Report of 4/11/16 NNA Monthly Rally

About twenty people gathered at the 45th NNA rally and many people spoke out.
People who had a enthusiastic spirit and spoke out were Machiko Conway, Paul Kangas, Don Eichelberger, Don Marlin, Lotus Yee Fong, Jeff Nagata, Sam Kanno and myself. We addressed many problems and concerns and suggestions for the nuclear policy and nuclear disasters.
The letter to PM Abe was written and read out loud at the rally by GraceShimizu. Her letter covered the most topics.
Please see two attached, one is Grace’s letter, one is Sam’s speech.
IWJ (Independent Web Journal) Ustream couldn’t make it at this time.
See you at the 5/11 Rally!


今回はIWJ(Independent Web Journal)のインターネット中継は都合によりありませんでした。
 p2-4.11.2016 p1-4.11.2016

Letter to PM Abe 2016 4.11                                           

April 11, 2016

Re: Letter of Alarm and Demand for Government Accountability

Abe Shinzo

Prime Minister of Japan,

My name is Grace Shimizu. I am Nikkei, a Japanese American who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. I present this letter in solidarity with the people of the Fukushima area and all of Japan after the horrendous March 11, 2011 triple tragedy of earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown.

In the aftermath of those natural and man-made disasters, the people of the San Francisco Bay Area and the world stand with the people of Fukushima and Japan as they grapple with the daunting reality of humanitarian crisis, ecological catastrophe, and economic devastation. We join them with alarm in response to your Administration’s failure of leadership in addressing this ongoing challenge. We raise our voices in unison with the majority of the Japanese people to demand:

* Stop the reopening of the nuclear power plants

* Decommission the nuclear power plants built on earthquake faults, near active volcanoes, and near the ocean.

* Stop the release of radioactive water from nuclear power plants and decontaminate the over 1000 tanks full of radioactive water surrounding the plants

* Provide proper training and protection of clean-up workers and ensure they all receive medical care for their radiation exposure

* Stop the coercion of residents to return to contaminated areas by cutting off their compensation payments

* Stop the promotion of tourism to and the sale of food and products from contaminated areas

* Ensure the safety of all athletes and tourists participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, including decontamination of Tokyo Bay and other competition sites

* Ensure all people in Fukushima and Japan get needed medical care and redress for discrimination in the provision of social services, housing, and employment based on radiation exposure and medical condition

* Stop the remilitarization of Japan, repeal the secrecy laws, condemn the intensification of hate speech against ethnic minorities, and stop the promulgation of historical denialism in the school textbooks

* Stop the production of military-grade plutonium at the nuclear power plants and the development of the nuclear weapons industry

* And bring an end to the disturbing “Return To Normalcy” campaign.

The people of Fukushima, of Japan, and the world are being told that life is going back to normal in Fukushima. It is not a ‘return to normalcy;’ it is the promotion of a “new normalcy.” We oppose this cynical normalization of the ongoing disaster and fabrication of a favorable public image. We reject the disastrous collusion between government, regulators, the nuclear energy and nuclear weapons industries, and corporate media which have given rise to government policies and practices which continue to endanger Japan and the world.

We stand together in solidarity because we want a world of peace, without nuclear war, without nuclear weapons, without nuclear power plants, without contaminated nuclear waste. We call on your Administration for respect and accountability to the democratic will of our peoples.


Grace Shimizu


Sam’s Speech                                                                      

Hello, everyone who are here to protest against Japanese Prime Minister Abe and his administration who have not taken any measures to help people escaped from exposure disaster area.

Japanese Government is resuming nuclear power plants despite opposition of citizen’s will, even though there’s high risk of accidents due to increased number of earthquakes happening in recent years.

They are exporting nuclear power technology to other countries, regardless of terrible situations at disaster hit areas such as Fukushima.

We have countless things we’d like to protest; however, I’d like to make only two points today.

First of all, there is absolutely no plan how to decommission nuclear reactors in Fukushima which had melted down. If you think about Chernobyl, you can tell easily how difficult it is to decommission melted down nuclear reactors. At Chernobyl, it was level-7 accident with explosion. They have not succeeded with decommissioning and they are covering the reactor with concrete again, which can only sustain 100 years or so. The only thing they could do is to shield radiation. On the other hand, one of the difficult obstacles in case with Fukushima is that there is abundant groundwater in the area.

People cannot even come close to 190 tons of radioactive waste at Chernobyl, and they’re covering it up with concrete. At Fukushima, there is 1,000 tons of radioactive waste, which was a result of three nuclear reactors’ melt through. They don’t even know where the radioactive waste is located.

Because they are afraid of decay heat, they have been blindly pumping water to cool down the radioactive waste. On top of this, there’s abundant groundwater which is being contaminated with radiation, resulting in 400 tons of waste water a day. The radioactive contaminated water is secretly released into the Pacific Ocean, and people suspect that they dilute high level radioactive waste water kept in the tanks, and it is also secretly released into the ocean. It is of course breach of international laws.

There’s a strong concern for contamination of drinking water. This is because the radioactive contaminated groundwater moves freely around North East and Metropolitan areas. Another reason is that radioactive particles in the air fell down onto the ground and contaminated source of river. Even strontium was detected in drinking water in North East and Metropolitan areas.

Secondly, Abe Administration has been focusing on deceiving the harsh facts and hiding the truth with all their power.

Now, let me give you a list of many awful things that they’re doing.

(1) Number One. Invitation for Olympics was successful based on the big lie; Prime Minister Abe told that “radioactive contaminated water is under control”. 2020 Olympics will be held at contaminated city of Tokyo.

(2) Number Two. Japan and China agreed on leaving the territorial issue for Senkaku Islands “on hold”; however, Abe Administration declared it as Japanese territory, provoking China. They are trying to make Japan go on a war footing on grounds for changes in surrounding territories. In order to strengthen Japan and the US military alliance, the Security-Related Laws were implemented on March 29th which enable the Japan Self-Dense Forces to deploy its troops overseas. They succeeded establishing a system where Japan can go to wars. Prime Minister Abe even said that “using nuclear weapons is not against the Japanese Constitutions”.

(3) Number Three. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said that their standards are at the highest level in the world, which is absolutely not true.

(4) Number Four. After 166 children were diagnosed with thyroid cancer, the government is still insisting that it has nothing to do with the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.

(5) Number Five. They’re feeding children with unsafe food. They’re providing unsafe food produced in radioactive contaminated area for school lunch, claiming that it’s safe food.

(6) Number Six. There is national policy to promote tourists from overseas to exposure disaster area. They even have visits to hot springs located in unsafe area.

These are some of the appalling national policies to hide the harsh truth.

We feel the urgent needs to spread the news about the facts, in order to protect people in the world.

Thank you.

Los Angeles Resident Sam Kanno 4.11.2016

reported by NNA member Chizu Hamada


2 Responses to “Report of 4/11/16 NNA Monthly Rally”
  1. bob tom says:

    Dear No Nukes Action Committee,

    Hi, this is Blair Beekman. You have written myself, for many months. I have some good news to report.

    In Santa Clara County, the final steps have been taken, to bring a Surveillance-Technology Community-Safety Ordinance, to a full board vote, by all of its supervisors, this May. The ordinance, one of the first of its kind, in the country, has set up a system, for good beginning guidelines, and good models for government oversight, public transparency, and simply a better organization, in how to introduce, how to ask questions, and how to better maintain, surveillance and technology, in a community. I think it may be an incredible step. It is asking our local, state, and federal government, to end the opacity and confusion, they have offered their local communities, in the past fifteen years of war. It is meant to prepare local communities, for the ideas of continual wars and terrorism, issues, that may last into the next century, or indefinitely.

    It is asking our local county government, to learn a better system of organization, and possibly create an example, for the rest of the country, based on the better parts of the u.s constitution, civil rights, and civil protections. I think it could prove something incredible for the future. I hope you can find interest in it. It has been created, from an original idea, from the ACLU. They have based some of their thinking, on the work being done, on oversight and better community input, from the city of Oakland. Interestingly, I think it has some parts, that are based from the good thinking, and recent studies, done by the U.N.

    It is the sort of document, that I think can help, with questions and problems, that may be happening, in Japan. With surveillance, technology, questions of national defense, and war. In trying to learn ‘independence’, I hope the country of Japan, does not leave the good work, that it has been done in the past, with groups like the U.N. And, in trying to understand the idea, of how to create a more peaceful world.

    I hope this news can help, with what you are working on. It can certainly offer relief, and a nice day. I think ‘the Safety Ordinance’ and what is being worked on, by the city of Oakland, can offer a lifetime and generations, of good learning.

    Sincerely, Blair Beekman

    p.s. Are you working on anything, with President Obama, visiting Hiroshima, at the end of the month? I feel it is important to promote and work on the idea, to try to limit the use and try to end, war and its technology, in the name of a Japan ‘national defense’.

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