Report of NNA rally on 8/11/17・8月11日抗議集会の事後報告

During a significant month for the Atomic-bombs Hibakusha and anti-nukes activists, our 61st NNA rally was held on August 11th.

By the huge tension of USA/North Korea, several human rights, and anti-war activists joined.
The subjects of speak-out were of the danger of militarism, nuclear arms, and necessary of many people’s awareness.

About a dozen of people attended.

As for every month’s letter to PM Abe, Cecile Pineda wrote and read it loud at the rally.
Attached please read the letter.

No video of rally at this time.

See you at next rally on Monday, September 11th!







written by NNA member Chizu Hamada


− letter to Japanese P.M. Abe −

August 11, 2017
To: PM Shinzo Abe
c/o Japan Consulate of San Francisco
From: No Nukes Action Committee
San Francisco, California

Your Excellency:
This week marks the 72nd anniversary of the most heinous war crime ever perpetrated on one warring nation by another: the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

You sir, were not yet born. But by the time of your birth, thanks to the machinations of the U.S. government in collaboration with war criminal Matsutaro Shoriki, and despite the deep aversion of the Japanese people, the Japanese government had been sold on nuclear energy, and Japan’s period of nuclear research and plant construction by American companies began.

Your administration has inherited this dark legacy. But at the same time, it has inherited what could turn out to be two magnificent opportunities if your government is brave enough to pursue them:

•Your administration could countermand the order mandating that persons displaced by nuclear contamination return to their homes in Fukushima and to Namie, in particular, people who are being forced to re-populate an area even more contaminated than Chernobyl with its one thousand square mile exclusion zone.

Fukushima 311 Voices’ recent post at describes the work of the Fukuichi Area Environmental Radiation Monitoring Project team, a group of people over 60 years of age who have ventured into these heavily contaminated areas to obtain radiation readings at great risk to their own lives. Their post includes a 372 plot map of Namie. each plot measuring 375 meters X 250 meters in the Futaba District of Fukushima Prefecture showing 13 plots which register 2 million to 3 million Bequerels contamination by Cesium 137 and Cesium 134 per square meters; 76 plots registering between 1 and 2 million Bq/m3; an additional 111 plots registering between 400 thousand and 1 million Bq/m3; plus 160 plots showing contamination ranging from 40,000 Bq/m3 to 400, thousand. But 9 plots show contamination exceeding 3 million Bq/m3.

Namie-20170722 土壌汚染地図 ENG S

The average surface count per minute above ground for Namie is 1,199 counts per minute. At this average level of contamination, drinking, eating or staying overnight is prohibited; even adults, including nuclear workers, are not allowed to stay more than 10 hours—and your government is proposing that those people originally displaced must return there to live???

• Still another opportunity presents itself: Recently the Tokyo Electric Power Company announced plans to dump the 770,000 tons of tritium-contaminated water presently being stored in some 580 tanks at the Fukushima plant into the Pacific Ocean, based on the naïve theory that the ocean is so big it can absorb an insult of such magnitude. But the dumping cannot occur without the consent of your government. Your opportunity and the opportunity of your government is to recognize the irreparable harm such a measure would entail, and to prohibit TEPCO from realizing such an eco-cidal plan.

Besides repeated cover-ups, TEPCO’s criminal track record includes failing to meet the basic safety requirements which might have prevented the Fukushima-Daiichi emergency generators from failing. With 40% of marine species already unfit for human consumption, dumping hundreds of thousands of tons of tritium- contaminated water would further devastate sea life.

Will you meet these challenges? Will your government recognize that Japan is part of a larger planetary system which transcends national boundaries, and political maneuvering by prohibiting TEPCO from dumping its tritium-contaminated water into the Pacific whose waters are shared by 42 other countries and 12 colonial dependencies?

Will your government uphold the human right of the survivors of Fukushima’s nuclear catastrophe by countermanding your government’s order condemning them to face the risk of radiation disease and death by forcing them to return to an area more heavily contaminated than Chernobyl?
Will your government have the courage to seize these opportunities? Or will you surrender Japan’s independence by following in the dark footsteps of Japan’s American-imposed nuclear legacy?

Cecile Pineda
author of Devil’s Tango: How I Learned the Fukushima Step by Step
for the No Nukes Action Committee of San Francisco, California



2 Responses to “Report of NNA rally on 8/11/17・8月11日抗議集会の事後報告”
  1. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    I will comment on the rally shortly. But, momentarily, I take a moment to remember and honor Dan Marlin — part of the NNA Hardcore group. It’s with great sadness that all of us mark his passing. He left a tremendous impression on all of us. A gifted writer, speaker, and perennial activist concerning important causes, Dan was a great representative of Bay Area activism. He was exceptional in his knowledge and many of his ideas. May he have rest and peace in accordance with his soul.

  2. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    As the map above shows — concerning irradiated areas within the Fukushima area — the entire area still seems highly toxic and dangerous to human presence. And, given what we know about radiation in its conventional properties, that’s hardly a surprise. After a triple meltdown at Daiichi, the only surprise, really, is that the entire situation isn’t much, much worse. Truly, we must be getting some significant help from the skies above toward containment. And, still, the problem is very serious. I agree with the NNA that it is exceptionally arrogant and immoral to require people who have lost their homes and livelihoods, through no fault of their own, but rather, to the greed and wrongdoing of government and corporation alike, to have to move back into danger. Especially when basic safeguards put in place to protect clean up workers limit their time within the area on a daily basis. This is a point continuously made by the NNA at the monthly rallies — pointing out how hypocritical and ridiculous — not to mention callous — it is to have innocent people move back into danger when the danger created was caused by corporate greed and government sanction. Best wishes to those affected in Japan, including friends and family, and to the NNA as you bring light, once again, to the situation. Thanks so much for your efforts.

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