The Report of 47th NNA Rally on 6/11/16

6.11a 6.11b
We had done our rally on 6/11. The people from Los Angels got caught on the heavy traffic on the Bay Bridge and arrived late, so our rally started 15 minutes late as scheduled. But everything else went smoothly.
The letter to PM Abe was written by Carol Hisasue who is a member of Mothers for Peace in San Lois Obispo. Thanks for Carol, she attended the rally and could read the letter loud. Please read her letter attached below.
The Japan Consulate was closed because it was Saturday, we had a march to the Union Square. Sam Kanno who attended from LA led our march(about 17 people) with the shouting. It was very pleasant day and there were many people in the City. Many people had looked our march as a surprise.
Again,the SF office, Genta Yoshikawa of IWJ(Independent Web Journal) made the  internet Ustream live filming. Please take a look the archive of this video.
Thank you for your support and encouragement!
See you at 7/11 Rally.
written by NNA member Chizu Hamada
* * *

Letter to Prime Minister Abe

June 11, 2016

Dear Prime Minister Abe,

We have been gathering here on the 11th of every month for more than 5 years, since March 11th 2011 when the nuclear catastrophe began in Fukushima. Each time we have gathered, we have presented you with our thoughts, demands, wishes, suggestions. Each time, we were met with silence.

I hardly know what to say to you anymore, but let me remind you of two other leaders who have been in the news recently.

Only a few weeks ago, President Obama visited Hiroshima. In his speech, he spoke of how we have a shared responsibility to look directly into the eye of history and ask what we must do differently to curb such suffering again.

“We must change our mind-set about war itself. To prevent conflict through diplomacy and strive to end conflicts after they’ve begun. To see our growing interdependence as a cause for peaceful cooperation and not violent competition. To define our nations not by our capacity to destroy but by what we build.”

The irony is that Japan has already done this. Its change of mind-set after that war is reflected in the beautifully written Article 9 of our Constitution. This change was a source of great pride to me, as a Japanese citizen. Now, it is being trampled on by you and your Administration. For what? If you look at Japanese history, you will see that we are most prosperous, with the best cultural and technological developments during times of peace. A revision of Article 9 will surely throw Japan backwards.

Also last month, former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi spent three days in San Diego hearing from U.S. Navy sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan who were sickened while providing aid to Japan after the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. They, like the hundreds of thousands of Japanese who have been affected by the triple meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi, are victims of TEPCO’s and the government’s lies.

At that meeting, Koizumi said, “I realize this is something that can’t be ignored any longer. Everyone played a role in not shedding more light on this problem. I recognize I bear some responsibility.” He ended the meeting by quoting a famous proverb: ‘Once you’ve recognized your own mistake you must act quickly.  Don’t wait to rectify your mistake.’

You, Prime Minister Abe, have been waiting too long. You have been ignoring this huge global crisis, still on-going, for much too long.

I am deeply disturbed by the callousness of your Administration: ignoring the enormous amounts of radiation still leaking into the Pacific Ocean as well as the ground water in our own nation; turning away from the pain of parents with children affected by radioactive exposure; forcing former residents back to heavily contaminated land; deciding to use contaminated soil in public works projects; silencing not only dissent but the truth; lying to the world about the extent of the nuclear catastrophe.

And again, for what?

I care deeply for my country, but I feel that the worth of a nation also lies in the quality of its leaders. A leader who does not care about every one of its people does not deserve to lead.

Please show courage, Prime Minister Abe, and step up to help the people of Fukushima. Protect the right of victims to compensation and evacuation. Implement a health survey. Disclose the truth. Shut down all nuclear plants around Japan before another accident completely destroys our nation and the world environment. Reverse your plans for remilitarizing the country.  Do not wait to rectify your mistakes.


Carole Hisasue

Japanese Citizen and Resident of California

2 Responses to “The Report of 47th NNA Rally on 6/11/16”
  1. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    I watched from afar. And, I saw them, again. This band of heroes standing together at the Japanese Consulate to speak out in front of the whole world, to lend their voices and presence to a sublime set of causes, to speak for the saving of lives and of this beautiful planet. Among them at times, around them at times, or watching them from distant places, I have seen their persistence in the face of scoffers, watched them shrug off every indifferent passerby, and I’ve commended their refusal to relent, to go quietly into the night. I’ve seen this smallish band whose numbers swell and ebb, led by a tenacious hard core group, wear down an entire government. They have in their hearts the blazing core of the Rising Sun — hot, bright, deep. These are the TRUE patriots of the great nation of Japan. Speaking out for the victims and silenced voices of Fukushima and for anybody in Japan opposed to the restart of nuclear reactors.

    It takes grit and strength to do what they do. To risk ridicule, to expend time and energy for a cause many in the world don’t even consider, to plan and organize and persist as they do. Without guns or boots, without violence or hatred, without fanfare, month after month after month they assemble to work a kind of magic. The kind of magic that topples bad ideas and spreads information to involve people. The kind of magic that deposes.

    There is Chizu again — shouting the chants, giving updates on the situation in Fukushima, organizing speakers, serving as the Master of Ceremonies in one of the most important ceremonies in the world. She does, each month, an excellent job reaching out to potential speakers and attendees, running down the list of updates and concerns in Fukushima, giving the general overall picture of what is happening in Fukushima and in Japan.

    “Black, plastic bags piling up . . . everywhere. Side of the road, empty fields.”

    There is Steve again — roused and rousing, a reporting voice, gushing with information, hitting all the right spots again meticulously, concisely, and rolling easily from one related concern to another, filling in details, pointing out the ridiculousness of official positions in Japan. If you’ve never heard Steve speak, you’ve missed fire barely under control. You’ve missed insightful observations and scathing deconstructions of official nonsense coming from government perspectives.

    “We are here to demand the evacuation of the families and the children in Fukushima. And, this past couple of weeks, President Obama went to Hiroshima and he talked about peace. Well. You don’t have peace when you spend more money for military weapons. And, unfortunately, the U.S. government is spending billions of dollars to modernize their nuclear weapons. Now. Is that about peace?”

    “[The government] lied about the danger in Fukushima. We cannot afford the silence, we have to tell people the truth . . . We have to let people know that we do NOT accept the restarting of nuclear plants in Japan.”

    There are Yoko and Kazumi again — flying their banners, handing out leaflets, ready to answer questions. On their march to Union Square shortly later — Yoko’s banging pan fills the streets, reverberates across the buildings, rattles windows, and the nerves of the Japanese government, in announcing the procession of the No Nukes Action Committee, and foreshadowing a different kind of procession altogether: a funeral procession, for those who did not listen.

    Typically Dan Marlin, another talented speaker, has much to say, or points out some key angle to the problem, or reflects on particular hardships of the Fukushima region and people, though he was not present for this rally.

    There is Carol — perhaps a first timer to the group, but WOW. What a letter. Not only did Carol write the monthly demand letter, but she gave a pointed update on the situation of Diablo Canyon dangers. Pointedly written, emotionally read, it is yet another exhortation to the Abe administration to change course. Her appeal to the state of California to shut down Diablo Canyon joins the demands of countless others.

    “If you look at Japanese history, you will see that we are most prosperous with the best cultural and technological developments during times of peace.”

    ” . . . don’t wait to rectify your mistake. You, Prime Minister Abe, have been waiting too long.”

    “Please show courage, Prime Minister Abe, and step up to help the people of Fukushima. Protect the right of victims to compensation and evacuation. Implement a health survey. Disclose the truth. Shut down all nuclear plants around Japan before another accident completely destroys our nation and the world environment. Reverse your plans for remilitarizing the country. Do not wait to rectify your mistakes.”

    There is John and others, lending their voices to the cause, showing up out of their concern for the situation.

    There is Sam Kanno’s eerie, almost frightening voice leading the marching chants. His low, foreboding, drawn-out chants call to mind a funeral march, a stern warning to shut down the nuclear plants and repair things in Japan before it’s too late. It sounds like judgment.

    Overall, another powerful rally. My congratulations, and best wishes, to this tenacious, persevering group.

    Jason N. Kamalie
    San Francisco Akron, OH

  2. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    Special thanks, also, to Genta-San for his usual awesome job filming this rally. He has been a steady, reliable fixture in the rallies, providing the media broadcast of the NNA messages for the world.

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