The report from 10/11/16 Rally

We have recorded the least attendance, total of 8 people in the history of the every 11th of Monthly Rally. But one of attendants, Paul Kangas said “8 people are better than nobody”.

 Four people spoke out: Paul Kangas made clear how much benefit for the world  to switch to the Solar energy, we should learn from Germany much more. Maureen Hartman read her poem. Junko Sasaki pointed out the recent huge eruption of Aso volcanic mountain in Kyushu, Japan. And told how Japan is crazy to go ahead to restart many power plants. Chizu dug out so many problems which Japanese government and TEPCO don’t know what to do. And they are not sincere to the victims and Japanese people, and are  still hiding their mishandling and truths.
The demanding letter to PM Abe was written by Steve Zeltzer for this rally (see below), but he and Kazumi Torii, both hardcore people of NNA, were having the program in KPFA at the same time, so they could not attend and read his letter. Instead Dan Marlin read the letter out.
The SF branch of IWJ (Internet Web Journal) could not make the internet live broadcasting at this time.
We will gather with our strong protest at next NNA Rally on November 11th! Please join us!
reported by NNA member Chizu Hamada

– letter to Japanese Prime Minister Abe-

To Japanese Government and Prime Minister Abe


Today, we are gathered at the Japanese consulate in San Francisco on October 11, 2016 to call for the immediate closure of all nuclear plants in Japan, and the evacuation of the children and families. It is no accident that former Prime ministers Kan and Koizumi have joined the campaign against nuclear power. They, like millions of others, realize that another nuclear meltdown could destroy the country of Japan and contaminate the world. Prime Minister Abe has told the Olympic Committee that the problem at Fukushima has been solved. This, you know, is not to be true as the plant continues to leak radioactive material and also the melted cores have still not been evacuated. Robots that have gone near it have been incapacitated by the intense radiation, as you know.

The Japanese government with the support of the US government has put out statements that you can “decontaminate” the Fukushima area. As we all know the cesium and other radioactive material is in the mountains surrounding Fukushima. Cleaning off the roofs of home near Fukushima and removing the topsoil near the site does not “decontaminate” Fukushima despite the government’s propaganda. At the same time, the billions of dollars used by contractors and subcontractors to “decontaminate” the plant while leaving the clean up workers mostly untrained and unprotected. We call for an end to the use of subcontractors. These workers should be public workers, and their health should be monitored and protected by the government, since the government has taken control of TEPCO.

Your government ordered those evacuated families and children to either come back to Fukushima or lose their benefits. This blackmail attack on the evacuees is being used to intimidate and force families back despite the dangers. There is a growing epidemic of thyroid cancers in not only Fukushima but also in Sendai and many other parts of Japan. By using the “secrecy laws”, your government is preventing the full disclosure of the growing spike in these cancers and where they are occurring.

We also oppose your proposal to eliminate or reinterpret the Article 9 of the constitution which limiting war, and instead, to make Japan another military power including with nuclear weapons.

This is also connected to the government efforts to propagandize in the schools for nuclear power with the use of TEPCO, KEPCO and other utilities. We oppose the militarization of the schools including the draft, and punishing teachers who refuse to sing the Kimigayo, the national anthem, because of the history in which Kimigayo was used to whip-up nationalism during the war. In the US today, African Americans and other people are protesting against the US national anthem because of the reality of police and racial murders, which have a long history in the United States. This revival of nationalism and militarization will again lead to another war that will not only destroy Japan, but also the rest of Asia and possibly the entire world.

In California, these same companies like General Electric tried to build 30 to 40 nuclear plants along the coast, but were stopped by a mass people’s protest and that is why there is only one plant left Diablo Canyon which should be closed down immediately to protect the workers an the community. The people of California, like the people of Japan, are in the ring of fire and face large and violent earthquakes. We cannot afford another Fukushima either in Japan or the US.

We will not go away and our efforts will continue until all nuclear plants are permanently closed in Japan, in the US and around the world. We will continue to speak out.

Steve Zeltzer

No Nukes Action Committee


One Response to “The report from 10/11/16 Rally”
  1. Jason says:

    I think Steve’s letter is well-written, as usual.  Although, I certainly disagree with some of the points about our police officers who, overwhelmingly, do a great job, transaction by transaction, in the face of a seriously criminal and hostile element and culture.  I’ll expound on this more at various opportunities.  But, I think it’s wrong to malign the people who, every single day, have put their lives on the line and have dealt with the worst elements and culture of our society.  I don’t see anybody refusing their help when they need it. If Black lives REALLY mattered to those making a loud claim of such, then they might direct their focus to the THOUSANDS of violent crimes and homicides rife within the Black community — committed by Black people against Black people.  And, it doesn’t stop there.  A black person, concerning some crimes, I’ve read are up to 40 times more likely to victimize a White person thaN vice versa.  The single most accurate predictor of crime is where Black people LIVE.  That’s a tragic fact.  Time to own it and report it.  A fine perusal of FBI crime statistics and Uniform Crime Reports, taken with plenty of crime models which assess real numbers — if you believe in the integrity of such data — should quickly inform just how bad, how pervasive, and how deadly Black crime has been for generations.  Why isn’t that truthful assessment more important than the odd-numbered, occasional — and very disputable — officer-involved shooting of a Black person?  We need to start making sense here, and dumping the people who aren’t. Nevertheless, best wishes to the NNA Group and especially the Hardcore Group. Jason 

    From: No Nukes Action Committee To: Sent: Friday, October 14, 2016 5:36 PM Subject: [New post] The report from 10/11/16 Rally #yiv6117790244 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv6117790244 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv6117790244 a.yiv6117790244primaryactionlink:link, #yiv6117790244 a.yiv6117790244primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv6117790244 a.yiv6117790244primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv6117790244 a.yiv6117790244primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv6117790244 | k.delaney posted: “We have recorded the least attendance, total of 8 people in the history of the every 11th of Monthly Rally. But one of attendants, Paul Kangas said “8 people are better than nobody”. Four people spoke out: Paul Kangas made clear how much benefit for t” | |

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