5th Anniversary Demanding letter to Abe Japanese Prime minister from United States Citizens


5th Anniversary Demanding letter to Abe Japanese Prime minister from United States Citizens


March 7, 2016

Dear Mr Abe Prime Minister of Japan & The members of the Japanese parliament

We are the citizens of United State of America.

We wish to appeal for the most important subject regarding the Fukushima Nuclear disaster and Fukushima people.

We have giving the huge amount of donation to help Fukushima nuclear disaster and it’s people and still continues to support them through Japanese Government.

Also we stood in front of Japanese Council General’s building in San Francisco since 2011 to this day to asking to stop Operation of Nuclear plants in Japan and support Nuclear radiation victims for medical care.

The citizens of Fukushima needs to supported for medical expenses to receive Echo Examinations and after care for all the treatments for all age of people, not only for the children.

We have heard that Natural or Human disaster Funds are sent from Central government to Local government office. We ask for the Central government will taking care of all these matters.

The citizens of Fukushima people need to have proper Medical attention now.

For another example, the homes had been destroyed at the time of 3.11 the half way damages could not receive enough support to re-build home. If they did received such a compensation  that was so small that hardly they can rebuild home again. Yes there is a Loan but in 5 years or 10 years Loans how they can pay back the Loan with out proper jobs? Again another importance of cleaning the soil around home is a much great problems. The Nuclear radiation clean up workers hired from outside of Fukushima. So in the financial situation, Fukushima people does not receive any of the economic profits after all.

Today, Fukusima Nuclear disaster is a global problem. All the scientists are very critical towards Japanese Government who does a little of anything for this and one day Japan may standing alone to blamed of this disaster out come.

Please be courageous to help Fukushima people health situation and find the way to neutralize nuclear radiation with the help of scientists around the world.

One more note, isn’t necessary for everyone in Fukushima to carry the HIBAKU TECHO- the book of the history of Nuclear Radiation since 3.11.

Dear Prime Minister Abe and the members of parliament please listen to our strong desire for above requests, we as American & Japanese who lives over sea



The citizens of Bay Area /San Francisco, California, USA

(written by Machiko Conway)





安倍首相 及び国会議員一同の皆様へ













日本国 安倍首相 及び国会議員一同様へ




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