NNA Statement for 3/11/16

NNA statement for 3/11/16 ・ NNA 3/11/2916 声明文

(Statement in English)

March 11, 2016 Join International Day Of Action On Fifth Anniversary of Fukushima Meltdown And Continued Radioactive Contamination

March 11, 2016 is the fifth anniversary of Fukushima and the meltdowns of the nuclear power plant. The lessons of that disaster continue to be ignored. There are over 1100 large tanks filled with radioactive water, which has been used to cool down the destroyed reactors, yet the Japanese Abe government told the Olympic committee that the Fukushima nuclear disaster and dangers were over.

Japanese children and people continue to be subjected to high radioactive levels, and a growing number of thyroid cancers not only in Fukuhsima but also in other prefectures of Japan. The Japanese government has raised the limits of “acceptable” amounts of radiation and has told the people of Japan that it has decontaminated the area around the Fukushima plant, and demanding that the residents return to this highly radioactive area or their subsidies will be ended.

The tens of thousands of mostly contract day workers who have been involved in the cleanup are continue to be contaminated and the government has allowed multi-layers of sub contractors to run a criminal operation with the Yakuza involved in recruiting these workers. TEPCO is now runs by the government. Yet, the Japanese government, instead of taking full responsibility to the community and workers, is cost shifting their responsibility with outsourcing these public jobs in order to cut costs.

At the same time, the government is pushing forward with the reopening of Japan’s nuclear plants despite the debacle at Fukushima. Many of these plants are on faults and even near live volcanoes besides the fact Japan located on the ring of fire with regular large earthquakes. The government knowingly is putting the country at threat with the danger of another meltdown that could destroy the entire country, and that is why even former Prime Ministers Kan and Koizumi are against restarting these nuclear plants.

Since the Fukushima disaster, the government has passed a “Secrecy Law” which puts journalists, investigators and citizens in possible danger for reporting what is going on at Fukushima, and it has arrested anti-nuclear activists for just passing out flyers against the burning of nuclear rubble around the country.

It is also seeking to remove Article 9 of the Japanese constitution, which prohibits offensive war, and would allow nuclear weapons and nuclear weapon development by Japanese corporations expanding the danger of nuclear accidents and nuclear war.

The No Nukes Action Committee (NNA) calls for an international day of action on March 11, 2016 to demand that all the children and families of Fukushima be evacuated with compensation. We call for an end to the export of all nuclear technology by Japanese corporations and for an end to the censorship of information about the growing cancer and radiation caused disease in Japan and around the world.

On March 11, 2016, we stand with the millions of Japanese people who have opposed the restart of nuclear power plants and who are demanding an end to militarization of Japan and Asia. We also oppose the rewriting of Japanese history to cover-up the role of the Japanese Imperial Army in enslaving women in Asia during the 2nd World War. The falsification of history is a key component in pushing for militarization and more nuclear weapons and plants in Japan in preparation for war.

The people of the world must unite, and stands as one to demand that the plants must be shut down and the people of Fukushima must be defended. We call on rallies and speak outs at all Japanese Consulates and Embassies around the world to let Japan and the people of the world know that enough is enough and we cannot afford another Fukushima.

We also urge you to endorse and stand with us on this international day of action, and send your statements to us and also to the Japanese government to let Japan and the people of the world know that the restart of nuclear plants must stop and the children and families must be evacuated from Fukushima.

Statement of the No Nukes Action Committee



(Statement in Japanese)

No Nukes Action Committee 声明文

それと同時に政府は福島の惨事にも関わらず、国内の他の原発を再稼働し出しています。これらの日本の原発の多くは断層の上、あるいは活火山の近くに有り, しかも日本の国自体が環太平洋火山帯に有って、常に地震が起きているのが日本です。政府は十分それを承知の上で日本を次のメルトダウンが起きかねない状態にしていますが、管や小泉前首相ですらこの再稼働に反対しているのです。
No Nukes Action Committee (NNA) はこの 3 月 11 日をインターナショナルアクションデー (
International day of action) とし、先ず、福島の全ての子供、家族を避難させ、又、日本企業による原発/原子力技術の輸出の廃止、そして放射能による癌や、あらゆる病気などの体内への影響の情報を細かく市民へ提供する事を要求します。
この3月11日、私たちは何百万もの再稼働反対し、軍事化に反対する日本の人達と共にこれらに 反対します。また、戦時中の日本軍による慰安婦問題の歴史書き変えなど、これらは日本が軍事化や原子炉の再稼働、また核兵器保持への道への第一歩と確認しています。
又、それと同時に、日本だけでなく世界の人達に再稼働阻止と福島の子供や家族の避難が必要な事を知らせる為、皆さんの抗議文を日本政府へ送り、そのコピーを私たち、下記のNo Nukes Action Committee へも送って頂きたいと思います。
No Nukes Action Committee 声明文
No Nukes Action Committee
あるいは e‐mail to:


Signers in support of this statement was finished (deadline was 3/8/2016)

Thank you for your support !



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2 Responses to “NNA Statement for 3/11/16”
  1. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    One of the most dedicated activist groups in the world, right here. Best wishes to the NNA Hardcore Group and the NNA for a tremendous turnout and effective dissemination of the Group’s message against the reactivation of nuclear power plants in Japan, and for the shutdown of all nuclear power plants, and the elimination of nuclear weapons, all around the world. Fiat Lux.

    • Jason N. Kamalie says:

      Especially today — the fifth anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster — the hopes, messages, and prayers of those harmed by that terrible event find their way through the voices of the NNA. Thanks for your tremendous work toward the elimination of nuclear power plants, and their inherent dangers, all around the world.

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