Report of 8/6 Livermore Protest and 8/11 SF Monthly Rally

About 200 people gathered at the Livermore Nuclear Weapon Lab on 8/6.
Including Daniel Ellsberg, Hibakusha Rev. Nobuaki Hanaoka, some more activists and Carole Hisasue who lives near Di Ablo canyon nuclear power plant and a member of Mothers for Peace had all impressive speeches.

Please see the video which Genta Yoshikawa took and put up on the internet.

And please read Carol’s speech attached below.

After the speeches, we marched to the west gate of lab, and at there we had Bon dance and Die-In. During quiet Die-In, three Okinawa music players, Gen-yu-kai Berkeley, played and sang beautiful music.  40 people were arrested at the gate.


At SF Japanese consulate, 6 people gathered on 8/11.

In July, Japan and US extended Nuclear Pact, so Japan can continue to reprocess spent fuel and extract plutonium. Japan has about 47 tons of plutonium, which is enough to produce 6000 nuclear warheads. To have plutonium and to threat the neighboring countries, Japan never give up the expensive and dangerous nuclear power plants. Instead to lead the world to abolish nuclear weapons, Japan supports nuclear weapons and US shamefully.

The letter to PM Abe was written by Chizu Hamada attached below.

Thank you for protesting, standing against nuclear weapons and power plants!
Hope see you 9/11 at SF Monthly Rally!

11日にはSF 日本領事館前に6人が集まりました。








letter to Japanese PM Abe

Letter to Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe
August 11 2018

Please do not forget the living hell caused by the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 73 years ago this month. No human should be killed or suffer at the hands these cruel war crimes. Never again should an atomic bomb be dropped.

Japan made the terrible mistake of invading neighboring countries, and yes, they started the war. And at the end of war, Japan once again made mistakes. If the Japanese military and government had made the welfare of their people a priority, they would have surrendered earlier, and these horrible atrocities could have been prevented.

But the Japanese military didnʼt care about their own citizensʼ lives, and then the United States of America treated the Japanese people as if they weren’t human beings.

Now I believe you are making the same mistakes.

Once the war ended, Japan abandoned its military and created a peace constitution that many Japanese welcomed. But you have twisted our constitution, so that now the so-called Self Defense Force can go outside of Japan and can join the USA in war. The Japanese SDF is no longer a defense force. With itʼs size and power, let’s call it what it really is: a military.

Japan is the only nation that has experienced and suffered from an atomic bomb by war. Japan knows the horror. Japan knows the destructive effects of nuclear weapons. Japan must lead the world to abolish nuclear weapons.

But what did you do? You refused to sign the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty which was passed in the UN last year.

You must think there’s nothing wrong to keep nuclear weapons. You admire that the USA has enormous destructive nuclear weapons, and you love to be protected by those nuclear weapons.

But to not support the Ban Treaty, you are in support of nuclear weapons, and you are creating a more dangerous world. The nuclear weapons that human have today are so powerful that they can destroy the entire earth.

I know you want Japan to keep on operating their nuclear power plants even after the Fukushima triple meltdown. Of course you already know that nuclear power plants are far more expensive compared to the alternative energy. Even the former head of the International Energy Agency, Nobuo Tanaka admitted as much. Of course you already know nuclear plants are too dangerous and harmful. But you are trying to assure people that the Fukushima disaster is under control and nuclear plants are safe under the new nuclear safety regulation.

But Mr. Abe, we are not be fooled. We are tired of your power trip and the way you treat people in Japan. We will keep on asking you to stop what you are doing and to change your governing policy.

Here are just a few of the things we’d like to see:

Please sign the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty.
Please discard the US and Japan Security Treaty.
Please kick all US bases from Okinawa and Japan.
Please save Fukushima children by relocating them to the safer areas.
Please decommission all nuclear power plants in Japan and never export them.
Please reconsider the 2020 Olympic, the entirety of Japan is irradiated, not just

Chizu Hamada
SF/Bay Area resident, a member of No Nukes Action


Carol’s speech on 8/6 at Livermore 

Ohayo gozaimasu! Good morning.

I am humbled to be surrounded by so many dedicated people, to be here with such distinguished leaders and lifelong activists of the anti-nuclear movement. I feel like a tiny new recruit among giants.

Like other post-war Japanese, I knew plenty about the effects of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. How hundreds of thousands died instantly, including about 100,000 civilians. Turned into mere shadows, or the walking dead, or unbearably ill for decades, or so damaged that their children, and their children, would suffer birth defects. We had family friends who were affected personally. We knew the stigma that the survivors were suffering. We knew the catastrophic effects of radioactive material — from the fallout at Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the nuclear tests in the South Pacific that sickened and killed members of at least one Japanese fishing boat and turned generations of Pacific Islanders into refugees.

But we didn’t know enough. Not enough to say NO to the nuclear industry when it came to push nuclear power on Japan. Instead, we were sold a bunch of myths and we bought ‘em all. The deception and our willingness to buy it have lead to the worst nuclear catastrophe ever. Fukushima is far from over. In fact, now as we approach the 8th anniversary of the start of that horror, it has largely disappeared from most people’s minds. The government is forcing evacuees back to lands that are still contaminated, cutting off compensation. Talk about radiation, contamination and health effects is taboo, while the pediatric cancer epidemic continues. The stigma is back and evacuee children are being bullied, sometimes into taking their own lives. Many live in fear. Many more live in denial.

It angers me that the current administration, lead by the very hawkish Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is not only ignoring the situation, but trying to rewrite our constitution and create a nuclear arsenal.

When I moved to California in 2006, I discovered that the land I had fallen in love with was less than 10 miles from the state’s last operating nuclear power plant, Diablo Canyon. I didn’t like the fact that it was there but as long as it was operating safely… Nuclear safety is one of those myths.

Soon after the Fukushima disaster shook me awake, I joined SLO Mothers for Peace, an amazing group of people who have been fighting for peace and justice for 50 years. They taught me so much. But the more I learned, the more horrified I was.

You have to keep replacing the nuclear fuel? You mean there’s nuclear material traveling across the world all the time? And the spent fuel, which is far more toxic, has nowhere to go?

I learned how the industry was sickening people everywhere. From the native tribes and lands near uranium mines to the communities near nuclear facilities. Even when reactors are operating safely, there is still radiation being released. And when they are not operating safely… Well, look at Fukushima.

I feel like I have been duped my whole life. Like many others, I was a victim of willful deception by the nuclear industry.

It was from activists like you that I learned the terrible reality.

We speak of a chain reaction when we talk about fission and I see in it a metaphor for the entire industry. The destruction spreading from Nevada to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, the South Pacific…to the tribal lands of Australia and the US…to the lives of ordinary people near Sellafield, Santa Susanna …Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima… So many places. Too many places. The only end to this chain reaction is total annihilation.

We have to break this chain of nuclear bondage, but at the same time, build a different chain. One based on humanity and compassion for all living things and for this beautiful blue planet we call home.

A little over 25 years ago, I visited Tinian, a dot of an island south of Saipan in the Northern Marianas. In 1945, this was the busiest airport in the world. Dozens of B-29s took off every day, to firebomb Tokyo, Osaka, and other targets. Enola Gay and Bockscar were two of the planes that took off from those runways.

By 1991, the island was back to its sleepy self, the military airfield a distant memory. Deserted and abandoned to the elements, only a shell remained. Gutted buildings, runways taken over by jungle vines.
If you wandered around enough, you’d find the small plaques that indicated where they had loaded Little Boy into Enola Gay; the pit where Fat Man sat. They were amazingly unremarkable plaques – small squares near the ground – in a way, incongruous to the amount of destruction they caused.

But the jungle vines erasing the past gave me solace. It was as if our mother, nature, earth, was working hard to smudge out the ugliness we had created.

I prayed that the roots of peace would work the same way. If we could only plant a tiny seed of peace in every heart… I pictured the vines of peace taking over the world. Covering up all the monstrous acts man has committed throughout history, until there is no more. No more war. Just a lush jungle of peace and good will.

The activists here and around the world are the gardeners, tending these vines of peace.

My friends in Tokyo who have been protesting in front of the Prime Minister’s residence every Friday night for the last 7 years… Bay Area’s No Nukes Action Committee who gather at the Japanese Consulate every month on the 11th… We have much work to do before Japan can right its course.

My friends in California, starting with Mothers for Peace, who have dedicated themselves not only to shutting down Diablo Canyon, but nurturing a world where children can grow up safe and in health.

My friends, my comrades all over the world who see and share the truth: That this world has no place for nukes. Activists, whistleblowers, truth revealers…

Keep reaching out, keep spreading, keep tending those vines of peace until we can transition to another state of existence – one that is humane, just, moral and decent.

Thank you so very much. Kokoro kara kansha shite imasu.


written by NNA member Chizu Hamada


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