1/11 SF Japan Consulate Protest-Stop Restarting Nuclear Power Plants in Japan and Defend The Families of Fukushima

1/11 SF Japan Consulate Protest-Stop Restarting Nuclear Power Plants in Japan and Defend The Families of Fukushima
Thursday January 11, 2018 3:00 PM
San Francisco Japanese Consulate
275 Battery St./California St.
San Francisco

The Japanese Abe government continues to restart nuclear power plants despite the failure to even contain and remove the radioactive meltdowns at Fukushima. Radioactive water continues to be pumped from the melted down reactors. The families who escaped Fukushima are also facing demands by the government to return to Fukushima who they have declared is now “decontaminated”. There are still thousands of tons of radioactive water in tanks surrounding the Fukushima plant and the government wants to release this contaminated water into the Pacific ocean.
Already billions of dollars have been spent a “clean up” that in large part is removing top soil and putting this in hundreds of thousands of bags. This contaminated soil not only is scattered throughout Fukushima but the government is also trying to bribe other prefectures or states to dispose of this contaminated soil partly by burning it. You cannot make this up but the government is actually engaged in spreading the contamination in Fukushima to other parts of Japan and obviously the world.

Previous Japanese governments had also denied that Chernobyl nuclear disaster was something that could happen in Japan. Foreign Ministry officials made a concerted effort to downplay the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 to promote nuclear power and avoid friction at a Group of Seven summit in Japan, ministry documents showed.
The documents released on Dec. 20 also showed a sense of overconfidence in the safety of nuclear power in Japan that may have led in part to the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011.

The government is also preparing for the likelihood of a major earthquake which they say could kill 320,000 people and has a 70% chance of happening in the next 30 years. The idea that an earthquake of that magnitude would not create Fukushima meltdowns throughout the country is ludicrous yet the Abe government continues to churn out propaganda that everything is “under control”. The massive Nakai Trough earthquake is expected and the government is spending millions of dollars to prepare for it yet it continues to restart nuclear power plants that would likely explode in such an earthquake destroying the whole country and not only destroying Japan but contaminating the rest of Asia and the world.

At the same time, the Abe government has linked up personally with Trump and has bought billions of dollars of military hardware during Trump’s visit. The government is also moving to develop and produce nuclear weapons which as the support of the Trump government.

As part of the militarization and rise of racism and xenophobia, the government is spending $500 million to deny that the “comfort women” were sex slaves of the Japanese Imperial Army during the 2nd World War. They don’t want to continue to help the families but they are spending hundreds of millions to deny the history of Japanese imperialism?

They have also passed a secrecy law to intimidate journalists and a conspiracy law that might in the future be used to arrest people who are suspected of talking about maybe having a protest against nuclear power which is seen by the government as a critical necessity for Japan.
It is time to speak out for the Fukushima families and against the restart of nuclear power plants. Join us on January 11, 2018 at the Japanese Consulate.

Speak Out and Rally initiated by
No Nukes Action Committee



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written by NNA member Steve Zeltzer



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