A report of 1/11/18 rally・1/11/18 原発・核反対抗議集会事後報告

Half a dozen people came to the rally.

There are good news and bad news.

We had the victorious ruling at three courts in Japan last year even though they are not perfect rulings because one of them didn’t rule for the government’s responsibility.

Hitach electric Co. will export the reactor and build plants in England near future and Japanese government is backing up fully.

But there are positive movement in Japan,

and in California!

So we should never give up and keep holding the hopes.

The letter to PM Abe was written by Steve Zeltzer for this rally.
Attached please read it.

There is no Youtube video at this time.

See you at the 2/11 rally at SF Japanese Consulate at 3:00 pm!









では次回2月11日にSF 日本領事館前、3時に結集してください。


reported by NNA member Chizu Hamada


1/11/18 Letter To Japanese Prime Minister Abe

Dear Prime Minister Abe.

Your government continues to restart nuclear power plants despite the failure to even contain and remove the radioactive meltdowns at Fukushima. The families who escaped Fukushima are also facing demands by your government to return to Fukushima who the government has declared is now “decontaminated”.  There are still thousands of tons of radioactive water in tanks surrounding the Fukushima plant and the government wants to release this contaminated water into the Pacific ocean. There is leakage as well that continues into the Pacific ocean.

Your government has spent billions of dollars on a “clean up” that in large part involves removing top soil and putting toxic soil  in hundreds of thousands of bags. This contaminated soil not only is scattered throughout Fukushima but the government is also trying to bribe other prefectures or states to dispose of this contaminated soil partly by burning it. You cannot make this up but your government is actually engaged in spreading the contamination in Fukushima to other parts of Japan and obviously the world.

Your government and police have arrested anti-nuclear activists for passing out flyers in Osaka about this burning of radioactive waste because they do not want the people of Japan to be aware of this policy. Your governmentʼs policy on nuclear power is not new. New documents now show that previous governments have tried to play down the dangers of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 to promote more nuclear power in Japan. Like the US government your government has declared that nuclear power is really safe and there is not serious problems.

Your government is also preparing for the likelihood of a major earthquake which they say could kill 320,000 people and has a 70% chance of happening in the next 30 years. The idea that an earthquake of that magnitude would not create Fukushima meltdowns throughout the country is ludicrous yet the Abe government continues to churn out propaganda that everything is “under control”.

The massive Nankai Trough earthquake is expected and your government is spending tens of millions of dollars to prepare for it yet it continues to restart nuclear power plants that would likely explode in such an earthquake destroying the whole country and certainly contaminating the rest of Asia and the world. The people of the United States and the world cannot afford another Fukushima and even multiple Fukushimas.

At the same time, you and your government has linked up personally with Trump and has bought billions of dollars of military hardware during Trumpʼs visit. The government is also moving to develop and produce nuclear weapons with the support of the Trump government. As part of the militarization and rise of racism and xenophobia, your  government is spending $500 million to deny that the “comfort women” were sex slaves of the Japanese Imperial Army during the 2nd World War. They want to cut off housing subsidies for the families who escaped Fukushima  but you are spending hundreds of millions to deny the history of Japanese imperialism?

You have also passed, secrecy law to intimidate journalists and, conspiracy law that might in the future be used  to arrest people who are suspected of talking about maybe having, protest against nuclear power which is seen by the government as, critical necessity for Japan. The real security of Japan will not be helped by more repressive legislation and moves toward militarization. This further the dangers of war in Asia.

We again speak out for the Fukushima families and against the restart of nuclear power plants. We demand that there be, halt to the restarting of all Japanese nuclear plants, the right of families of Fukushima to continue to reside elsewhere and received subsidies.

The No Nukes Action Committee will continue to organize and warn the people of Japan and the United States of continuing dangers from nuclear power and the real threat of another Fukushima. If you and your government cannot learn from the lessons of Fukushima you are bound to repeat these disasters.

Steve Zeltzer
No Nukes Action Committee



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