10/11 Rally-Speak Out At SF Japan Consulate-Abe Government Stop Restarting NUKE Plants and Defend the Children and Families of Fukushima

10/11 Rally-Speak Out At SF Japan Consulate-Abe Government Stop Restarting NUKE Plants and Defend the Children and Families of Fukushima

Rally Speak Out
Wed October 11, 2017 3PM-4PM
San Francisco Japanese Consulate
275 Battery St. near California St.
San Francisco
On Wednesday October 11, 2017 at the San Francisco Japanese consulate at 3PM people will join together to call for the halt of the restarting of Japanese nuclear plants. The Abe government despite mass opposition of the majority of people in Japan continues  to push to restarting of nuclear plants. They also continue to demand that refugee children and families return to Fukushima despite the continue dangers of contamination from a contaminated nuclear plant and thousands of tons of radioactive water tanks surround the plant. Another major earthquake could lead to the immediate release in the ocean of this contaminated water. The government which also controls TEPCO is also allowing the gangster Yakuza to subcontract the repair work at the Fukushima plant. These workers who are day laborers and migrant workers have not had proper education or training and after their use they are dumped by the government.
It is important that people in the United States also continue to join the Japanese people who are also organizing against these Abe policies
The government has also passed a “secrecy law” and “conspiracy law” that threatens the rights of journalists and citizens to release information about the continuing danger of nuclear was. The government is also seeking to repeal Article 9 which prohibits offensive war.  The militarization of Japan is a threat to all people of Asia and the world.
Make sure your voice be heard.
Speak Out and Rally initiated by
No Nukes Action Committee
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written by NNA member Steve Zeltzer

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