Would you please write very short letter to PM Abe for 3/11 6th Anniversary Fukushima Meltdown? 3.11抗議集会への皆様からの手紙募集と集会参加への誘い

No Nukes Action will have the 6th Anniversary Fukushima Meltdown/ 56th Monthly Rally on Saturday, 3/11.
I’m sorry to give you this short notice but I am collecting the many short letters ( 2-3 sentences to up to 10 sentences) to PM Abe for 3/11 rally.
Please write and email me : chizuhamada@gmail.com by March 8th. Please write your name and city where you live (and your group name).
And if you live in SF/Bay Area, please join our Monthly Rally on Saturday 3/11 !
6th anniversary Fukushima Meltdown and 56th NNA Monthly Rally
Date and Time : Saturday, March 11  at 3:00 pm
                                 We will start to march to Justin Harmen Plaza( 4 blocks away) at 3:30 pm
 P l a c e               : at the front of Japanese consulate: 275 Battery Street, SF
                                (4-5 blocks from Embarcadero BART station)
                                 at the Plaza we will speak out and read some letters 
                                  *   *   *

ほぼ2週間半まえに、皆様からの安倍首相への短い(2−3行から5−6行、何語でもいい)嘆願文、怒りの声、心底からの声を書いて送って欲しいと頼んだのですが、わたしが怠慢なのかまだ一通も送られて来ていません。それは、福島が忘れられつつあるからでしょうか、、? あるいは何をしても無駄だと諦められしまったのでしょうか、、? そんなことはないですよね。やはり抗議はわたし達に与えられている権利です。声と態度に現し、抗議しようではありませんか? 3・11の抗議集会はそれができるチャンスです。領事は「手紙は東京に送っている」と言っております。集会に来れなくても、あなたの抗議文で遠くからの参加が可能です。お名前と市を書いて8日までに送って下さい。集会でいくつか読まさせて頂きます。送り先は:chizuhamada@gmail.com





日時 :3月11日,土曜日 午後3時から  安倍首相への手紙読み上げとスピークアウト

3時半ごろ4ブロック先のJustin Harman Plaza へ行進開始。4時過ぎに解散。

場所 :サンフランシスコ日本領事館前、275 Battery Street、SF

(BART. Embarcadero駅より3−4ブロック)

主催 :No Nukes Action   www.nonukesaction.wordpress.com




written by NNA member Chizu Hamada


One Response to “Would you please write very short letter to PM Abe for 3/11 6th Anniversary Fukushima Meltdown? 3.11抗議集会への皆様からの手紙募集と集会参加への誘い”
  1. jayrocket4peace@tutanota.com says:

    Hi, NNA!I just wanted to convey my best wishes and intentions to you all as you gather tomorrow at the Japanese Consulate on the 6th Anniversary of the Fukushima disaster to express your anger at the Japanese administration, and to stand with the victims of Fukushima.  You are a shining example of true Japanese patriots, committed to peace, to clean energy systems, to the shutting down of all nuclear plants and weapons, and to caring for those who’ve been harmed in the Daiichi triple meltdown.  I would like to be there with you.  Circumstances won’t allow that presently, but I’ll certainly be with you in spirit and intention.  Thank you so much for your excellent efforts and care for people and planet, especially to the hard core NNA.My affection and best wishes,JasonOhio

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