5th Anniversary Pettion Letter to Abe Japanese Prime Minister from Kyoto Japan

Nukes and human beings cannot coexist. The former we never can deal with. Fukushima Disaster 3.11 has yet to be liquidated at all.

Nuclear power and nuke weapons are one and the same,  as developed making use of radioactive energy first into bombs then into electric power as well  by the greediest circles.
Radiation damages genes and cells of lives, whatever small amount, as doing upon people and every living thing in and around Fukushima since 3.11.

In the five years meantime, the accident has brought thousands of deaths of people, bodies and souls harmed, many left alone in illness,  some killing themselves. Cattles and wild lives too, and all the vegetation, soil, air, water is contaminated, however lies Abe as being under control.

He and his colleagues still are so eager to export nuke plants, to restart reactors if too old and fatigued, regardless of the vast majority of people opposing. It is solely for their desire to be nuke armed,  to secure monopolistic profit of big corporates. Now is the time to stop it,  abolish any form of nuke power. Earthquakes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, such the mother nature creates we are unable to prevent.  But nukes we can halt simply as long  as they are launched by us.

Amid the persivere strong protests of ours, some dignity of courts has got awakening now, just as the injunction by Otsu Distric Court March 9th. Let us go our way of the people still more invigorated to regain the earth free of nukes to leave it in peace to the generations to come.

Hito (Hitosada Yoshitake) Kyoto, Japan




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