The report of 7/11/16 NNA Rally

Thank you for joining our 48th No Nukes Action Rally.
The previous day, on July 10, Japanese had the election of the upper house of parliament. The result was awful for the peace activists and people who want to keep our pacifist constitution and decommission all nuclear power plants. Because 2/3 of the seats were taken by the Abe governing party and his coalition parties. Abe’s goal which to revise the  constitution becomes much easier now.
But the several prefectures, Fukushima, Okinawa and Kagoshima which have been heavily suffering by Abe’s policy, won the election, knocked down Abe’s liberal Democratic party!
We have a hope and we must keep on protesting!
Several people, Lotus, Vi, Maureen, Don, Steve and myself, spoke out.
The letter to PM Abe was written by Dan Marlin for this rally. Please read the sincere letter below.
SF office of Independent Web Journal (IWJ), Genta Yoshikawa, Ustreamed our rally.
Hope see you at next 8/11 Rally!


今回もIWJ(Independent Web Journal) のSF支局さんがインターネット中継をして下さいました。
written by NNA member Chizu Hamad


-Letter to PM Abe-

Dear Prime Minister Abe,                                                                         July 11, 2016

Environmental disasters on any continent often have direct consequences throughout the world. This reality is the basis for global cooperation to address climate change. As you probably know, if the glaciers of Antarctica collapse because of global warming, the rise in sea-levels will destroy densely populated coastal communities on every continent.

I write to you today in the interest of protecting life on this planet. Yours is a position of official power. My power and responsibility as a citizen is to communicate with you on behalf of all who are affected by your actions. In so doing I join many Japanese who are convinced that your policies expose them to unacceptable risks of radioactive contamination.

Since the earthquake, tsunami and meltdowns at the nuclear complex at Fukushima five years ago, the Japanese government and TEPCO have attempted to manage the ongoing crisis by minimizing its scope and threat. Official reassurances that radiation levels are under control have been repeatedly contradicted by independent scientific monitoring. Nearby residents have been forced to make agonizing choices in the absence of trustworthy reporting by their government. Instead, you have given priority to elite careers and investor profits, while putting forth the false and optimistic narrative that the situation in Fukushima is rapidly becoming safe and normal.

We know that the effort to contain the ongoing disaster at the Fukushima plants continues to be daunting and that the potential risks are still catastrophic. We urge you to respect and protect the residents who have been evacuated from the area by withdrawing any threat to force them to return or sacrifice the financial support that sustains them where they have moved. Further, it is essential that doctors and hospitals can freely compile and share the records of increasing child thyroid cancers in the area since March 2011. Suppressing this information because it contradicts your happy narrative only makes the victims more vulnerable.

Stabilizing the damaged reactors will take decades. It is essential that those workers who are engaged in dangerous clean- up are also respected and protected. This requires transparency, maintaining clear records of their employment and guaranteeing them life-long follow-up medical care.

The present outsourcing of their labor to a many-layered and purposely obscure Yakuza-run sub-contractor system insures that these workers will be forgotten and neglected if they need help.

The plan to redistribute contaminated waste from Fukushima throughout Japan in road bed construction is reckless and must be immediately abandoned. Expert science has made it clear that there is an unacceptable risk of the buried contamination leaking into the environment and poisoning communities through the Japanese archipelago.

The Secrecy Law which your government pushed through has worked against the basic democratic values of a free press and the citizen’s right to know. Police harassment and detention of protestors opposing the escalating military alliance between the U.S. and Japan.

Finally, your campaign to restart dormant nuclear reactors, most of which are located on earthquake faults and exposed to possible tsunamis like the Fukushima complex is a betrayal of the wishes of the majority of people in Japan, but also of the people of the world. If there is another major nuclear accident in Japan all of us will also have to suffer the effects of radiation blown on the wind and carried by ocean currents. All nuclear plants in japan must be permanently decommissioned.

The people of Japan have expressed their desire for a clean environment and a peaceful society. Those desires can be realized by embracing renewable energy, permanently ending Japan’s use of nuclear energy and other non-sustainable systems, and by reinstating Article9. We urge your administration to commit to this truly constructive role.

Sincerely yours, Daniel Marlin

For Bay Area No Nukes Action


2 Responses to “The report of 7/11/16 NNA Rally”
  1. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    What a terrific monthly rally — once again. It was great to hear Chizu’s recap of the situation in Fukushima, although a little sad to hear about Abe’s political party gaining seats in the upper house of the Diet. I like how she briefly went from point to point about the mess in Fukushima, touching on things like the continuing radioactive contamination, the missing radioactive core, and the inability to know how to proceed, or what to do about those things. She mentioned that Japan had secured a tentative venue of the next Olympics, but under the pretext that radiation was overcome. Chizu sharply pointed out, too, that Tepco executives and its chief executives instructed subordinates to refrain from using the word “meltdown” to describe — exactly that which happened, a meltdown. Yet another indication of some corporate scumbag lying to the public to protect profits and loss of face. Well, it didn’t work.

    Steve segued from that point well when he mentioned the spread of contaminated soil throughout Japan and onto Japan’s roadways and construction projects through government initiatives. I share his sense of bewilderment about that project, the complete inability to understand the intention of the Japanese government there. Typically, one would want to closely contain radioactive material, not disburse it.

    Very good to hear from Don about the need to hasten the close of Diablo Canyon — which Steve and Chizu also related in their speaking out — as well as PG&E’s plan to try to profit from the solar production market. If they had planned years ago to transition to green energy, one might understand their undertaking and right to share in those profits. But if the utility company stalled and worked against renewable energy systems for its own profit, why should it now be allowed to gain from the very industry it hoped to thwart and stall? Their share should come as the leftovers of private co-ops and individuals feeding energy back onto the grid. Here Paul has been a stalwart informant of such enterprises and should be commended on his constant advisement of the feasibility of solar power.

    Dan’s letter, as usual, hit the bullseye. And gave the Abe administration a black eye. He’s right to point out that, since the environmental catastrophe of one country or continent has ramifications for the whole earth, communities and countries all over have the obligation to refrain from harm, and to work together for better care of Mother Earth.

    I was glad to see so many gathered at the Consulate and boldly asserting, again, the right of peoples all over the world to be free from the harm of nuclear energy and the greed of dirty energy corporations.

    Best wishes to the NNA group, and congratulations, on another successful rally.

    Jason N. Kamalie
    San Francisco
    Akron, OH

  2. Jason says:

    I watched the Rally on Ustream.  It was another great gathering with good information.  Best wishes to the NNA group. Jason

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