A Report of 7/11 NNA rally / 7・11抗議集会事後報告

A dozen of people gathered at front of SF Japanese Consulate.

It was the significant day that Anti-Conspiracy law took effect on the same day in Japan. And only a few days earlier, UN adopted treaty banning nuclear weapons.

Several people spoke out including Cecile Peneda, Tadashi Seto from Japan. And a couple of people were interviewed and expressed their concerns.

The letter to PM Abe was written by Dan Marlin and read by Sarasa Weinstein. Attached ( below) please read the letter.

Youtube video was taken by Genta Yoshikawa.

See you at Livermore protest on Aug.9,
and at 61st NNA Monthly protest on Aug.11!







reported by NNA member Chizu Hamada

− Letter to Japanese P.M. Abe −

Dear Mr. Abe, July 11, 2017

Almost every “leader” in the world promises to act in the best interest of their people. But if we examine our countries honestly, we find that it is usually only a handful of the powerful who direct policy while citizens are frequently exploited and neglected.

In the United States, the military industrial complex creates huge profits for a tiny number of corporations, but destabilizes international relations and does tremendous damage to the planet. Tax dollars are used to build and refine more nuclear weapons, while the needs of ordinary citizens, for health care, housing, education, environmental protection are short-changed. Despite the distortions and omissions of the media, people continue to resist and demand a more just society.

In Japan today a similar situation prevails. The Japanese people pay a mandatory tax to support the ongoing clean-up of the Fukushima disaster site, as well as to aid the former residents of Fukushima who have moved away from the contaminated zone. At the same time, nuclear reactors which were shut down after 2011 are being restarted, even though the majority in of citizens has made it clear that the risk of re- commissioning them is unacceptable.

The evacuated families have been informed that their stipends will be cut off because it is now safe to resettle their former communities. Since the Japanese government raised the acceptable background level of radiation from the international standard of 1 millisievert per year to 20 millisieverts, its insistence that life is returning to normal has less and less credibility. The families whose subsidies are cut off face an agonizing dilemma: parents who don’t want to expose their children to radioactive contamination must go back or face poverty and homelessness.

Meanwhile, the recently enacted Secrecy and Anti-Conspiracy laws, as well the harassment of grassroots opposition activists are clearly directed at suppressing the right to know and intimidating those who raise their voices to criticize government policies.

Our monthly protest here is to express solidarity with the people of Fukushima, Japan and with all humanity and life on this planet. Another nuclear catastrophe in Japan, or anywhere else might cause incalculable damage around the globe. Therefore, we repeat our demands: first of all that the evacuees continue to receive financial support for as long as they feel it is necessary, as well as full medical coverage for the rest of their lives. Close medical attention needs to be paid to workers engaged in hazardous nuclear clean- up. The clean-up workers at the destroyed facilities and surrounding areas must be monitored and supported medically for the rest of their lives. Those nuclear plants now operating should be shut down and all those which are now off line should be permanently decommissioned. The recent assaults on freedom of assembly and expression must be withdrawn. Japan can live up to the rich ideals of its constitution.

We are all connected not only by political and economic manipulation, but by mutual responsibility and sympathy. It is time to join this work of caring. It is the only future worth living for.

Sincerely yours,

For No Nukes Action Bay Area

Daniel Marlin,

1936 California St., Berkeley, CA94703


One Response to “A Report of 7/11 NNA rally / 7・11抗議集会事後報告”
  1. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    On July 11th, the No Nukes Action Committee marked its 60th consecutive month appearing before the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco to protest a range of conditions and situations related to the triple meltdown at the Daiichi plants in Fukushima. That′s an astounding and admirable streak – and a true testament to the dogged determination and strength of cause possessed by every member of this remarkable, variegated band of heroes! People who pass by the Consulate any given month might only note the presence of a group whose number swells and ebbs, a group of souls who seem like just another activist cause in a city full of activist causes. But, the NNA has a way of attracting intellectual or concerned souls. And, it may well be there is no cause of greater importance, nor a group which advises of more current, practical danger than the No Nukes Action Committee. Nuclear power, nuclear weaponry, and the ongoing toxic situation in Fukushima are of profound importance to anybody concerned about the related dangers. And, this group has been informing the Bay area, and the world, for years.

    It′s time to recognize some of the technical heroes behind the scenes who aren′t always able to attend the rallies, but who give of their time, their hearts, and their effort on par with the rest of the group. Kazumi Delaney has been a quiet, steady presence and the performer of various regulatory tasks related to the NNA WordPress website. As any visitor can see, the site is well organized, up-to-date, picturesque, and chock full of information. That takes time, dedication, and effort. Anybody who makes the connection to the monthly rally coming from the website owes a thanks to Ms. Delaney, Umi, and any others working on the site updates.

    Where would this group be without the professional talent of filmmaker Genta San? He has been quietly, steadily filming almost all the rallies for as long as I′ve known the group, and before that. Any visitor who clicks on the link to watch the monthly rally – a great instructional tool for anybody planning a protest, by the way – will have the chance to see some terrific camera work and perspective-managing by Genta San. I know that all of us are so appreciative. In fact, I don′t usually go to Youtube to watch videos these days – but I make an exception for the terrific film of each monthly rally. In my world, that makes Youtube the possession of the NNA and Genta San.

    Wearing her trademark sparkling gold scarf, Chizu led off the rally again with great spirit, the usual rousing chants, and a professional recapitulation of the problems around Daiichi. As she usually does as the NNA′s MC, she presented a thorough recap of the situation at Fukushima, along with her own perspective and opinions as a Japanese woman living naturalized in America. Her descriptions of some of the situations are chilling, sobering, upsetting. Her outlook, though hopeful, is a stern indictment of the governmental failures and bad decisions by Tepco and the Abe Administration. She mentioned the nuclear plants which went back online since 2011, despite the general will of the Japanese people. One can see by watching and listening to Chizu that she remains committed and hopeful – but, like so many, she seems at times worn down and frustrated with the wrong directions taken in Japan. She made a superb point in noting that Japan′s refusal to sign the July 7th treaty banning nuclear weapons (making them illegal) was about as nonsensical as possible. ″We are the people who know more than most [the dangers of nuclear weaponry].″ ″It took 72 years to create this treaty. Finally.″ ″200,000 people passed away when the atomic bomb dropped [on the Japanese cities].″ Chizu′s not going to give up, though. There′s not a soul in this group who′s going to give up.

    Steve Zeltzer represents one third of the hard core group, and is a natural born orator. I haven′t always agreed with his position on varied issues, but I certainly can′t deny his remarkable talent, his unique spark, and magnificent oratory. He has a way of, in the space of just a few moments, firing people up, hitting all the key notes concerning the Fukushima problems, and sizing up, a little humorously at times, the contradictions and folly of corporate and government policy. This month he took a jab at cesium-resistant rice, among other things. ″The restart of the plants is a threat to the entire world.″ ″At the same time, the Japanese government, the Abe government says they′ve decontaminated Fukushima. That′s a lie. You can′t decontaminate Fukushima.″ ″They′re telling the children and the families to go back to Fukushima despite the health dangers.″ (Concerning the so-called Conspiracy Law) ″If there′s a conspiracy, it′s the Abe government and the corrupt politicians . . . that′s a conspiracy that Abe should be prosecuted for.″

    Cecile Peneda is another of the group′s gifted speakers. And, she really is extraordinary. The NNA has been gifted with so many wonderful speakers, writers, activists, tech people – they have it all. I find myself often laughing aloud at one of Cecile′s turns of phrase, or a particularly poignant note. She′s written various books that showcase her writing and speaking style. And, once she gets going, she really gets going. It was great to hear her bring her talents to the NNA again as she pointed out:

    ″[the law passed by the Diet]. . . in agreement with Prime Minister Abe – who′s popularity has NEVER been lower . . . Mr. Abe has two political scandals he′s trying to sweep under the tatami map.″ ″Not only are their subsidies being removed, but what that means is, these people, if they don′t agree to go back to extremely contaminated territory, they have no subsidies to live on. They effectively will become homeless, pulverized, and dispossessed.″

    Mr. Seto′s comments, though a little difficult to understand at times, were welcome and well representative of some of the sentiments of the group. ″Workers United, will never be defeated.″

    Jessica and Carol were welcome newbies and well-spoken additions to the group during this rally, and who provided their personal views on the ongoing difficulties and problems at Fukushima – particularly concerning radiation spikes around the world, and those radiological dangers flowing from Daiichi and Fukushima.

    The talents and gifts flowing into the NNA include the writing skill and rhetoric of Dan Marlin, one third of the hard core group, who remained at home as he continued to recover from some health issues. His letter, one of many terrific pieces he has written over time, was another outstanding and haunting call for the Japanese government and ″leaders″ in Japan to do the right things related to the Fukushima disaster. Dan′s letter is certainly worth a read – not just as a great entreaty against restarting nuclear plants and against nuclear power and weaponry, but as a fantastic piece of writing and argument generally. Sarasa Weinstein read the letter for the group – and it will be mailed to Tokyo soon.

    Chizu and Steve finished the 60th monthly rally by reminding people about Laborfest – San Francisco′s general strike and labor related issues headed by Steve Zeltzer – as well as next month′s protest at the Livermore labs concerning the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs.


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