A report of 12/11/17 NNA Rally・12/11/17 NNA Rally の事後報告

Our NNA 65th Monthly Rally went on Dec.11th.
About 10 people joined.

The letter to PM Abe was written by Jason Kamalie, and was read by Yoko Clark. Please read attached letter.

Genta Yoshikawa videoed and put it on Youtube.

Thank you for your support and encouragement this year!
We will continue our protest next year and try to make Japan , US and world’s situation better!
Let’s fight together!

Wish you have a wonderful Holiday and a happy New Year!






さて今月の首相への手紙はSF からオハイオに移り住んだジェイスン・カマリーさんが書き、クラーク・よう子さんが読み上げました。添付の手紙をお読みください。



未熟ながらも、NNA は来年も諦めず抗議を続けていきます。提言、指摘ありましたら、どうぞ連絡して下さい。どうぞ来年もよろしくお願いいたします。

reported by NNA member Chizu Hamada

− Letter to PM Abe −

Dear Shinzo –

Please don′t be offended by my informality here. You are, of course, the Prime Minister of Japan. You bear a title, and occupy a position, to which is imputed a sense of officialdom – and, generally, a sense of respect, and honor. I mean no disrespect in my simple salutation. I only mean to say that, before you are a prime minister, you are a man. And, before you are a man, you are a soul. Your position, like your very life, is fleeting by the moment. And, when these are over, all you will have left is what you came into this world with: your soul, its character, and the results of all the decisions you made in this lifetime. Will eternity be kind to you, Shinzo, when all the titles, when all the formality and authority, when even your very flesh falls away?

Thus far, neither pleas, nor prose, nor petitions, nor poetry has moved you to renounce nuclear power in Japan, which – given your great nation′s location and history of natural disasters – has proved exceptionally dangerous to your people and civilization. In fact, nuclear power has proved dangerous to every nation – and it has gone hand-in-hand with nuclear weaponry. Neither, it seems, have you worked against the corporate greed, corruption, and blatant disregard of Mother Earth that is at the heart of your industrialization, and specifically, your nuclear power policy. You have continued to model your nation′s progress along the lines of Western Society – which has its own glaring pitfalls, deep immorality, and dangers – and which is currently self-destructing in many ways. Dressed in a little brief authority, you have the opportunity to lift your nation out of similar peril by returning to common sense.

Now, since Japan is a mechanically technological nation, as this kind of technology depends largely on numbers – and, as you are the head of Japan – perhaps a recapitulation of Fukushima, BY THE NUMBERS, might appeal to your sense of judgment. So, here follows the breakdown of the Fukushima-Daiichi disaster, in ″hard″ figures, no pun intended. All figures are derived from Wikipedia:

• 3/11/2011, 2:46. The local date and time the Tohoku earthquake struck off the coast of Japan.
• 9.1. The magnitude of that earthquake – the most powerful quake in Japan ever, and the 4th strongest in recorded history.
• 8. The distance, measured in feet, that Honshu Island was shifted East.
• 133. The height of the resultant tsunami, measured in feet, which raced toward shore and ultimately caused cataclysmic damage and loss of life in Fukushima.
• 3. The number of reactors which melted down at the Daiichi nuclear plant hours later. Tepco refused to call these incidents ″meltdowns″ until long after.
• 1,368. The approximate number of ″disaster related deaths,″ as tallied by the Fukushima prefecture government (based on media assessments), related to the Daiichi nuclear power plant. Most of those were the elderly and infirm, who died while being transplanted due to illnesses, stress, or having been cut off from support networks. Others passed away due to the stress of long term displacement and the uncertainty of their futures.
• 340. The number of petabequerels (minimally estimated) of total radiation released.
• 0.001. The sieverts per hour constituting the suggested maximum exposure to radiation by the public, as recommended by the ICRP.
• 210. The sieverts per hour readings inside Unit 2, six years after the accident.
• 5.5. The percentage increase in cancer risk over a lifetime, with each sievert, for people exposed to radiation.
• 100. The number of miles away that winds pushed detectable radiation.
• 400. The number of tons of water per day pumped into the Daiichi reactors for cooling purposes. Also, the number of tons per day of ground water which has leaked into those structures.
• 175. The number of plant workers who received significant radiation doses.
• 33. The number of heat stroke cases for workers wearing full radiation gear. Two of those died of heart failure.
• 160,000. The number of people displaced or relocated due to the Daiichi meltdowns.
• 154,000. The number of people from the affected areas screened for radiation related illness.
• 0. The number of deaths due to direct radiation exposure.
• 100. The number of prospective cases which cancer might have been related to, or exacerbated by, the Daiichi meltdowns.
• 193. The number of Fukushima children battling thyroid cancer.
• 70. The percentage increase in lifetime risk of developing thyroid cancer for girls exposed as infants in the most irradiated parts of Fukushima.
• 7. The percentage increase in lifetime risk of developing Leukemia for males exposed as infants in the most irradiated parts of Fukushima.
• 102. The age of the oldest citizen of Iitate, who committed suicide rather than endure the stress of evacuation and prolonged dislocation.
• 3,552,480. The number of moments (if each moment is about a minute) since the Fukushima disaster. Each moment represented a chance to reverse course, to take a strong stance against nuclear power, militarism, and secrecy. But, of all these numbers, the MOST IMPORTANT is:
• 1. You have one chance, Shinzo. One life and opportunity – to change Japan′s policy. Your administration should shut down all nuclear plants, renounce militarism and secrecy laws, repeal your Conspiracy law, care for those poor souls who have been relocated and disenfranchised, and ensure the thorough cleanup of Daiichi, while caring for its workers. Finally, a reminder from Basho.

When the dusk sets in,
And hawks can no longer see,
The quail cry loudly.

Jason N. Kamalie
With the No Nukes Action Committee
Mogadore, OH 44260


3 Responses to “A report of 12/11/17 NNA Rally・12/11/17 NNA Rally の事後報告”
  1. jayrocket4peace@tutanota.com says:

    Best wishes, Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas — and a Happy New Year to everyone in the NNA!  Nuclear age heroes!JasonOhio

  2. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    This was another thoughtful and provocative rally which focused on the difficulties related to restarting the nuclear plants in Japan, nuclear power generally, militarism, and government oppression related to Fukushima.

    Chizu began with her usual poignant recap
    which included:
    – a brief mention of new cases of thyroid cancer, and the government denying relation to meltdowns, of course.
    – still don′t know the exact condition or location of melted cores.
    – court rulings recently handed down that Tepco has clear responsibility of Fukushima disaster. Six years after accident, and for the first time, Courts acknowledged responsibility lies with Tepco and government. Tepco has to pay.
    – four reactors currently operational.
    -conspiracy Law, march to militarism, push to change Constitution, Article 9.
    “We have to see reality. That′s why we′re here every month.”
    People seem to be thinking less and less about the Fukushima disaster.

    Steve spoke next and very succinctly pointed out:
    – here to demand the cessation of any restart of nukes.
    – the militarization of Japan is threat to the world.
    – decontamination of Fukushima is a lie. Still radioactive. Debate about releasing contaminated water into Pacific.
    – nuclear companies putting out propaganda in Japanese high schools.
    – protesting all these avenues related to nuclear energy. Major earthquake could cause serious damage to plants.
    -defend the people and children of Fukushima. Using Secrecy Law, Conspiracy Law. State secrecy laws are made to prevent people from learning about what′s going on. All these important topics are non-issues to Japanese media. U.S. government and nuclear industry don′t want people do worry about the dangers.
    Cleanup workers, removing cores. Contradiction in reality to say that they′re still working to remove the cores, but that they′ve decontaminated the area. Stop the Nukes Now!

    Joshi –
    Nobody in Fukushima nobody admits thyroid cancer is caused by radiation. Nobody.

    Dan Abalone Alliance
    If it wasn′t for nuclear bombs, I′d still be worried about nuclear power and nuclear plants. What the hell is going on with you people.

    Yoko Clark did an excellent job reading a difficult letter. This was another excellent rally, and you can be sure this small band is going to be gearing up for 2018!

  3. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    Happy New Year to the No Nukes Action Committee!

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