A report of 12/11/16 NNA Rally/12・11反原発・反核抗議集会事後報告

We had the last NNA rally in 2016 on December 11.
Three people from LA came to attend the rally and left to LA soon after.
The letter to PM Abe was written and read out by Atuko Uchida who lives in LA. Attached please read her letter.
SF office of IWJ(Independent Web Journal) took the internet video of our rally.
Thank you for your strong support to our NNA rally in 2016!
Please continue to support our rally in 2017, too.
Let’s make the condition of  Japan, USA and all world better and peaceful!


詳細はIWJ (Independent Web Journal)  のSF支局さんが撮ってくださったインターネット録画をご覧ください。http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/93141849
今年もノー・ニュークス・アクションへの支援、本当にありがとうございました。53回の抗議集会を続けてこられたのは皆さんの強い意志と暖かい支援があったからでした。 日本の、アメリカのそして世界の状況を少しでも良い方向へ向けていくよう、どうぞ来年も諦めず、ともに抗議を続けていきましょう!
reported by NNA member Chizu Hamada
− Letter to Japanese PM Abe −

To Prime Minister of Japan; Shinzo Abe

As the leader of Country of Japan, one of your jobs is to protect Japanese citizens. But you are doing everything opposite.

We gather here in front of Japanese Consulate in San Francisco every 11th each month calling for no nuke actions. I protest against your unforgiven policies. I am here because I care about so many good things in Japan and in the world, and I cannot be in silence.

Why do I care? Because you’re forcing the evacuees return to dangerous Fukushima and cut out their financial benefits. Why are you abandoning your citizens? They’re tax payers as same as other citizens all over Japan, and they must have the same rights to live a safe life. Are you doing that because if you compensate all evacuees for such a long time, the country might go bankrupt? We’re supposed to help people in need, but what you’re doing is mercilessly abandoning the victims of country’s policy to promote nuclear energy. It appears you have no empathy, so I suggest you live in Fukushima together with them so you can experience and learn how it is to risk your health or your life as same as them.

Why do I care? Because you’re not containing danger but instead spreading contamination all over Japan AND to the world. You’re spreading surface soil removed and stored as “decontamination” by using it to build roads all over Japan. And also letting highly contaminated waste burn at regular incinerators and spread radioactive fumes. Japan will be highly contaminated everywhere, and there will be no safer places left. I don’t eat fish anymore because the ocean is contaminated with radioactive waste water from Fukushima Daiichi which is continuously dumped into the ocean for five years now. I don’t eat food imported from Japan because I don’t want to risk my health. But my family in Japan doesn’t have the choices like me, and they have to eat food made in Japan. Their health is jeopardized more and more by people like you.

Why do I care? Because I don’t want Japan to be destroyed by another nuclear disaster. As we all know, Japan is not adequate for nuclear power plants because of many earthquakes. Besides, human race does not have technology to safely control radiation from nuclear activities. We cannot let you destroy our precious culture and development that our ancestors built over thousands of years. All nuclear power plants need to be shut down immediately and decommissioned regardless of how much it costs and how long it takes. It’s our responsibility because we started.

Why do I care? Because you’re trying to export nuclear power plant technology to other countries. Japan suffered atomic bombs and nuclear power plant accident, so we should be the expert of danger to health by radiation and should be the advocate of ending nuclear technology. It is shameful for Japan to export nuclear power plant technology and spread more danger to the world. Shame on you!!!

Why do I care? Because you’re trying to change the course of Japan after 70 years of peace. You’re enabling Japan to go to war. I’ve never dreamed that Japan would face a danger of going into war. You might think we never experienced war and we are indifferent, but you’re wrong! We must keep Japan out of war no matter what, especially because of the terrible past of invading many Asian counties. We must learn from our mistakes in the past. If you really want to start a war and make a lot of money badly, please have your children fight at front line first.

You will be remembered as part of history as the liar who officially told the world that Fukushima disaster is under control.

You might be remembered as the evil person who made Japanese people go to war after 70 years of peace.

You might be remembered as same as Hitler because you make your citizens die.

Future Japanese generations will have to bear scars you’ve made on Japanese soil, peoples’ heart and who knows if you will be cursed by corpses you’d create.

It’s not too late. You can still correct your course. I sincerely hope you come out of your bad dreams and be a good leader of Japan.

Atsuko Uchida

Japanese citizen, resident in California

December 11, 2016

2 Responses to “A report of 12/11/16 NNA Rally/12・11反原発・反核抗議集会事後報告”
  1. jayrocket4peace@tutanota.com says:

    Hi, Chizu and the NNA -Congratulations on another great rally!  It was good to see.  The letter was really well-written, and touched on so many important points.  I’ll say more later, but for now, thanks for your efforts and best wishes.JasonOhio

  2. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    Another fantastic protest and rally – this time quite a bit in Japanese – in front of the Japanese Consulate. What started out without the presence of English-speakers and featured mostly Japanese dialogue was ever as lively and informative as Sam called the chilling chants to commence the rally, and Chizu gave the latest recap.

    “Abe clearly lied that the [Fukushima] crisis has been contained – but it is not!”

    “It is amazing that so much money is needed to contain this crisis.”

    Chizu recapped the astronomical costs related to cleanup and decontamination of the Fukushima meltdowns. Then, the whammy: guess who gets to pay for it? The Japanese public and utility users via a special tax. That’s crazy. That’s quite a bailout. It’s like passing the buck for one of the worst nuclear disasters in history to innocent people.

    “But, then, why is government really pushing ahead with [their] nuclear policy . . . and even exporting [it] to the outside, spreading their poison . . .?”

    Chizu stressed that the majority of Japanese does NOT want nuclear power plants and the inherent dangers of those. Chizu did another tremendous job highlighting the various facets to the Fukushima problem in her usual, straightforward, unflinching way. It was good to see Bob there presenting his usual quiet, strong presence, holding banners, and adding to the demonstration’s energy. Jon was also nearby, offering supportive commentary and his own contribution to the group.

    Yoko came despite the cold in the City, as well as some visitors from Los Angeles, including Sam. That these would come up just for the rally, then return is a contribution of amazing dedication to the Japanese people. There are no better supporters for the Japanese people than these that gather each month. Sam shared some rather startling photos of nuclear tubes scattered all over the place in or among the debris waiting cleanup. Sam Kanno also stressed the high costs of cleanup and the lack of any tangible plan. His interpreter, Atsuko, did an excellent job relaying Sam’s thoughts and ideas.

    “He believes the Japanese government is trying to divert attention from Fukushima to [the Korean] conflict.”

    Chizu made a correction on the number of children affected by radiation ailments – from Chernobyl, implicating the potential problems at Fukushima – at nearly double the original announced estimate. She also made another important point that is easy to forget, which is: not only is the NNA doing a protest each month, but we are also performing a vigil of sorts for the victims claimed by the triple meltdown, and also to bear the hope that the suffering is lessened by those affected both in Japan and abroad. That’s a very important point. Then Chizu observed a moment of silence where everybody thought of the victims of Fukushima and held the intention of reduced suffering for them.

    Atsuko’s letter speaks for itself. It’s strong. It reminds Mr. Abe of his obligations. It lets him, and the whole world, know why Atsuko cares so much about it – mainly because of her care of the people in Japan, the Japanese public affected by the disaster. It was a very pointed letter, and well worth a read up above these comments. It reminded me a little of Sarasa’s letter last month.

    “We’re supposed to help people in need . . . It appears you have no empathy. So, I suggest you live in Fukushima together with them so you can experience and learn how it is to risk you health or your life, same as them.”

    Chizu concluded the rally by reminding us all we can never give up concerning the issues we face. Neither America or Japan should be pushing for war. Nuclear plants across the world should be shut down. People should be striving for cleaner energy.

    Sam finished out the rally with his usual chant which sounded like the warning of death.

    “Disarm now. Don’t restart nuke plants.”

    It was another great rally for the group which looks forward to more demonstrations and protests in front of the Consulate next year. Happy New Year to the NNA! Thanks so much for all involved!

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