Report of the 5/11/18 NNA monthly rally・5/11/18月例抗議集会の事後報告

We gathered again for our 70th Monthly rally.
About a dozen of people were there and unexpectly one of NNA founders, Umi Hagitani, also attended. We are all cheerfully surprised. She will be back to Japan this month.

At this rally, the speakers were Cecile Pinede, Don Eichelberger, Steve Zeltzer and myself.

And Carol Hisasue of “Mothers for Peace ” in San Luis Obispo wrote the letter to PM Abe.
And Grace Shimizu of Japanese Peruvian Oral History Project read it loud at the rally.
Please read attached letter.

Genta Yoshikawa recorded the rally and put it on Youtube.

Of course everybody had a big cake slice after the rally.
NNA thanks everybody who have been supported us and have stood together at the front of Japanese Consulate.

Unfortunately the situation of Japan and world are not improved, so we must come back to the next 6/11 rally. See you there!











reported by NNA member Chizu Hamada


— Letter to Japanese P.M. Abe —

May 11, 2018

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe:

Today is the 70th time that we have gathered in front of the Japanese Consulate here in San Francisco to protest the government’s policies and actions following the nuclear disaster which began March 11th, 2011 at Fukushima Daiichi.

69 times we have written to the Prime Minister, asking that you deal more urgently with this global nuclear catastrophe. 69 times that we have pleaded for justice for the victims of the disaster.

We were met with silence all 69 times. Will there only be silence this 70th time, too?

Time is running out. The radioactive contamination is spreading far beyond Japan’s shores. The contamination has already reached California’s waters and radiation levels will keep increasing. Do you think the world will forget, as lives continue to be destroyed?

Even with the ongoing nuclear crisis of Fukushima, the government is allowing more and more nuclear plants to restart, despite geologists’ predictions of an even stronger earthquake along the Nankai Trough in the very near future. It is incredible that all nuclear plants in Japan are not shut down already, given the highly unstable nature of the region, with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and freak weather events. The world, let alone Japan, will not be able to withstand another nuclear disaster. Will there only be silence and inaction until all life is silenced?

You must, deep in your soul, understand the severity of this worldwide crisis. Please cast aside your false pride and act as a member of this beautiful planet we call home. How would your family react if you continued to trash your own home? How could anyone respect someone who would let lethal radiation poison his own family?

The children of Fukushima who are suffering from childhood cancers, the refugees who have lost their homes forever, and eventually, many more throughout the world who will be affected by your policies — you may see them as strangers you have no concern for, but in fact, we are one world family and you owe it to every one of us to put all your energies into seeing that the Fukushima disaster is solved.

If you cannot do this, step down as leader of Japan. Already your administration is in shambles. In Japan, there is news everyday of collusion, cronyism, racism and sexism in your administration. These scandals are taking up time and diverting attention from the real problems Japan faces and should be dealing with. For the good of your country and for the world, either step up and change your policies or step down and let someone who can, do it.


Carole Hisasue
Los Osos, CA




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