A report of 1/11/16 rally・第42回月例抗議集会1/11事後報告

Thank you for joining our 42nd Monthly NNA Rally! This was the first rally of 2016.
About 20 people attended. We have protested not only against nukes but also against the military policy of Japanese, Korean and USA government. And about 10 Korean American joined and protested against the agreement Japan and South Korea made about the Comfort Women.  For detail, please see the IWJ (Independent Web Journal) live archive link : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/81323715
Dan Marlin wrote the protest letter to PM Abe for this rally and read it loud at the rally. Attached please read Dan’s letter. letter 1.11.16 (click here)
We must keep on protesting! Let’s not give up!
See you at our next rally on Thursday, 2/11!
NNA member Chizu Hamada


毎回提出している首相への嘆願/陳情書は、今回はダン.マーリンさんが書いて集会で読み上げました。letter 1.11.16 (click here)

なお集会の詳細はIWJ(Independent Web Journal)アーカイブリンクをご覧下さい。毎回の中継をして下さる、IWJさんとSF支局の吉川さんに心から感謝致します。http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/81323715

NNA member Chizu Hamada
2 Responses to “A report of 1/11/16 rally・第42回月例抗議集会1/11事後報告”
  1. Greg banks says:

    I’m looking for a way to raise awareness about the Fukushima ongoing disaster.  Maybe a trip to Calif. or Japan.  I’m with the Green Party and a 25 year old nonprofit in Wisconsin.  Thanks for your persistence.  Such an important justice issue.

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