A report : 49th 8/11 Monthly NNA Rally

To people who attended yesterday’s rally, thank you so much. Your presence made the difference.

To people who couldn’t attend the rally, but sending your support and nice spirits, thank you, too.
This is the month 71years ago, 2 Atomic bombs were dropped in Japan. I feel August is very important month and the month which should not be forgotten.
About 15 people attended. Also a journalist of newspaper “Akahata”, Japanese left wing political party’s paper, came also. Speak out was held by only a few people, but the subjects are very serious.
This is the archive link of Internet Live by the SF office of IWJ( Independent Web Journal). Thank you Genta Yoshikawa for your work!
The demand letter to PM Abe was written by Machiko Conway, president of IAM-CED.org.
Attached below is her letter.
 3.11 16
And please do not forget of the event with Dr.Helen Caldicott on Saturday August 13.
See you at next NNA monthly rally on Sunday September 11 at 3 pm, at the front of SF Japanese consulate!


Letter to Japanese P.M. Abe (written by Machiko Tokuyama Conway) 

August 6, 2016


Mr Abe Prime Minister of Japan

& Japanese parliament members

I am the citizen of Japan who reside in San Francisco, California


I am writing this letter to you all for the behalf of my friends in

Fukushima and the people of neighboring prefectures

I am a survivor of Atom Bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6 th

1945. Fortunately on that day, my family was out of Hiroshima

city for visiting the relatives but coming back to catch a train at

7:30 am but the train did not arrive on time. So my parents

witness the Bomb from far away on that day. If the train came on

time we will be arrived in Hiroshima station on 8:15 am. On that

day, my mother was pregnant with me. So I must felt the rolling

of earth with her.

After the terrible mass, the people who survived was giving the

Hibakutecho (The hand note of Nuclear disaster victim certified

document) which was they can received any treatment regarding

to the any sickness. Although the suffering from nuclear

radiation was unspeakable and many people died from affect and

still the suffering continue to this day, and not finished yet.

Nevertheless, Fukushima people are excluded for this benefits.

From March 11,2011 on to this day most of the citizens must pay

the hospital expenses and Doctor’s fee, medicines e.t.c, from

their own pocket and most of people can not afford.( Children up

to 18 was covered )

So I plead the HIBAKUTECHO for all the people in Fikushima and

neighboring prefectures.

This is already illegal for Human Right! We are responsible to

taking care of each citizen as in Democratic country.

Japanese always value for WA (Harmony), over the 2000 years in

our history in which we carried YAMATO-DANASHII. Please don’t

forget that we are responsible for taking care of each other. You

are giving that opportunity to do so.

Once again, we should look back Fukushima Genpatsu and act

right solution that will help people of victims of nuclear disaster.

Fukushima Nuclear disaster is not finished yet and we must

sincerely create and facing the solution of our planet Earth to be

safe place in 21 st century!

We as Japanese and American have strong commitment to ask

you, Mr Abe and members of the Japanese parliament will you

have great hearts to listen to our voice.

Truly yours

Machiko Tokuyama. Conway

San Francisco, CA USA


written by NNA member Chizu Hamada




3 Responses to “A report : 49th 8/11 Monthly NNA Rally”
  1. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    Want to see textbook activism and dedicated protestors committed to a profound cause? Want to watch a group of environmental heroes and peace activists work a certain kind of magic? Well, this is the group to watch – on the 11th day of each month, as they protest before the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco. Maybe you and your group of friends and colleagues have been recently and seriously thinking about standing up and speaking out for your own important issues and causes, but don’t necessarily have much experience or understanding how to get started. Or, maybe you’d like to speak out concerning how you feel about Fukushima and nuclear power. In either case, you should attend one of these rallies and watch real professionals at work. Here you’ll see some great minds, compelling and instigative speeches, and a diverse offering of perspectives, opinions, writings, and information related to the Fukushima disaster of 5 years ago, its ongoing and severe effects upon the local population, its effects on Japanese Americans, and the radiological and practical problems extending across the ocean caused by that triple meltdown.

    It was good to see Chizu doing her usual, superb job of orchestrating the rally, presenting speakers, and offering another update and recapitulation of the circumstances at Fukushima. Simultaneously charming and charging, Chizu really puts it all out there, putting a charge into the cause, assessing the ongoing problems of Fukushima and nuclear power from virtually every possible angle.

    Steve roused people again with another concise speech that, as usual, hit the many nails on the head. Steve is the antithesis to all the nonsensical positions and activities you’d hear about within Japanese and American government. It was great to hear him call out the failing U.S. government on its militarism, its overreach into other lands and picking of fights, and the reaffirmation shared by Japanese and many Americans alike that the U.S. military should get out of Japan and other nations where it’s not wanted.

    Dan spoke briefly about nature – about our “negotiation” with nature and, perhaps, on this most notorious anniversary of the atomic bomb, Dan’s comments are indeed timely as they relate to the baser nature that prevailed in the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Too, there can be no negotiation with certain aspects of nature – that is, the natural world – when nuclear power goes too far. As we’ve seen, sadly, in Japan – first with the atomic bombings, and then, more recently, with Fukushima meltdowns.

    The demand letter was well-crafted and touched on the usual, important points. Maybe this will be the month that Abe’s government will pay due attention to that. Either way, overall, it was another great rally. I’m so happy to be part of the No Nukes Action Committee, even if from a distance. Best wishes to the NNA Hard Core Group, and the NNA.

  2. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    It was also good to see Kazumi, Jon, Yoko, and Sam there too. When Sam calls out the chant, don’t you just get that morbid sense of dread, like his voice is that of a funeral chant? It’s powerful and effective. Can give you chills. Which is just what people may need to hear to wake up.

  3. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    And, as always, thanks so much for the professional grade camera work of Genta-San whose quiet, sure presence is of great benefit to the group. Thanks so much for your filming!

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