A report of 2/11/18, NNA monthly rally and a request of writing the letter to PM Abe for 3/11 rally・2/11/18 抗議集会事後報告

We had the 67th NNA monthly rally yesterday.
Eight people got together.

The monthly letter to PM was written by Tsukuru Fors Lauritzen who lives in LA. Tsukuru has organized several Fukushima related documentary film viewings, and is preparing another documentary film viewing in 3/11 in LA. “Nuclear Cattle” is the title of film and Tsukuru has kindly offered NNA to have this film viewing in Bay Area. NNA will show this film on 3/25 at Berkeley Central Library.
The detail of this event will be informed later.

Attached please read Tsukuru’s letter to PM Abe.

Genta Yoshikawa made a video of rally.

And here is the important request from NNA.
As you know, at each Fukushima anniversary month, NNA had asked everybody to write the letter to Japanese Prime Minister.
In some successful year, we collected about 100.
But now more people are forgetting about Fukushima. I’d like to encourage you to write the letter for the 7th anniversary!

Please each of you write a short letter to PM. The short is better, short as half an page is ideal.
Please write your name and your city and send it to me by March 8th.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.






以上の内容を含んだスピークアウトのあと、毎月首相へ提出する嘆願書・陳情書はロスアンジェルス在住のつくるさん が快く書いてくれて、それをAdrienne Fongさんが読み上げました。

The 67th Every 11th of Month No Nukes Rally in San Francisco, 02/11/2018

それでは次回3月11日 SF日本領事館前、3時に結集してください。

written by NNA member Chizu Hamada


− letter to Japanese P.M. Abe −

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Come next month, we are entering the 8th year since the tragedies of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. Prime Minister, we want you to know that the world is watching. The world has not forgotten people of Fukushima, no matter how hard you try to fool us into believing that the matter is done and taken care of.

In fact, “the matter” is far from taken care of, is it? The failed reactors are still leaking contaminated water into the ground and ocean by the tons. Tens of thousands of people are still displaced. As if it is not bad enough, the policies and tactics that the Japanese government employs to force people to return to the contaminated area by raising the threshold of safety by 20 times the International standard and cutting funding for the evacuees are despicable and inhumane.

It seems that we are now only beginning to discover the sheer magnitude of the damages at the Fukushima Daiichi with no clear processes/solutions for containment in sight. And yet the Japanese government is pouring billions of dollars into the 2020 Tokyo Olympics under the guise of “reconstruction.” This demonstrates gross negligence on the part of the government.

In October 2017, Ms. Mitsuko Sonoda, a voluntary evacuee from Fukushima, gave her testimony in front of the UN human rights council. She spoke of financial and emotional hardships that she and other evacuees face. My concerns and demands directly echo Ms. Sonoda’s.

1) Respect the rights of “voluntary evacuees.” Provide adequate funding and housing assistanceso they will not be forced to return to unsafe areas.

2) Adopt the International standard of one millisievert a year as the maximum public exposure limit, instead of the current limit of 20 millisievert used by the Japanese government.

3) Admit responsibilities for the 2011 accident and for the concealment and negligence of the facts which unnecessarily have caused to expose many to radiation.

4) Execute thorough assessment and evaluation of the Fukushima Daiichi facilities andsurrounding area and make findings available to the public in and outside Japan.

5) Provide free healthcare and monitoring services to all affected and at-risk individuals who resided near the Fukushima Daiichi at the time of the accident and make findings available to the public in and outside of Japan.

6) Provide free healthcare services to victims of the accidents with mental health issues.

7) Make termination of all nuclear power plant facilities the number one priority of the national government and proactively invest in and support the growth of alternative energy industries.

Politics is about stewardship, managing public resources so they would work to ensure peaceful and secure lives for the weakest amongst us. However, it seems to me that in recent years political leaders in Japan have taken liberties with politics to pursue their personal agenda. Morally and ethically,  something is horribly wrong with this picture. As a nation who as experienced the atrocities of the two A-bombs and suffered possibly the worst nuclear accident ever, Japan should be taking the leadership position in the world advocating for and actively working towards the termination of all things nuclear. Instead, Japan is steadily marching towards supporting the very source of the evil that has caused so much suffering for its people.

As I stated at the opening of this latter, the world is watching Japan’s every move. Please keep in mind that any violation of the rights of its own citizens and any actions that would put other nations at risk would not go unnoticed. It is time to do right by people of Japan and by the international community.

Tsukuru Fors (Misako) Lauritzen
Los Angeles, California


One Response to “A report of 2/11/18, NNA monthly rally and a request of writing the letter to PM Abe for 3/11 rally・2/11/18 抗議集会事後報告”
  1. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    I have been following the No Nukes Action Committee (the NNA) for four years now. I can tell any reader who happens to come across this site that the NNA are, by far, one of the most dedicated, heroic, and important activist groups — if not in the whole world — then certainly within my purview and experiences. I have attended many monthly rallies, and have participated in the monthly planning meetings with Chizu, Steve, (formerly) Dan, Kazumi, and others of the NNA “Hard Core” group as we ardently discussed the various aspects and angles relevant to the ongoing Fukushima disaster. Based on my experiences, I can affirm two things: first, the problems caused by the Daiichi triple meltdown in Fukushima following the massive tsunami are ongoing — and they deeply affect those displaced, or who lost their livelihoods, as well as the health and atmosphere of Japan.

    I can also affirm the dedication and care of this NNA group for their native, beautiful homeland, as well as their care for the unfortunate souls affected by the nuclear disaster. Japan may be the homeland of many patriots. But, the truest of patriots are found in the likes of his group — who will speak plainly and truthfully about the dangers of something like Fukushima, and will rightly criticize a fraudulent government in its attempts to cover up those problems, and the attempts to desert those unfortunate souls who have been harmed through no fault of their own. I have been proud to be a part of this group, even if from afar in recent years.

    Every month on the 11th day, this group has been meeting, rain or shine, at the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco to hand out flyers, to speak out about the problem, to inform the public, and to make their (our) presence known to those working at the Consulate, who toe the official line from Tokyo. The monthly rally has followed a consistent format and has served as the model for other activist groups on how to plan and execute a meaningful rally. Through these recent years, we have watched attendance at the rallies ebb and surge at different times and we expect to see another surge next month which will mark the 7th year of the disaster. At these monthly rallies, Chizu — who serves as a kind of MC for the event — often begins with various chants well-known to the group. Then, she opens the rally with a very thorough, often detailed, recap of almost every angle and consideration related to the various problems stemming from the meltdowns back in 2011.

    Once again, in February, Chizu did precisely that — embarking upon a thorough, relevant, and interesting update that recapped what’s happened thus far, what progress (or not) has been made on various points, and any relevant developments since the last monthly rally. This month, Chizu addressed items such as:

    (1) Demanding Japan NOT restart any nuclear power plants, and to decommission all such plants.
    (2) Demanding Japan NOT start any war, and NOT to change Article 9 of the Constitution.
    (3) Demanding Japan to take care of Fukushima victims, especially children.
    (4) The cost of the Fukushima Daiichi cleanup getting bigger.
    (5) Radiological dangers are NOT under control.
    (6) The lack of knowledge concerning the condition of melted cores and reactors at Daiichi.
    (7) The inability or know-how to retrieve and nullify radioactive fuels, cores, materials, etc.
    (8) Tepco and Japanese government don’t seem to know what to do.
    (9) The expiring/expired living compensation for evacuees who had no choice in evacuating. The government seems to be leaving such as these high and dry, and without any support — despite the government being complicit with Tepco in causing their evacuation.
    (10) Tepco and government avoided studies and concerns from years before the Daiichi meltdown. Could have worked to prevent the disaster, or to minimize damage.
    (11) Japan has raised the radiation exposure levels so that the government didn’t have to spend more money compensating or caring for evacuees.
    (12) Fukushima affected people are very concerned that the world has forgotten about them, or soon will.
    (13) Three nuclear plants have restarted — despite the FACT that the Japanese government and Tepco can NOT clean up the situation properly.
    (14) The Secrecy Law, the Security Law, then the Conspiracy Laws — a group of laws that will try to squash revelation and public scrutiny, and will try to minimize public dissent. Japan, in this respect, looks like it’s stepping backward, regressing, toward imperialist policies.
    (15) North Korea and conflict with U.S. Even though it is the U.S. provoking problems and antagonizing North Korean with its joint military exercises.
    (16) Unwelcome U.S. bases in Japan.

    After Chizu gives her recap, then she invites various people to speak out and share their perspective on the problems of Fukushima. Usually, that attracts quite a few speakers. Notable speakers include Steve Zeltzer, (formerly) Dan Marlin, Cecile Pineda, and others. This month, attendance was lower, so the group moved on to the next part of the rally, which is reading the monthly letter written each month by various people. This month’s letter, by filmmaker Tsukuru, whose film will be shown by the NNA in March, was another excellent plea to PM Abe.
    It was nice to see Adrienne Fong reading the letter, as she is involved in a number of Bay area causes.

    Anyway, it was another great rally and next month’s rally will be even better — bigger and better. The NNA asks all readers who are interested in this issue to write a brief letter recapping the Fukushima issues, and then send these letters to Chizu at an e-mail address provided above. Best wishes to the NNA, as always. And, thanks so much. I also thank and briefly honor Genta Yoshikawa, whose expert film work, brings the rallies to all via video — and also, Kazumi Delaney who performs various tasks with the website.

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