Report : the 7th anniversary of Fukushima Meltdown/68th NNA monthly rally・7周年福島メルトダウン惨事・第68回NNA 抗議集会事後報告


The 7th Anniversary of Fukushima meltdown and our 68th NNA Monthly Rally went fine.
About 20 people participated.
Thank you for joining us from many groups, such as Circle of Concern, Fukushima Response, Abalone Alliance, Peaceworkers, former SF Occupy and people of grass roots. And thank Tri-Valley CAREs for joining with the statement.

We collected about a dozen of letters to PM Abe. Attached please read them.

Genta Yoshikawa made a video and put up to Youtube.

We know that Fukushima meltdown disaster is still ongoing, and many victims have not saved yet.
The Japanese government must take care of these matters and people and must change the nuclear policy.
We will not give up until then.







reported by NNA member Chizu Hamada

− Letters to PM Abe ・安倍首相への抗議手紙 −



One Response to “Report : the 7th anniversary of Fukushima Meltdown/68th NNA monthly rally・7周年福島メルトダウン惨事・第68回NNA 抗議集会事後報告”
  1. Jason N. Kamalie says:


    This was an important rally. Actually, they’re ALL important. But this, on the 7th anniversary of the Daiichi meltdowns in Fukushima had special importance. Genta San did another superb job filming this, and we’re all very grateful for his skills and commitment. Kazumi did another great job with the website and some of the notices. Each person performs her, or his, essential role here.

    As usual, this rally focused on the difficulties related to restarting the nuclear plants in Japan, nuclear power generally, militarism, and government oppression related to Fukushima. But, as Chizu said to kick the rally off, most importantly, this rally focused on the evacuees and survivors. These are people the government would like to forget, it seems.

    After some chanting which shook the streets and buildings, Chizu began with her usual poignant recap which included:

    – Focused on the hardships of evacuees and survivors. She said that this was the important point of this anniversary rally.
    – She remembered how so many had to move. The strain on families; working or trying to maintain work to support. Leaving jobs or families. Especially older people.
    – Restricted areas, where people could not use water, couldn’t use toilet, couldn’t live in places with more than 1 milisievert per year. Nobody was allowed to live there before. But then, Japan raised safety bar, so people are actually living in those areas now. How long will this go on?
    – Funding was cut last March, some have had to move back. And, how are they supposed to live? Where will income come from? Safety?
    – Thyroid cancers among children.
    – Because of these strains, things aren′t getting better for evacuees.
    – Many might have forgotten about Fukushima, but the problem is ongoing. It′s ONGOING, hasn′t been contained!
    – Melted cores at large, not retrieved. Don′t know exact situation, can′t get close, too dangerous. Can′t retrieve them, even if Tepco knew where they were — because it’s too dangerous. So Daiichi continues to emit radiation constantly – never, never contained.
    – More than half the children who fled Fukushima have been forced to move back – from a letter by Chizu′s friend.
    – Instead of spending money on the Fukushima problem, caring for those who were forced to leave, an incredible amount of money has been designated for the Olympics. It’s an absurd priority in light of Fukushima’s evacuees. “Our anger is getting stronger, our desire for justice grows bigger, heavier.”
    – Chizu invoked a MOMENT OF SILENCE, for people in Fukushima who passed away, and those still suffering.

    STEVE ZELTZER spoke next. He’s an excellent speaker — as was Dan Marlin (who passed away not long ago). Some points Steve made include:
    – The fact we′re here today, shows we haven′t forgotten. Fukushima continues. It’s been a long seven years where the media has failed to report, let people know what′s going on.
    – What′s going on? Ice wall, somewhat ineffective. Tanks of radioactive water for temporary storage; any major earthquake will cause serious leakage into the ocean.
    – Can′t find melted cores, haven′t retrieved them.
    – The statement that PM made about things being cleaned up to get the Olympics was false.
    -Workers are being used without training or testing. Might get various radiation diseases. Many of these brought in by Yakuza, corrupt gang organization. Shows the nature of the Japanese government. It′s a state problem. The state pushed nuclear power, but refused to protect the workers and people. The workers have been doing a public service protecting Japan.
    – A clear danger of a major earthquake for which the government is preparing. Imagine that, a government preparing for such, but wants to restart nuclear powers. It’s nonsensical.
    – Major dangers of war, election of Trump, who wants to attack various nations and military in various places, pushing for war. Madman. Trump joined with Japan and told Abe that Japan should militarize, should develop weaponry and possible nuclear weapons.
    – Do we need more weapons in Japan? Do we need a nuclear war? Of course not.
    – People are waking up, we are here in solidarity with such as these and also those Fukushima evacuees. We know they are struggling, forced back, with little or no support.
    – You can′t decontaminate radiation with the means that the government has been trying – to ″scrape″ off the radiation from surfaces. Radiation is in the air! It′s in the weather.
    – Diablo Canyon – government agencies want ratepayers to pay for the closure.
    – We have to continue to speak out, to become stronger, here we are 7 years afterward as proof that we will not be silenced.

    – Fukushima still producing radioactivity, the problem persists.
    – Press has shut down much information, we′re small right now, but you don′t know just what might happen. The implication is that just a few can get large very quickly.

    MIHO AIDA spoke next:
    – environmental educator – educates people about earth′s environment. Today marks the seventh anniversary of Fukushima.
    – Want to give a prayer for those suffering, [and she] gave a wonderful prayer pertaining to the suffering of the people East, sun rises, rise up, energy from sun to rise. Always a light we can follow.
    – South provides reminder of those places/spaces in southern places. There is still hope that the young generation will speak the truth and change the world.
    – West to Fukushima, we are here with you today. We are thinking of you, Okinawa Jeju Island subject to U.S. military and militarization. We are here in solidarity AGAINST that reality. July Japan nuclear treaty up for renewal – the opportunity to say NO! To nuclear power, nuclear weaponry, militarization.
    – NORTH up in the Arctic debate to open Arctic ocean and coastal plain to oil drilling. Indigenous people call their land and waters sacred. We are with these in support and solidarity that we all have the right to live the way of our heritage and desire.
    – Oppression brings people together, people together bring friendship.

    DON spoke next and offered some insight and a nice way of phrasing concerning the report he cited:
    – mixed emotions – happy to be here, sad that we have to be.
    – accident really NOT, we all know it was not. Tepco isn′t providing much information.
    – Read a report on test of Fukushima and Tepco responsibility – report stood out to Don for what it DIDN′T say. No mention of what Tepco actually did or should have done, or will do going forward to clean up.
    – Don hopes we all maintain the effort, and will continue his own efforts. Might take a lifetime.

    CHIZU then read excerpts from some letters – in times past collected up to 100 letters. This time, just over a dozen.

    – The insanity of nuclear weapons, modernizing those, developing them, conflict among the Koreas.

    – Reminded about documentary on Fukushima of certain evacuees returning to take care of their animals and other interests, farmers.

    The 7th Anniversary Rally ended with the NNA’s March to Justin Herman Plaza. Congratulations, again, for standing up for the truth, for standing strong in solidarity, and supporting those evacuees in Fukushima. Truth prevails. Always.

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