4/11 Rally-Speak Out Against Nukes in Japan and for Evacuation of Families and Children of Fukushima

4/11 Rally-Speak Out Against Nukes in Japan and for Evacuation of Families and Children of Fukushima
Monday April 11, 2016 3:00 PM
275 Battery St./California St.
San Francisco

On Monday April 11, people will speak out at the San Francisco Japanese consulate against the restart of over 40 nuclear plants in Japan. Despite the fact that Fukushima continues to leak radioactive water and material the Japanese Abe government is pushing ahead along with Tokyo Electric Power Company and other utilities in Japan to restart the dangerous nuclear plants. They are also telling the people of Japan, the US and the world that they have solved the problems of Fukushima and it has been “decontaminated” so people can move back. They are also launching a PR campaign called “Return To Normalcy”. This government corporate propaganda campaign is to assure the people of Japan and the world that everything is back to normal in Fukushima. They are pushing tourists to come despite the continued high levels of radiation and the danger for children, families and animals.
Additionally thousands of nuclear plant clean up workers have been contaminated and the government has allowed sub sub contractors including the Yakuza to recruit homeless and day laborers to work in the plant without proper health and safety instructions and protection.
We will speak out for the children and families of Fukushima and also oppose the growing militarization and secrecy laws which the government passed against mass opposition. The people of Japan by a vast majority do not want the nuclear plants running, the remilitarization of Japan and more bases including in Okinawa. The government has now admitted that US nuclear weapons were on board ships in Okinawa although this was against the US-Japan Security Agreement and put the people of Okinawa in jeopardy.
The people of Japan, the US and the entire world cannot afford another Fukushima.
Join US

Speak Out and Rally initiated by
No Nukes Action Committee
For more information
(510) 495-5952
Japan TEPCO draws fire after apologizing to Niigata panel  “It is out of the question for TEPCO to seek to restart its reactors, given its corporate culture.”
March 24, 2016


Fukushima town remains empty, but nuclear slogan disappears


written by NNA member Steve Zeltzer


2 Responses to “4/11 Rally-Speak Out Against Nukes in Japan and for Evacuation of Families and Children of Fukushima”
  1. Greg Banks says:

    When can the Abe gov’t be unseated? When are the elections?

    • k.delaney says:

      thank you for your question. i will try to give my best answer …
      Prime Minister-Abe’s term is till 2030, but Japanese Prime Minister’s election is different from United States. Japan has “Syugi-in”(House of Representatives) and “Sangi-in” (House of Councillors) two Diets, and customarily the President of the majority party of “Syugi-in” will be the Prime Minister of Japan. In this year 2016 July Japan planned to have “Sangi-in” election and majority party Abe’s “Jimin-tou” (Liberal Democratic Party) has orchestrated dissolution of “Syugi-in” and does both Diets Double Election before raise Consumption Tax 8% to 10% in 2017 April = before hated by the people. So in this year July 2016 will be very important election to Japan.

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