Report from the 11/11 NNA rally・11月抗議集会事後報告

The rally was held during the time Trump was visiting Asia and soliciting more war weapons.
Japan had already decided to purchase so many weapons from USA, but PM Abe promised Trump that Japan will buy MORE. It seemed Trump’s task, a shameful sales of death and war, had accomplished.

About 15 people gathered and protested on 11/11.

And after we lost Dan Marlin, one of hard core member of NNA, his wife and his friends contributed and honored him during the rally.

The letter to PM was written by Sam Kanno in Japanese, and Carol Hisasue translated it into English.
Please read letters attached.

Genta Yoshikawa videoed the rally.

The next rally on 12/11 will be our last rally in this year.
Hope many people attend and speak out whatever needs to say.

reported by NNA member Chizu Hamada







毎月抗議をして下さっている活動 本当に凄い事ですね。私達のもっとも励みになる事です。

来月12月11日は今年最後の集会です。締めくくりとして悔いのないようSF日本領事館前に3時に結集してください! 継続は力なり。沈黙は容認なり。

reported by NNA member Chizu Hamada


− Letter to Japanese P.M. Abe −

To Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan                        November 11, 2017

Was the main purpose of the recent general election to gain approval of a “Self-Defence Force in violation of the Constitution”  (your own words) as an army, clearly in the Constitution, making Japan “a country where war can be waged” under the direction of the US military?

Do you intend to change “Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution” and Japan’s commitment to reject war and war potential? This rose from Japan’s defeat and unconditional surrender 72 years ago, followed by a seven year occupation by the United States. Where did the “oath of rejection of war” go? Was it not atonement for Japan’s “prewar history of aggression and invasion” which turned the country into a wasteland and sacrificed the lives of more than 20 million people in Asia, including 3.1 million of its own citizens?

To win the election, you used the current Korean Peninsula crisis, on the edge of war, fueling tension between the United States and North Korea. We see that your plan is to escalate the crisis into a real war on the Korean Peninsula, ending the 64 year ceasefire (1953 – 2017), so that the SDF can be constitutionally recognized as a military force, increase military spending and continue the Abe Administration.

You tried to cover up and overcome the dramatic decline in voter support after the “Mori- Kake Gakuen Controversy” with its allegations of a cheap sellout of state-owned property to right wing friends by fanning nationalism, an old trick of politicians to shift voter attention.

The result was a “big victory” — 80% of the House of Representatives is now held by those who want to change the Constitution. However, support for the LDP fell to 20% of all voters (16 million). 46% of the 50 million voters felt that the election system itself did not reflect “the will of the people” and ignored the election.

It was a sad campaign. You fled from Diet meetings and failed to announce the time or venue for your election speech, fearing the voters who are directly criticizing the very existence of Prime Minister Abe as a “national disaster.”

Here are some of the ways in which the Administration has fled, hidden and evaded responsibility.

1) Partial responsibility for the occurance of the worst nuclear accident in history:
In December 2006, at the time of the 1st Abe Cabinet, you claimed that “complete loss of power (at nuclear plants) is impossible.” You are failing to rebuild the health and livelihoods of exposed victims and displaced residents. How will you deal with the vast area of East Japan and the huge amount of radioactive particles still spread throughout the ocean. Obviously “decontamination” is just “transfer of contamination.” Clearly, the epidemic of thyroid cancer in children (now 194 people) comes from the Fukushima nuclear accident.

2) Is it possible to host the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, bought with lies of “Fukushima, under control” and 200 million yen of taxpayers’ money given to chief IOC persons?

3) The death of Japan as a nation of manufacturers. Defective parts from Mitsubishi, Nissan, Fuji Heavy Industries, Toyota and automobile industry as a whole, have created a wave of recall scandals. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toshiba and Hitachi have canceled all overseas nuclear plant construction. Deceptions by Kobe Steel, Nippon Casting Steel and others regarding the strength and precision of their products have been exposed. This is occurring because of the increasing burden on site workers due to management’s demands for strict delivery schedules and cost reduction. Worsening of labor conditions,
low wages and long hours, symbolized by the government’s labor reforms that prioritize capital over working conditions, have created a huge increase in temporary workers and led to the decline of Japan’s manufacturing.

These are some of the reasons why the Abe Administration cannot be expected to manage the government properly. We seek policies created from the standpoint of workers and for those who are exposed to harmful radiation. We ask that you take these points into consideration.

9551 Laurel Cyn Blvd # 211, Pacoima., CA 91331

安倍晋三日本国総理大臣殿                                                                                                     11月11日2017年

今回の総選挙は、「憲法違反の自衛隊」(安倍首相自らの言葉)を軍隊として憲法に明記し、米軍の指揮の下に「戦 争の出来る国」にすることの賛否を問うのが主な目的だったのですね。
72年前の「無条件降伏」という敗戦と、それに続く7年に亘る米国の日本占領の中から生まれた「戦争と戦力放棄」を 掲げた「日本国憲法第九条」を変えようということですか? 国を焦土と化し、2千万人以上もの自国民(310万人)を 含むアジアの人々を死に追いやって敗戦に至る「侵略と戦争という大日本帝国の戦前史」の反省においてなされた「 戦争放棄の誓い」はどこに行ったのでしょうか。 その選挙に勝つために、安倍首相は現在的に進行する朝鮮半島危機を大いに利用されました。核兵器とその運搬 手段であるミサイルの開発をめぐる米国と北朝鮮間の「あわや戦争か」という緊迫したやり取りを安倍首相自ら大いに 煽ったのです。64年間(1953~2017)にわたって休戦状態のままに置かれていた朝鮮半島に再び熱い戦争という 危機を作り出せれば、自衛隊も軍隊として憲法に認められ、軍事費も軍需産業の強化も容易に実現出来て、安倍政 権も継続出来るとの狙いでしたね。さらに「モリ・カケ学園疑惑」として「国有財産の右翼お友達への格安払い下げ」工 作があきらかにされ、支持率の劇的低落を招いたことの隠蔽と乗り切りを図る為にもナショナリズムを煽り、選挙民の 目を外に向けさせるという「ポピュリストの常套手段」を使いました。その結果、衆議院議席の80%を改憲派議員が占 めるという「大勝利」でした。しかし自民党への支持は全有権者(1憶6百万人)の20%を占めたに過ぎないもので、5 千万人に及ぶ46%の有権者はそうした「民意を反映しない」選挙制度そのものにそっぽを向いたのです。
国会(立法府)審議から逃げ、自党の公約を訴える首相の選挙演説会場と日時も「安倍首相の存在こそが国難!」と いう選挙民の真っ当な批判が予想されるが故に公表できないという無残な選挙運動でした。そこまで逃げ回って押し 隠したこれまでの政権運営における無責任には以下のようなものがあります。

1福島原発における史上最悪の原発事故(チェルノブイリ原発事故以上)の発生についての責任の一端を担ってい ること(2006年12月、第一次安倍内閣時に「全電源喪失はあり得ない」との首相答弁)。福島を中心とする被曝被害 者の健康と生活再建に対する無策と棄民政策。広大な東日本の大地と山野、そして海にばらまかれて依然存在する 莫大な量の放射能粒子をどう処理するのか。「除染」が移染でしかないのは明らかであり、小児甲状腺がんの多発(現 在194名)原因が福島原発事故に由来することも明らかなのです。

2「フクシマ、アンダー・コントロール」との嘘と、2億円もの「IOC実力者買収」をもって「招致」した「2020東京オリンピ ック」の開催は可能なのか?

3モノづくり日本の終焉。トヨタをはじめとする三菱、日産、富士重工と自動車メーカーの軒並みの不良部品回収(リ コール)。三菱重工、東芝、日立など日本の全原発メーカーによる海外での原発プラント建設のキャンセル。神戸製 鋼、日本鋳鍛鋼などの製品強度や精度不足の隠蔽。これらすべての誤魔化しが納期厳守とコスト削減との経営サイ ドの要請による現場労働者
への負担増大の下で起きている事態なのです。政府の「働き方改革」に象徴される資本 の為の労働規制改悪が低賃金と長時間労働の不可避な派遣労働者の増大を生み、日本のモノづくりの劣化を招い たのです。

以上、安倍政権においては、まともな政権運営が期待されないということです。第一次安倍政権時のような再びの「政 権投げ出し」も予想されます。働く者、被曝被災を受けた者の立場に立った諸政策の立案を求めます。よろしくご検 討ください。

SAM KANNO   9551 Laurel Cyn Blvd #211,Pacoima. CA 91331


3 Responses to “Report from the 11/11 NNA rally・11月抗議集会事後報告”
  1. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    An excellent rally was held again by the NNA in front of the Japanese Consulate which must have certainly caused much trepidation within the Japanese government. The protests emanated from San Francisco across the whole world.

    Chizu once again served as an expert MC with the latest recap on the madness emanating from the central government in Japan as it relates to Fukushima and the entire world. Like China, Japan is a world power that is destined to be among those few who will determine the world’s course if it can get rid of the bad ideals, and bad souls, driving the nation toward an unsustainable future.

    China and Japan are among the future major powers of this world if they divest from toxic western ideology regarding war and the distorted notions, once good or good intentioned, made to serve bad ends. Primarily, those notions having to do with undue or unnecessary conflict, militarism, harmful treatment of the planet via dirty or dangerous energies, the undue suppression of knowledge and technology and freedom of individuals to form communities of choice, and the drive to foist one poorly fitting rule of law across multiple different cultures, peoples, etc. What is killing the U.S. and Western society is the failure to divest from these destructive ideals – the compulsion to foist a very flawed way of life upon other nations which are disinclined. There is a Universal Law which will pervade all nations. And, there is hope in Japan.

    Chizu gave another excellent recap. ″We are totally against war. And, we are totally against the nuclear power plants. And, we are totally against nuclear weapons. That′s why we′re standing here today.″

    ″[The Diet] is trying to change our Pacifist Constitution. Do the Japanese people feel the crisis of this situation? The Abe government, step by step, is making bad laws toward militarism. And, why [does it seem] the Japanese people are supporting it?″

    ″But, we have to remember . . . People are still NOT giving up. People are still fighting against the government. Trump really acted like a salesman of death. He was really shameful. The Japanese asking budget is already at a historical amount toward spending to 2018 military budget. And, Abe agreed to buy even more!″

    ″Tepco can′t do anything. Tepco isn′t capable for the decommissioning, finalizing this accident. They don′t know how (to decommission), or where the (melted cores are). Even robots can′t get close. So, how can they say they′ll decommission in 34 years? No way!″

    ″The government is using the (N. Korea ″crisis″) to step forward to militarize . . . and then changing the pacifist Constitution, so that Japan can really start enjoying (participating in) war.″

    ″But, think about Fukushima! What happened to Fukushima? We′re standing here because, we don′t want to forget about Fukushima. We don′t want to forget the victims of Fukushima. We know that children are still there in the danger area.″

    ″On November 11th they had a huge rally against [Japanese policies pertaining to Fukushima] (which the newspapers reported about). So people are voicing out! People are not giving up. WE WON′T GIVE UP. We have been here 64 times, every month. We have been writing a letter to the prime minister – and I′m sure we are encouraging the people of Japan . . . I get a few e-mails from Japan, and they thank us. We get together, and we don′t give up.″

    Steve followed Chizu′s comments with more excellent insight on the situation in Fukushima. These are largely the same important notions that he and others in the NNA have expressed for years now – but, until there is real remedy, these ideals are worth repeating. Steve highlighted some excellent aspects, like:

    ″We′re here again to demand that the Japanese government not restart the nuclear plants. Despite the fact, as Chizu said, that they haven′t even cleaned up or decontaminated Fukushima, they want to restart other plants. Also, the government has announced that they are worried about a major earthquake. They′re estimating that 275,000 people might get killed in a major earthquake in Japan. Now, why would you operate nuclear plants in a situation like that? Because if these plants are operating, and you do have that kind of earthquake, it would mean those plants would have a massive reaction, a leakage of radiation not just throughout Japan, but throughout the world.″

    ″We know that nuclear power, and nuclear plants are extremely dangerous. And, it′s really a sign of the madness of a system – of Abe and Trump – that they want to restart the nuclear plants and they also want to re-militarize Japan, and for Japan to have nuclear weapons. How many more nuclear weapons do we need in the world, at this point?″

    Steve pointed out that Prime Minister Abe and the Legislature, don′t seem to be effecting the will of the people of Japan very well. Rather, they seem to be steamrolling their own ambitions over the people, and great nation of Japan.

    ″We have to organize against nuclear power, against the re-militarization. Now, when I was in Japan, people were unhappy about what′s going on. But, unfortunately, there′s no political alternative in Japan. But, let′s be clear: . . . the people of Japan are still unhappy. The majority of people are still against nuclear power in Japan. And, people do not want to see another Fukushima.″

    ″We have to organize, we have to speak out and let the people of the U.S. and Japan know that nuclear power and nuclear weapons are not the answer. Like Japan, in California, we have a lot of sunshine. And, we have solar energy, we can have efficient energy. Nuclear power is actually inefficient – the government subsidizes it because it costs a lot of money. People are paying more than what they should be.″

    ″We′re going to continue this campaign against nuclear power. We′re going to continue the campaign to defend the people of the world, and also to defend the children and families who are being forced back to Fukushima. One of the reasons the government has the secrecy law is that they don′t want people to expose the fact that people are getting radiation. Children are getting cancer – a dangerous thing the government is trying to cover up. They also passed a conspiracy law that makes it illegal to even meet, for example, to have a protest against nuclear plants. The amount of suppression that is going on in Japan, which has been supported by Trump, is dangerous to the people of Japan, it′s dangerous to the people of the U.S. We have a right to speak out, we have a right to free speech, we have a right to educate people.″

    ″Fukushima, as Chizu said, has NOT been decontaminated. They lied to the Olympic committee, they said that Fukushima is over with, that it′s been decontaminated. If that′s true, why have they been unable to get the melted core out of these nuclear plants? Also, there are thousands of tons of radioactive water surrounding Fukushima. The government wants to release the water into the ocean? Why should that water contaminate the rest of the Pacific rim?″

    Stop nuclear power! No nukes now!

    Next, Chizu showed a famous picture of one of the unfortunate, decimated victims of Nagasaki – a youth struck with the effects of the atomic bomb while delivering the mail. His back was ruined. It′s a miracle that he survived. She showed the picture as a stark reminder of the horrors of nuclear war.

    Next, Dan′s love, Toshiko, spoke to the group. Dan Marlin was a beloved, long-time hardcore member of the NNA. There was recently a celebration of Dan′s life, after he passed away, and Toshiko came and spoke to honor Dan.

    ″Chizu asked me to talk about him. I think I want to tell you that he was very much involved with the NNA, and he wanted to come here as much as possible. Recently I found his letter to Mr. Abe, dated July 11th, his last letter. He became a pacifist, a peace activist, because he had the experience of being drafted, which he tried to avoid, because he doesn′t want to kill other people. But, his country forced young people to go outside the country to kill other people – and he didn′t like that. He was rejected by the draft board.″

    ″Also, he loved nature, as you know. He was born and raised in a big city, but he very much appreciated the natural places of Berkeley and my hometown . . . on Oshima Island He very much appreciated that . . . we saw that scenery every day. And, for him, it was a big surprise. And, he was very happy to be in nature. He believes in life, of course, and he loves nature. He hates war, battles, and killing in the war.

    Kazumi (not Kazumi Delaney, the excellent manager of the website) spoke about Dan as well after Toshiko talked about Dan-San.

    ″He was a very kind, warmhearted, and very very sensitive person. His drawing of Nagasaki, just looking at his painting . . . it shows his sensitivity on nature, and people, and his gentle heart toward them – it shows in his painting. And, we really miss that warmhearted person.″

    Cecil Pineda, the esteemed author of ″Apologies To A Whale,″ ″The Devil′s Tango,″ and other well-critiqued books – and frequent commenter at the NNA – spoke at the rally. Her words and insight are always sharp and eloquent. She′s a fabulous speaker.

    ″So, I would like just to dedicate these very few words to Dan and to Toshi because Dan is an artist – and Dan was a great poet. (Holds up a sign that reads War is Over).″

    ″Today is a day that we call Veterans′ Day. But, initially, this day was called Armistice Day. There is a connection between war-making and what happened at Fukushima. Because, the rationale for the 400 nuclear plants that exist throughout the world is to generate weapons grade plutonium – because our cultures embrace war, and our culture embraced a technology that, intellectually, humankind is still stuck in the Pliocene, and has not the intellect to control the technology it has made.″

    ″I want to conclude by pointing out that, at the end of WWI, when the troops came home, and the demonstrations against war ceased, all the activists understood that that war had been fought for Mosul oil . . . and that is why the U.S. continues to make war in the Middle East, and that is why the U.S. needs to vilify those who happen to speak Arabic, or who in some way happen to be connected to those cultures.″

    ″On Armistice Day we usually take one minute of silence to remember what my heart cries out for, and what Dan′s heart cried out for . . . is peace. I am 85 years old and I have known no peace in my life, living in this country, from the age of 7 on. It has been constant war. It is boring! It is predictable. And, it needs to end!″


    Two visitors to the NNA rally spoke, revealing varying opinions.

    Knew John Bertucci. ″I am a writer, writing about the Fukushima accident.″
    Concerning the Parliament election results: Wasn′t surprised, but really disappointed, by the apparent support of the Japanese government for the Abe government.

    ″On the surface of Japan, people know about and realize [the problems of Fukushima], but under the surface, they don′t want to accuse [the government]. [Everybody seems to share the sentiment] that they cannot speak out or argue about it. There are so many activists and protestors in Japan – [which he couldn′t have imagined several years ago].″

    Writing a political event paper.
    ″we′re supposed to attend an event considering how [the event and issue] is affecting the world. Knows about Fukushima, Japan stepping toward militarism, mentions Article 9. ″Japanese people aren′t necessarily trusting [the narrative regarding the need to militarize, particularly with N. Korea]. Denny doesn′t really believe that rallies like this will change government because of the corrupt persuasion of big businesses.

    Another well-written letter which can be read above.
    ″Do you intend to change Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution and Japan′s commitment to reject war and war potential?″

    Chizu finished the rally by reminding everyone that the group will be back next month for another rally. WE WILL BE HERE!

    Congratulation to the NNA for putting on another excellent demonstration. They are essential to informing the world, and local populace, about the problems in Fukushima.

  2. says:

    Congratulations on another excellent rally, guys.  I really believe we’re making a difference in our various corners of the Universe.JasonOhio

  3. Jason Kamalie says:

    Also, we have to honor the excellent cameraman Genta-San, whose superb work allow the world to view these monthly rallies. Thank you, Genta-San. We appreciate your good work!

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