集会では英語文を読み上げました。読んでくれた渡辺年子さんは下澤さんの心の底からのメッセージに最後には感極まり声をつまらせてしまったほどです。




written by NNA member Chizu Hamada


— letter to P.M. Abe —

September 11, 2018

To: Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister Japan

From: Jane Swanson, President San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace California, United States

Re: Nuclear Responsibility

A Prime Minister has an enormous amount of power and responsibility; a grandmother on the opposite side of the globe has very little power, but just as much responsibility. I write specifically of responsibility to protect the planet and all its inhabitants from the horrors and destruction of nuclear energy in all its forms.

The people of your country know better than any others the destructive and unjust consequences of nuclear weapons. Many of us in the United States acknowledge that the nuclear bombings of civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki 73 years ago was a crime of terrorism. I have visited the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima, where I was moved to tears by the heart-felt messages that no other city must ever experience such utter destruction. To that end I am asking the federal government of the United States to belatedly support the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. I also ask that you do all in your powers as the leader of the country subjected to these weapons to support this Treaty.

One way to stop the creation and proliferation of nuclear weapons is to shut down commercial nuclear reactors. The radioactive wastes created by the nuclear industry can be reprocessed to supply the fuel for nuclear weapons. This is how many nations currently in possession of nuclear weapons began the process. And it is all too possible for a non-state terrorism organization to create a small, low-tech “dirty bomb” that could contaminate a city.

Another reason to shut down nuclear reactors is to avoid harm to people and other living beings. Fukushima is our greatest warning. Seven and a half years after the tsunami and melt-down, your people are suffering, especially the children and pregnant women. The Pacific Ocean becomes more contaminated with radioactive elements every day. I urge you to lead Japan in a campaign to shut down nuclear plants and replace them with renewable energy sources.

I have been taking responsibility for such efforts in California for the past 47 years. I was a young mother in 1971 when our organization launched the effort to stop nuclear power in our state. Now I am a grandmother of seven, and the last remaining nuclear plant, Diablo Canyon, will shut down in 2025. California already has abundant renewable energy at lower costs than nuclear energy.

Prime Minister Abe, meet your responsibilities. Stop nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors in your country, in your lifetime. Do it for your people. Do it for the planet.


— An Appeal from Japanese Nuclear Evacuees —

An Appeal from Japanese Nuclear Evacuees-Supporters to San Francisco Sep.11 Action

Yoko Shimosawa, representing the Go West Come West!!! Japan
Hello, No Nukes Action Committee and friends in San Francisco! My name is Yoko
Shimosawa, a member of “Go West Come West Japan!!!,” an organization of evacuees from the Fukushima nuclear disaster and their supporters.
Thank you so much for helping us by protesting about the Hiroshima police’s unlawful arrest of one of our members.
I will never forget your kindness and cooperation.
I am honored to send greetings of solidarity to all of you now protesting the Fukushima nuclear disaster at the San Francisco Japanese consulate.

On August 6th, near the “Ground Zero” in Hiroshima, we conveyed to visitors and citizens there our messages about the other side of the nuclear catastrophe.
That is, about things which have been covered up through history and which Japan is now making every effort to continue to cover up.
What is the outcome of this cover-up?
Damage to the health of your loving children.
Loss of life.
We, as evacuees from the nuclear power plant disaster, know the facts.
We, as such, wanted to convey the truth, the true meaning of the nuclear power disaster, and what is happening now.
We gave speeches and read appeals aloud and distributed leaflets, and displayed a map of Japan showing the extent of radioactive contamination.

At Hiroshima we were met with earnest and serious gazes.
There followed conversations, fraternal greeting and warm handshakes.
Then, rounds of heartfelt applause.
The evacuees shouting themselves hoarse with tears.
Until then, we had gotten used to a kind of indifference or disregard from those around us.
But Hiroshima was different.
We felt strong impressions.
A ray of hope.Hope for humankind.

If indifference or disregard had prevailed there too, it would have suited those in power.
The occasion of Hiroshima on August 6th helped our appeal draw attention, interest, limited though it was, and an unwelcome surprise for them.
They have wanted to prevent the public from knowing anything about the radiation exposure.
They cannot and will not face the reality about the nuclear disaster or radioactivity.

A man arrived to disrupt the event and soon the police were breaking into the site to bring an abrupt end to this heart-warming impromptu gathering.
It was not this intruder that the police arrested.
Instead they took Ms A, a member of our organization on the side of the victimized.
She, a citizen, who did nothing illegal and was falsely accused (of breaking a camera!?), treated as a criminal, suddenly dragged into a police car and put in jail for more than 10 days.
This is what happened and is happening now in Japan where we live.
As an evacuee, I stood on the site to tell as many people as possible about the risk of radiation exposure that my doctor suspects damaged my children’s health, which was the reason I evacuated from Tokyo.
This arrest felt like a threat.
A threat to stop us speaking.
It felt like blackmail: if you do not hush up you will be similarly punished.

The fact is that the Fukushima nuclear disaster is one of the worst catastrophic nuclear events in history.
Such radiation is equivalent to “violence.” By neglecting to protect people against the disaster-induced irradiation, especially internal irradiation, they force people into terrible sufferings mostly avoidable with protective measures.
None of us can escape from the violent force of radiation exposure from the radioactivity that the Fukushima nuclear disaster released into the environment.
It threatens the lives and health of everyone and all our future generations.
I am certain that we will have no future if we do not fight back now against the violent force of not only the irradiation but also the oppressive tactics of the government.

But, in such a repressive atmosphere prevailing in Japan, who are freely and openly talking about this violence and its consequences?
The Go West is an organization of nuclear evacuees and their supporters, aiming to stand on the side of the weak.
Regrettably, only a few groups in Japan besides the Go West are warning of the health damage in specific and concrete terms.
Only a few groups besides the Go West are informing people living in Eastern Japan that they are under serious risk and a massive evacuation is necessary as the means to protect themselves from the risks of radiation exposure.
For me the organization is only my hope, I think.

I am myself an all-too powerless mother-evacuee.
Please do not let them take away my way of expressing myself, freedom of expression and freedom of speech.
Please protect us.
I am convinced that we are fighting for our own future.
This is my wish from deep in my heart.
Please lend your support to protect our children and their future generations.
As human beings, let’s join hands..



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