Report from 9/11/17 NNA Monthly Rally・第62回月例9月11日SF抗議集会の事後報告

It has been 6 and a half years since Fukushima triple melt down occurred, and 5years and 2 months since NNA started Every 11th of Monthly Rally. And though the attendees of our rally have been decreasing, by 3:00 pm people gathered one by one, total of 9 people attended . Many of 9 people still come for the same goals, and NNA is creating the place and the chance that people are able to show their will against the government policies, we thought we need to keep on continuing this protest even longer months and years.

In addition to these hard core people of attendees, a young Kyoto resident, Narumi Tomida, who is studying the English in her short visit to USA, pleasantly accepted to write the letter to PM Abe for this rally. Her letter is very impressive and sincere and contains a full of ideas. Unfortunately she left for Chicago on the previous day, so Yoko Clark read Narumi’s letter loud at the rally. Attached below please read her letter.

We also had a minute of silence for Dan Marlin who passed away on August 7th. We felt his spirit there with us. And we have missed him badly.

Genta Yoshikawa kindly took the rally video.

See you again at the October 11th Rally!
The continuity is the power!






参加してくれた人たち、参加できなくても支援してくれている人たち、日本で諦めず政府政策に抗議している人たち、ごくろうさまです! 力を合わせ、政策の転換を目指しましょう。

written by NNA member Chizu Hamada

− Letter to  P.M. Abe −


Dear Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,                                                                                                            September 11 2017

I am writing this letter in San Francisco. Yesterday, I finished my course of learning English in an international language school here. In my school, many foreign students knew your name as the Japanese prime minister, even though I didnʼt know names of their Prime Ministers or Presidents in some cases. Your political remarks and deeds are public attention in the world. So, I request you to do what are written below to maintain in the good reputation of Japan.

1) About nuclear threat from North Korea, please do your best to avoid any military collisions not using any arms or political or economical threat. We canʼt build peace by arms absolutely. To let North Korea cast away their nuclear
weapons and missiles, I think, we (Japan, the USA, Korea, etc.) should cast away our arms and show the attitude to open our minds and hands to welcome North Korea as our friend. Please make efforts to resolve this danger peacefully. Donʼt use this threat as a chance to send Japanese Self Defense Forces to a foreign battlefield to increase JSDFʼs concrete military actions.

2) About The Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty that was adopted in the UN on July 7 of this year, please change Japanʼs attitude from opposition to approval for this treaty, and persuade nuclear weapon states to join it. For nuclear states, too, this treaty provides a way to join with their nukes and make concrete plan to abolish them after participation. And, the way to reduce nukes step by step has notworked concretely until now. This way leads to one to keep nukes as much as nuclear states want, and at a result, it increases the danger of nuclear crisis worldwide. Please show your drastic measure to cast away this dangerous way for world peace.

In addition, Japan is the only country that has suffered from nuclear weapons in war in human history. We J⁄apanese, especially Hibakushas, know the horror of A- bombs most clearly in the world. So, that if Japan declares that nuclear weapons destroy humanity itself and that no one should absolutely keep them will bear great power to promote reduction and abolition of nukes from the world. Hibakushas and the world yearn for Japanʼs this decision. Please accept our voice to seek nukes-free world, and carry out what the world seeks for Japan.

3) About nuclear power generation, please immediately cancel to re-operate all suspended nuclear reactors and to operate all of present working ones and never operate all of them at all. Please do your best to let Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant settle safely. Fukushima disaster has not settled or finished yet. Please change Japanʼs energy policy from nuclear power generation supremacy to the focus on sustainable natural energy. And please consider very well for children, young mothers, elderly people in Fukushima, especially about their health and living situation. The number of Fukushima children who get thyroid cancer is increasing year by year. On the responsibility of a nation Japan, please give such children enough medical care and periodic health checks.

4) About Article 9, please maintain this national and world treasure as it is. Absolutely never let any members of Japanese Self Defense Forces use any arms or kill anyone in any foreign lands. Japan has not killed any foreign people in any battlefields on the name of Japan as a state for 72 years since the Asia-Pacific War ended. Please keep this amazing tradition as a peaceful country. That Japan takes arms means a big threat against world peace. Japan should take another way that keeps and creates peace without any arms.

Now, many young Japanese are studying and working here in San Francisco, and in other places in the USA, and in the world. They are creating strong ties named “friendship” with foreign people who they contact with through their daily life. I firmly believe that these ties are indeed stronger and more useful than any other arms or weapons to protect Japan. Because, no one want to attack oneʼs friends. Their ties and friendship will definitely be power in the civilian world as Japan tries to avoid conflicts and seeks a way to coexist with those who have different thoughts and cultures with respect. This is the way for Japan lives in the world.

Prime Minister, please prepare and arrange any political situation and environment in Japan so that such young Japanese can play an active part in each of their special field in the world. I request these that I wrote above from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for your reading. I thank you again for your sincere efforts for Japan, and hope you will take faithful actions to create more peaceful Japan and the world.

Sincerely yours,

Narumi Tomida



2 Responses to “Report from 9/11/17 NNA Monthly Rally・第62回月例9月11日SF抗議集会の事後報告”
  1. says:

    This letter by Narumi is splendid — I really enjoyed reading it.  So many important point raised by the letter.  I think this is an excellent example of the positions held by many people in Japan and around the world concerning Japan’s growing role in world operations.  China and Japan have tremendous roles if they can balance the mix of traditional ideas and discipline with Universal Law.  Narumi’s letter is an excellent example of how to regard the concerns of nuclear power and national aggressions.Jason

  2. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    Another great rally! Thank Heaven for the No Nukes Action Committee who shows up each month, right on schedule, to keep everybody informed about the problems at Fukushima. I really enjoyed the time I spent with these special activists, attending the rallies and other events. The numbers vary perhaps, but there’s a strong core within the NNA which I think will outlast those melted cores in the Daiichi plant.

    Once again, Chizu gave a superb recap on the circumstances there in Fukushima, focusing particularly on the ambitions of government and agencies to restart various nuclear reactors. I think we’re all agreed that it’s pure folly to work toward restarting nuclear reactors when even an effective cleanup hasn’t been done yet. Chizu makes an excellent point concerning the Japanese government’s desire to spend more money on Olympics and weapons than to care for those affected by the disaster, since they haven’t renewed funding yet. Chizu also referenced the fishermen’s concern regarding releasing water into Pacific Ocean. Nobody seems to know what to do with the contaminated water in tanks. Chizu is totally opposed to releasing water to the ocean, and feels, at least temporarily, the agencies involved just have to build more tanks.

    She also reminded us that, given the solid melted core and highly irradiated material, Japan has been unable to get into the reactors to make serious analysis. Then there are the evacuees.
    Nearly 50% are 65 or older, returning to Fukushima. Japan raised the safety bar for returnees more than 20 times. Chizu also mentioned the likelihood that Japan is using problems in North Korea as a pretext to increase militarism.

    Steve had an excellent spiel again, referencing, first, the hurricanes and flooding in Florida. Not too far away were two nuclear plants that could have been flooded or damaged in the storm, which could have had terrible results like that at Fukushima. Steve reminded us that Japan is an earthquake zone, part of the ring of fire. As he often does, Steve pointed out an inane decision or position concerning updates or fixes to the reactor problems. Was it Tepco that recently installed handle bars in the control room as a ″remedy,” for earthquake preparation? But, no true fix. Yet they want to restart the plants. Another excellent point: the government is saying they decontaminated the forest, the water — which is the impetus for requiring evacuees to move back. But, Steve asks a great question. If the government can contaminate those things, why not decontaminate the water in the tanks as well. After all, fishermen are protesting toxic water being released. Steve did a great job pointing those things out. Shut down the Nukes down now!

    There was a Moment of silence, for Dan’s passing away. He was the quintessential Bay Area activist — protesting for 30 years against nuclear arms.

    I was glad to see Yoko there again in the video. She did an excellent job reading Narumi Tomida′s letter. Not to mention, the letter had some very good points, all of them salient to the problems in Fukushima, and throughout Japan. Her English was pretty good, too!

    Best wishes to the NNA. I think of you often, I watch your video — graciously and professionally recorded by Genta San once again — and, like so many, appreciate the good work you do.


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