A report from 11/11 Rally

11-11a 11-11b

Many of us may be not able to get over from the shock of the election.

But no more than ever we have to do the small things to make change.
We had a very good rally. Four people spoke out. Most expressed their concerns about
the future of US, Japan and the world.
The high light was Sarasa Weinstein’s letter to PM Abe, attached at the bottom.
SF branch of IWJ (Independent Web Journal) recorded our rally.  Here is the link of 11/11 Rally Video. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/92726479
And please do not forget to attend on Sunday November 20 at 2:30 at the Berkeley Central Library for the film viewing ” Fukushima Living With Disaster”. Attached poster please see.
Thank you for standing together to make the better world!



TRUMP ERA: Japan jittery over U.S. base issue with new leader at helm


毎回のIWJ(Independent Web Journal) SF支局さんは、今回は同時中継でなく、録画となりましたが以下が抗議集会のヴィデオのリンクです。是非ご覧ください。


written by NNA member Chizu Hamada

– Letter to P.M. Abe –

To Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe

I wish you would resigned. Frankly, I think you suck as leader of Japan. I usually do not say such word “suck” to others. My parent raised me be nice to others and watch my mouth, especially with those who are high in the hierarchy. However, in your case, my mom agrees with me and she won’t correct me saying such.

Mr. Abe, my mom is a healthy 80 years old, living by herself without any assistance. She is patriotic, law abiding, team player, courteous, agreeable, generous, thrifty, diligent, loyal and faithful to promises. Her childhood was sacrificed to the government during the war but she has never complained. She is the best citizen you could ever dream of as a politician. She thinks she has lived well and she can die without regret anytime soon, But you upset her. She is very unhappy with you and your government. She told me she can’t die in peace, knowing you have restarted a nuclear power plant, that one of the most evil creation by humans and danger to the future of generations to come.

What kind of fool would play with Devil’s toy? You are a lair saying that the Fukushima accident is contained and safe. You must be crazy, you have lost your mind most likely that our regular conversation between mom and I.

We are in unison in this matter, we are bonding strongly because of you and your brainless government. Thanks for that but no thank you.

Mr. Abe, You still have chance to change course from catastrophe. Otherwise, you will be remembered as a fool who destroyed the Earth, if anybody left.

On behalf of my mother Kyo Ichisawa

Sarasa Weinstein


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