6/11 Rally-Speak Out At SF Japan Consulate

6/11 Rally-Speak Out At SF Japan Consulate To Oppose Nuclear Plant  Start-ups & Defend The Fukushima Children and Families
Despite the continuing failure to remove the melted rods at the Fukushima nuclear plants and the expanding amount of radioactive water to cool the plant the Japanese Abe government continues to restart nuclear plants throughout Japan. The Japanese government also seeks to force families and children to Fukushima by threatening to shut off their subsidies.The plants which have been reopened are decades old and have serious safety problems. The government is also preparing for another major earthquake that could kill according to the government 230,000 people yet it continues to re-open nuclear plants.
The Abe government which also runs TEPCO is continuing to allow contract labor to be brought in for the clean-up without proper training and is even using so called “trainees” from Vietnam and other countries.
The government also is pushing for militarization of the country removing Article 9 which prohibits offensive war and the development of nuclear weapons by Japan.
Join us in calling for justice for the people of Fukushima and against more nuke plant start-ups that threaten Japan and the world
Date   :Monday June 11, 2018 3:00 PM
Place  : The front of SF Japanese Consulate
             275 Battery Street, SF   3-4 blocks from the BART Embarcadero station
Initiated by No Nukes Action    nonukesaction.wordpress.com
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written by NNA member Steve Zeltzer

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