7/11 Rally-Speak Out Stop Restarting Japan Nuke Plants-Defend Children and Families of Fukushima

7/11 Rally-Speak Out Stop Restarting Japan Nuke Plants-Defend Children and Families of Fukushima
Monday July  11, 2016  3:00 PM and March to PG&E To Demand Closure Now Of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant at 3:30 PM
275 Battery St./California St. San Francisco
March to PG&E Headquarters
245 Market Street, San Francisco
Press Conference 3:45 PM

The Abe government continues to seek the restart of many nuclear plants despite the great dangers of another Fukushima melt-down. The Abe government has attacked reporters through a secrecy law and are preventing information getting out about the critically serious continuing dangers at the Fukushima plant and the dangers at other nuclear plants that the government wants to reopen.
Japanese children and people throughout the country continue to get thyroid cancers and the number of surgeries is growing. The government refuses to release the statistics of thyroid cancer surgeries throughout the country.
The government has raised the level of “acceptable” limits of radioactive contamination in order to push for continuation of the nuclear program and some of Abe’s Liberal Democratic politicians are telling people that the Japanese can “overcome” radiation and the government is telling people that you can decontaminate Fukushima.
The government which now runs TEPCO is also allowing the Yakuza to bring in subcontracted workers who are not properly trained or protected. This systemic corruption and criminal negligence of the Abe government must be challenged and publicly exposed. We also call for support to the US sailors who were contaminated by the Fukushima melt-down. TEPCO and the Japanese government continue to fight their liability for their contamination and cancers from the Fukshima melt-down.
Nuclear whistleblowers are also retaliated against and during the major earthquake in Kumamoto-Kyushu the Abe government appointed director of NHK told reporters not to “excite” people about the dangers.
We call for the evacuation of the children and families in Fukushima with compensation and oppose the propaganda that Fukushima has been “decontaminated” and that the Japanese people can.
They need to speak out for the people of Fukushima and the world that the nuclear plants in Japan as well as the US need to be closed including Diablo Canyon which is also on an earthquake fault. We will also continue to call for the closure of the   PG&E run  Diablo Canyon nuclear plant which was built on an earthquake fault and threatens another Fukushima on the coast of California. NNA is against the deal made to keep the plant open for many years despite the   dangers of a major catastrophe. After the press conference and rally at the Japanese consulate we will march to PG&E headquarters on 245 Market Street and have a press conference outside PG&E to call for the immediate closure of the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant. PG&E cannot be allowed to control our health and safety. We support the protection of the workers and not the stockholders and executives who are still making many millions of dollars from the nuclear industry. Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, the Brown controlled PUC Chair Picker and PG&E have colluded to avoid following the law in protecting the public.
Defending the people of Fukushima Japan and the people of California comes first before the protection of TEPCO executives, the nuclear industry and the politicians who are controlled by these corporations.
We support the closure of all nuclear plants and facilities like Hanford WA to defend the workers and the people of the United States.

Stop Restarting Japan’s Nuclear Plants
Defend the Children and Families of Fukushima
End the Secrecy Laws In Japan
Close PG&E’s nuclear plant now-NO More Illegal Extensions of Nuclear Power in California
Close All Nuclear Plants in The US And Defend Nuclear Industry Workers and Whistleblower

Rally 7/11 Japanese Consulate
3:00 PM 245 Battery/California
March To PG&E
3:45 PM
Press Conference PG&E
Shut Down Diablo Canyon Now

Speak Out and Rally initiated by
No Nukes Action Committee
For more information and to endorse and speak at rallies
(510) 495-5952

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