A Report of the 5th Anniversary Fukushima – 44th Monthly Rally 福島5周年、44回月例集会事後報告


Hi everybody,

Thank you so much for supporting and attending the NNA rally!
There were about 40 people who brought strong spirits even occasionally rainy weather.
Many people spoke out. Thank you, Linda Sealy, John Burtucci, Paul Kangas, Grace Shimizu,
Gilbert Perez, Cynthia Papermaster, Oliver Mellan, Machiko Conwey, Don Marlin for speaking.
We understand that the Fukushima accident was the man made and the on going accident.
The victims are still suffering.
We must shut all nukes down in the world including Diablo Canyon.
Here is the archive link of Independent Web Journal(IWJ) SF, filmed by Genta Yoshikawa.
And many groups and individuals gave their endorsements to our statement/letter to PM Abe.
Thank you so much!  Please refer the bottom to see their names.
(if you want to see The Statement in English & Japanese, please open the “NNA Statement for 3/11/16” at RECENT POSTS.)
See you soon!
3.11.1 3.11.2 3.11.6

3.11.7 3.11.5 3.11.8

IWJ (Independent Web Journal)の SF支局さんの撮影してくれたアーカイブリンクです。
(3/11/16 声明書をご覧になりたい方は、RECENT POSTS の “NNA Statement for 3/11/16” をクリックして下さい。)
3.11.13 3.11.12 3.11.10 3.11.14
Endorsed by the Group:
Tri Valley CAREs(Communities Against a Radioactive Environment),
Fukushima Response Bay Area,
EON(Ecological Options Network),
United Public Workers for Action,
CodePink Golden Gate Chapter,
San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace,
Occupy SF Action Council,
Asian Americans for Peace and Justice,
Veterans for Peace‐Chapter 69,
Veterans for Peace‐Chapter 162,
Solar Justice,
BARK(Barkers gitating for Reactor Closure),
PG&E Ratepayer Revolt,
Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center,
Sloths against Nuclear State(反核ナマケモノの会),
Fukushima Response Campaign, Eclipse Rising,
Abalone Alliance Safe Energy Clearinghouse,
Peaceroots Alliance and Farms Not Arms,
Western States Legal Foundation,
 Endorsed by individuals, USA residents(アメリカ在住):
Yoko Hino, Tomoko Hachisu, Misako Tuchiya, Junko Stickney, Akiyo Kawabata, Yuka Saito, Yuki Toyozumi, Eri Suzuki, Hiromi Okada, Kiyoko Usugi, Masayo Baillet, Eiko Toyooka, Wakana Kawamura, Miho Aida, Sarasa Weinstein, Fumiaki Tousu, Shizuko Mclarty, Masako Wikler, Yuko Tonohira, Shoko Tanaka, Junko Sasaki, Yoko Clark, Machiko Conway, Takemi Totes, Michio Kusama,

 Endorsed by individuals, Japan & Abroad residents(日本あるいは海外在住):

馬場紀子、寺島しげひろ、高橋峰子、大場亮、としおたに、稲益実、長谷川澄、千秋雅子、堤静雄、小林みどり、金子尚子、韓守賢、遠藤竜太、市原みちえ、小笠光実、佐藤晶子、小林和彦、吉武仁貞、村上由美、富田成美、池田智子、古賀由希子、Akio Kamitani、山下和子、阿部雅子、鈴木博子、宮野吉史、北浦ゆう子、竹内洋子、対馬美保、河野俊、大沼安史、従野由紀 花菜 順也、梶谷恒彦 真紀、樋口節子、Ryoko Hashizume、古川美由姫、キャロル久末、芳賀治恵 徹 麻奈 琉里 由依、桑本しのぶ、小野尾孝子、井本裕貴 沙織 明莉、塩入栄

written by NNA member Chizu Hamada

3.11.15 3.11.17 3.11.19


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