A report of the 46th NNA monthly Rally on 5/11 ・ 月例抗議5月11日集会の事後報告

Our 46th rally was short but went smoothly. About a dozen of people attended.The huge Kumamoto earthquakes in Kyushu, the oppression to the activists by Osaka Police Dept, the controversial Obama’s visit to Hiroshima were some of the topics people spoke out.  People who spoke were Steve Seltzer, Dan Marlin, Paul Kangas, Jeff Nagata and myself.

For the May rally, Steve Seltzer wrote and read loud the demand letter to PM Abe. (Attached below) The letter will be handed to Consul Hayakawa in a few days. Consul Hayakawa again insisted not ablate to receive the letter on the same day of the rally, she explained to me “because of the security reason.” I still can not understand why.
IWJ (Independent Web Journal) SF office did Internet Ustream for this rally. See http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/86802057
Thank you for people attended and for people who support us!

5.11 2016


5月11日抗議ではステイーブ ゼルツアーが安倍首相への陳情・嘆願書を書き、読み上げました。添付を参照ください。
なおIWJ(Independent Web Journal) のSFチャンネルがインターネット中継をしてくれました。そのアーカイブリンクです。

written by NNA member Chizu Hamada


Letter To Japanese Abe Government


Dear Prime Minister Abe,

The powerful 7.3 Kyushu earthquake was not supposed to happen according to your Japanese government experts. The newly discovered faults in the southern island of Japan not only did massive damage but exposed the dangers to two operating nuclear plants including the Sendai plant. There were also more than 530 quakes beyond level 1 following the large earthquake.

Forty nine people have died and the quake caused extensive damage to cultural sites like the Kumamoto castle and temporarily shutdown the bullet train Shinkansen. The land shifted up to six feet.

At the very time of the earthquake, your government was engaged in an effort to tell the Japanese people, the US and the people of the world that the problems at Fukushima had been overcome although this is not the case.  Your government also went on a full press to reassure the public that there was no danger to the nuclear plants in Kyushu and they needed to keep operating.

The Japan Nuclear Regulatory Authority  NRA claimed that the plants hand “no abnormalities” and  said they would not halt the reactors “unless here is a scientifically convincing basis said  Shunichi Tanaka  about the Sendai nuclear complex”. Your government should be aware that new earthquakes were discovered yet the NRA wants scientific evidence of the dangers that these nuclear plants are in danger?

What was important to note was that there had been no “scientific evidence” of the new quake faults that developed during this massive quake  which is continuing to have after shocks.

Your government appointed   president of the NHK Japanese National TV and Radio  Katsuto Momii also told the staff not to “stir up alarm”. This was a warning to the NHK news staff not to tell the real stories of what is going on. “Hiroyoshi Sunakawa, a professor of media theory at Rikkyo University commented “President Momii has strong authority over personel-related matters, and if the remark on (on nuclear power) was ineed made it’s a problematic statement that has a chilling effect on the ground reporting.”

These efforts to suppress the news and threaten journalists who tell the truth about the nuclear dangers is outrageous and should be opposed by all people in Japan and around the world.

Many poor and working class residents have also been hit with what the Japanese media is now calling “economy class syndrome” or deep vein thrombosis. Because of the failure of the Abe government to provide emergency housing for the now thousands of evacuees, many poor and working class people have been forced to stay in their cars for more than 12 hours leading to serious circulation problems and some have died from these health problems.

Your government is also facing mass opposition over a  new secrecy law that further allows it to intimidate the media and David Kaye the  U.N. Special Rapporeur at a press conference in Tokyo on April 19, 2016 reported that journalists and reporters are being threatened and fired for reporting on nuclear dangers at Fukushima and other nuclear reactor sites. He said a reporter was demoted and given a salary cut after writing an article on the nuclear plant in Fukushima, which went into a meltdown in 2011.”

Your government police in the past have also arrested anti-nuclear activists for handing out flyers including Osaka Professor Masaki Shimoji and others who were leafleting opposing the burning of nuclear waste in the Osaka area and other prefectures in Japan. Your  government has decided that all of Japan’s regions should take responsibility for the massive radioactive waste that was produced by Fukushima.

The growing economic crisis in Japan has  also been exacerbated by the Kyushu earthquake. It will cost tens of  billions of dollars for rebuilding the seriously damaged homes and infrastructure. The real threat of more earthquakes in the "ring of fire" needs to be recognized. We cannot afford the danger of operating nuclear power plants in this environment.

The people and families of Fukushima are now being told by the government that they must return to Fukushima because it has been decontaminated. This is factually untrue and there have been many independent investigations that show that it is still highly contaminated. We call on a halt of the demand by the government that forces people to return to Fukushima.

We call for the closure of all nuclear plants in Japan including in Kyushu. We oppose the export of nuclear power technology and for full compensation for those harmed by the Fukushima meltdown. We also call for full support to the nuclear clean-up workers who have faced discrimination and do not have proper health and safety protection. We oppose the government which is running TEPCO for contracting out the hiring of contract workers in Fukushima. Corrupt Yakuza and other contractors have scammed the workers and these workers will face cancer and other diseases yet they are not protected by the government which now runs TEPCO. The government has a responsibility for these workers and using contractors is a means for denying the government responsibility. This new shock created by the Kyushu earthquake cannot be ignored and we call for the government take action to defend the people of Japan, the environment and failing to learn these lessons again puts the people in Danger.

No Nukes Action Committee

Steve Zeltzer


One Response to “A report of the 46th NNA monthly Rally on 5/11 ・ 月例抗議5月11日集会の事後報告”
  1. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    Another spectacular rally! When one really considers the varying perspectives, the interesting and talented individuals, and the range of considerations embodied by the NNA group each 11th of the Month rally — toward shutting down all nuclear power plants and weapons around the world — the culmination is a kind of magic. I feel certain they hear the NNA group all the way up in those plush offices of the Consulate. I get the feeling, as they stand looking out of their windows down upon the group on rally days, nobody really wants to be there in the building.

    Too, when you consider that restarting the nuclear plants in Japan began again in earnest a few months ago — and that was stopped right in its tracks lately — I have to think of this rather remarkable, smallish band of heroes leading the charge from San Francisco, not Tokyo. Small in size, at times maybe, but not at all small in heart and intention. Even one principled activist might have far-reaching power. How about a group like this?

    It was good to see Master of Ceremonies, so to speak, Chizu Hamada once again lithely presenting the program and speakers, leading the chants that rocked the building and entire street, and providing key updates on the situation in Japan. Dan and Steve each spoke with their own usual, engaging styles about the relevant issues. And, certainly Steve was right when he referenced the only “security issue” of which the Consulate is afraid is that the NNA Hard Core continues to unflinchingly tell the truth about sensitive issues. (The Consulate refuses to accept the NNA Group’s Demand letter on the day of the rally each month, citing “security issues”).

    New speaker Jeff raised an important point about President Obama’s recent visit to Hiroshima. Though it was not Jeff’s position exactly, I am grieved that the faltering U.S. has yet to apologize for the massive killing of Japanese people via the detonation of two atomic bombs decades ago. For a nation that has been the only one in the world to explode its nuclear devices over the land of a sovereign country, the U.S. would seem to lack all moral authority or integrity to enable it to direct the nuclear affairs of other countries. Thousands and thousands of innocent Japanese people were killed when those atomic bombs were dropped in, what many people today largely consider, a kind of perverse weapons test. It is a barbaric, militaristic stain that might never be wiped away. An apology for such harm is long overdue, and I yet fail to understand the political ideology that fails to open the heart to healing — and which starts with an admission of wrongdoing.

    I also agree with Chizu that Japan has its own duty to apologize to those it has wronged or harmed — whether for its aggression, oppression and violence against Asian peoples, or for any forced, undue subjugation of Asian lands or peoples, for the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and for any atrocities it added to the dung heap of human evil dug out by WWII. When people and nations admit their wrong, it is the first vital step to reconciliation, where reconciliation is truly desired. Anyway, if there is some truth that there is a relationship between nuclear power plants and nuclear weaponry — ESPECIALLY if there is some truth to that — we, the NNA members near and far, and all around the world, are right to say, as we always do, SHUT DOWN ALL NUKES.

    It was good to hear Paul’s usual advisement concerning the feasibility and (some would say, inevitability) of solar power installation to replace nuclear power and dirty energies. We must, again, congratulate Germany on her advanced perceptiveness concerning the condition of dirty energies and fossil fuels, along with the dangers of nuclear energy — and for working diligently to change the nation’s energy to renewable, sustainable sources. Leave it to Germany to be so much ahead of most of the world in such things. Too, we must congratulate China for being much ahead of the learning curve as it moves to the forefront of the world in varying renewable energy technologies and confronting and surmounting its own pollution problem. China is the world leader in the production of solar panels, and among the world leaders in solar technology.

    Congratulations, again, to the entire NNA group, especially the NNA Hard Core, whose unfailing efforts to address the Consulate, and the world, about the Fukushima problems work to inform a curious or unaware public, draw supporters, and highlight the wrongs of the Japanese and U.S. governments.

    Fiat Lux,
    Jason N. Kamalie

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