The report of 2/11 NNA Rally and letters for 3/11 rally・2.11集会事後報告と3.11首相への手紙多数募集

The 2/11 rally went short.

But we all know that it has been still crisis in the Fukushima plant. TEPCO had just announced that they measured the highest radiation level, 650 Sv/h,  inside the reactor.

And still they do not know the exact location and condition of the melted fuel, so that they do not know how to reach and retrieve them. Can they do it after all?

Helen Coldicott explains what are the problems.

HELEN CALDICOTT: The Fukushima nuclear meltdown continues unabated

 Helen Caldicott 13 February 2017, 6:30am

Genta Yoshikawa has been filming our NNA rally by IWJ(Independent Web Journal) SF channel,

but from this rally he became independent and put it on Youtube.

Steve Zeltzer wrote Letter to Japanese PM Abe. See attached below.

For the 3/11 rally (6th anniversary), we’d like to get many letters to PM Abe from you and your friends. I’d like to get the very short letters up to about 10 sentences. Please write what you really want to tell him, including your name and your city, and please send it to me : by March 7. We will read some of your letters on 3/11 rally.

Hope see you at the front of SF Japanese Consulate on 3/11 at 3:00 pm!

*  *  *

ほぼ6年前の福島第一メルトダウンは収束しつつあるのでしょうか? 安倍首相が言うように本当にアンダーコントロールであるのでしょうか?




Helen Caldicottもその危機を詳しく書いています。

HELEN CALDICOTT: The Fukushima nuclear meltdown continues unabated

 Helen Caldicott 13 February 2017, 6:30am

さて、毎回IWJ(Independent Web Journal)SFチャンネルのGenta YoshikawaさんがNo Nukes Actionの集会をインターネットで中継し続けてくれていましたが、今回からは独立し独自のチャンネルで、ユーチューブに載せてくれました。


なお、3.11集会は核災害6周年にあたり皆様より、たくさん、首相への短い手紙を募集したいと思います。今年は日本語でも英語でもあるいは両国語でも構いません。10行(あるいは10センテンス)ぐらいの短いのはどうでしょうか? 安倍首相にこれは言っておきたいと言うのを書いてください。アメリカ居住の皆様はもちろん、日本居住の皆様からも多数お寄せください。締め切りは3月7日です。名前と市を必ず書いて送ってくだ下さい。集会でいくつか読まさせて頂きます。



written by NNA member Chizu Hamada

− Letter to PM Abe −

Dear Prime Minister Abe,

Today, as we meet at the San Francisco Japanese Consulate one month before the 6th anniversary of the Fukushima melt downs, the Japanese Prime Minister Abe is meeting with President Trump. What they are both doing is to   further push nuclear power and militarization in Asia. The Trump administration is pushing for trade war and militarization of Asia by attacking China and even Australia. These attacks by Trump are inflaming racism, xenophobia and nationalism. In fact, Trump and his racist attacks have led to Japanese, Japanese Americans and Asians on the West Coast and throughout the country being attacked for their national heritage. This racist and nationalist attack is not unique of course since the Abe government defends the record of the Japanese Imperial Army during the 2nd WW when they enslaved nearly 200,000 women as sexual slaves. The denialists of the record of war and war crimes continues today as the Abe government denies that Fukushima has been resolved and there is nothing to worry about for the people of Fukushima, Japan and the world.

Despite the statements of the Abe administration that the meltdowns at the plants have been “decontaminated”, the plants continue to leak radioactive material and water into Japan and the Pacific Ocean. The Abe government announced last week that it continues to want to restart additional nuclear plants.

TEPCO has now discovered a hole in the No. 2 reactor with a level of 530 sieverts or more an hour being released.  This would lead to immediate death and even the robots have been incapacitated because of the high level of radiation. Although this is 1/10th of what is produced during fusion, it is still extremely dangerous and out of control.

There is also a growing epidemic of thyroid cancer among children and families, and the Abe government is demanding that families move back into the Fukushima area with the argument that they have decontaminated the area. Mothers are now organizing an international petition to protest the Abe government’s demands that they return to Fukushima with their children. This act of terror against the mothers and their children by the Abe government is further harming and destroying the lives of the mothers and their children who want to live safely and without fear of being further contaminated. The government is using public funds to favor those who move back to the contaminated area in a blatant effort to bribe the people of Fukushima and ignore their real health and safety concerns. What kind of government would terrorize and punish the mothers and children of Fukushima, and financially reward those families that are really being bribed to go back into a dangerous area?

The cries of the mothers and their children for justice and peace are being heard in the United States. We demand that the government immediately halt the orders to return to Fukushima of the families and stop using state funds to bribe people to return with their families. We also demand that the government end the contracting out of the clean up workers at Fukushima. These workers have not been properly trained in health and safety and they should be public workers who are entitled to healthcare benefits when many of them will get cancer and other diseases as a result of their work. The policy of outsourcing of labor by the government owned TEPCO and even using Yakuza to recruit labor is contemptible. These workers are being treated not as human beings but as disposable workers. This inhuman treatment shows the real character of the Abe government and continues their blatant disregard of human and labor rights.

The disaster of nuclear power is also now reflected in the financial crisis of Toshiba, which took over the Westinghouse nuclear business. Using the ideology of the Abe government, these capitalists invested in nuclear power and now are in a deep financial crisis. It has been forced into major downsizes as it takes billions of dollars in losses. The government also passed a “secrecy law” that is being used to silence journalists and investigators about what is happening at Fukushima and also they are working to pass a “conspiracy law” to jail political opponents.

The drive to militarization is also leading to more new military bases with nuclear weapons in Okinawa. The militarization of Japan and Asia will only hurt the people of Fukushima, Japan and the world. The Abe government despite the growing repression and propaganda that everything is OK will not silence our voices and we let the people of Japan know that they are not alone.

Next month will be the 6th anniversary of this catastrophe, which is still haunting Japan and the world. Despite the Japanese Abe government spending billions of dollars to cover-up this disaster, it will not work and only the action of the people and labor can halt this madness. Join with us to let our voices be heard to defend the children and families of Fukushima and the people of Japan from nuclear contamination and destruction.

Steve Zeltzer



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