A report of 9/11 NNA monthly action ・ 9/11 月例集会事後報告

About 17 people attended. A few people from the anti nukes groups joined us first time.
Nice to have the fresh faces and voices. And again, IWJ( Independent Web Journal),SF office, broadcasted the rally live on internet. This is the archive link. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/91310100
Don Marlin wrote the letter to PM Abe, and Yoko Clark read it out. Please see the attached letter at the end.
See you again at the 10/11 rally!


LAからとんぼ返りで参加した二人のうちのひとり、サムさんのシュプレヒコールがSFの街に響きました。今回もIWJ (Independent Web Journal) のSF支局さんがインターネット中継をしてくださいました。下がそのアーカイブリンクです。
written by NNA member Chizu Hamad
Letter to Japanese PM Abe
September 11, 2016
Dear Mr. Abe,
In 2008 the people of Ecuador ratified a new constitution which for the first time enshrined the inalienable right of Mother Earth, known as Pachamama, to exist and to flourish for its own sake. It also empowered citizens to advocate on behalf of Nature within the legal system, and gave the State a proactive role in monitoring and intervening to protect ecosystems from damaging human activity. These provisions, which were ratified by a majority of Ecuadorean voters, represent a breakthrough in their challenge to the modern doctrine of corporate supremacy over the earth’s resources . They also reflect reverence for the living land found in ancient Native American, Japanese and other traditions around the globe. They are relevant today when Japan, like the United States has gradually abandoned respectful interaction with the ecosystems that sustain us by prioritizing short-term profit and technologies whose risks are unacceptable. Nuclear power, for instance, promises carbon-free efficiency, but is vulnerable to the catastrophic implosion which occurred at Fukushima. Nuclear weapons, which are supposed to provide stability and security, contain the real potential to extinguish human civilization and life on this planet.Human domination of the earth is reflected in the ways we treat each other. While we pride ourselves on the technical wizardry of our gadget consumer/military economy, we allow the infrastructure of human care to wither and our communal aid networks to be replaced by economic competition, social climbing, and wealth accumulation that leaves more and more people without the basics of enough food, housing, physical security and civic dignity.

At the same time, people around the world are actively working to establish another value system that honors and protects all life. Although both the US and Japan bear many scars of industrial pollution, the poisoning of land, air and sea, the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima is a unique warning we must take seriously. Yet despite the continuing radiation contamination the inability to stabilize the site, your government, like TEPCO continue to deny the full reality of the danger.

With concerned citizens of many countries we gather here at the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco to demand that you abandon the reckless plan to restart now off-line nuclear power plants across Japan, each of which is a potential Fukushima. We further insist that you decommission the reactors that have been restarted in the last two years. You must withdraw any threat to stop the subsidies for nuclear refugees who had to evacuate Fukushima and are living elsewhere in Japan. It is also essential to make accessible and public all medical statistics concerning thyroid cancer, especially in children in the aftermath of the nuclear tragedy in Fukushima.

The vague and anti-democratic secrecy law makes it more difficult for citizens to obtain the information they need to protect their health and families and needs to be reversed. All the clean-up workers at Fukushima need full labor and health protection for the rest of their lives. We know the long-term and devastating effects of radiation exposure in the workers employed to clean up the site of the Chernobyl.

We urge you to rethink your policies based on the flawed thinking which has brought us to this most dangerous moment. Instead, join those of us who are committed to a society based on respect and care for each other and for the earth.

Sincerely yours,

Daniel Marlin for Bay Area No Nukes Action
1936 California St., Berkeley, CA94703

2 Responses to “A report of 9/11 NNA monthly action ・ 9/11 月例集会事後報告”
  1. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    It was really great seeing the NNA gathered again for our monthly rally in front of the Japanese Consulate. Rain, shine, flooding streets, weekday, weekend, holiday it hasn’t mattered. The NNA continues to gather and persistently inform the public about the ongoing harms of Fukushima, of nuclear energy generally, and the perils of militarism linking those concerns.

    Normally, through the megaphone and p.a. system, Sam’s invocation and chanting sounds like the call of the Grim Reaper. It is a warning that echoes from another realm, a lost place, a possible future, perhaps, where people failed to treat the harms of Fukushima or subscribe to the warnings of nuclear energy and weaponry. It is the call from a place that let the allure of nuclear energy outweigh its harm. A place where many bones lie bleached by the moonlight. That’s what’s in Sam’s voice. Anybody in the Consulate, EVERYBODY in the Consulate, and those guilty souls in Japan can hear that voice, and dread it, can see such a nightmarish future, can feel their own blame at the loss of humanity by perpetuating an insane course. The dreadful voice of the Grim Reaper whose energies are a warning . . . and a punishment. This time, Sam’s chant was fun and jovial. It was good to seem him smile and enjoy.

    Chizu, the Master of Ceremonies, so to speak, within this excellent cause and monthly gathering was right on cue with another informative update, sharing her unique perspective and opinion, offering insight, providing a sense of the Japanese people concerning this tragedy. She has been fantastic. Freshly back from Japan, Chizu gave the latest recap of the usual concerns, of the feeling within Japan, and within the people about what’s happening there.

    “The government is crashing their voices,” she has said, referencing Abe’s administration.

    “Most of the people are afraid to go back [to Fukushima].”

    “We don’t need nuclear weapons. We don’t need nuclear contracts.”

    It’s difficult enough to get Japanese people to speak out against such a thing. Those who have are, in a very real sense, climate heroes and enviable activists. Chizu has reminded us to never lose hope, to never quit fighting against the tyranny of deceit and oppression related to what happened in Fukushima and that which attends to nuclear power and militarism. In her own unique way, she has been elegant, poignant, factual and thoughtful of many considerations, methodically arranging speakers and ticking through checkpoints for discussion.

    What can you say about Steve? He spoke out again with the usual flair and fine articulation of all the major issues in one of his better speeches. And, that’s saying a lot. See how easily, how naturally, the perspective flows through Steve? See how fluidly it come to him, and through him, to point out all the nonsensical things governments say in the justification of the wrongs related to Fukushima, nuclear energy, and weaponry? That’s where truth meets talent. And, Steve has both.

    Concerning the situation of 9-11 (since this is the anniversary of that tragedy) Steve says:

    “We think they have to open up all the investigations . . . why won’t they let people know what’s going on so many years after 9-11? . . . ”

    And, Fukushima:

    “What happened in Japan was preventable. The meltdown was a man-made disaster. It was a dirty bomb made by the electric companies, made by GE, made by companies that profit off of nuclear power.”

    Steve points out how unusual it is for former prime ministers in Japan to criticize their current ministers.

    “He is, indeed, a liar.” Referencing the claim former Prime Minister Koizumi made of Mr. Abe, related to the claim that Fukushima has been decontaminated and that the problem has been contained.

    “We don’t need more nuclear bombs. Aren’t there enough nuclear bombs in the world today?”

    Steve really gets to the heart of the matter in convincing rhetoric.

    Mehmet’s description of Turkey’s government and its drive toward nuclear power was sobering. He made an impassioned description of what’s happening there, the government’s forceful drive toward nuclear power against the will of the people. The lack of regulations there.

    Concerning nuclear power initiatives in Turkey, Mehmet claims:

    “Profits, profits, profts. Nothing else counts.” Sad to hear that.

    Dan’s letter was another piece of superb writing. It was great to hear, particularly, that Ecuador adopted a provision in its Constitution recognizing the importance of Mother Earth and caring for her. Dan has a pretty keen perspective on these things, he always has — and he hits all the right notes as he points out the inanity in government policy and the failures of these to implement a cooperative existence with Mother Nature. He’s right in pointing out that among all the scars of industrial pollution and toxicity, the warnings of Fukushima are unique. Also, best wishes for the speedy and full recover for Dan. He’s been an excellent contributor to the NNA Group, and part of the hard core.

    Good to hear Carol’s perspective and thoughts on war and terrorism. She’s right in her assertion of the massive cover-up of the 9-11 disaster. Increasingly, people are awakening to that reality and to the mass of facts left out or distorted by supposed official reports. Good to see fellow peacemakers and truthseekers speaking out for the truth.

    I enjoyed seeing Kazumi holding the line and flagging cars, and hearing Yoko read Dan’s letter. Yoko’s been great. When she bangs her pan along our marches, buildings crack and streets crumble in the landscape. The nerves of the wicked are jangled. These also have been fixtures to the group for a long, long time. And there were others who, I’m very embarrassed to admit, I forgot their names. I’m so sorry. But, these Japanese ladies have also been constant supporters and are worthy of attention and recognition.

    Anyway, congratulations to the entire group, especially the hardcore group. I miss you all and wish you the best.


  2. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    Thanks, again, to Genta-San who did another superb job filming this rally. His camera work is professional grade quality.

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