10/11 Speak Out At SF Japanese Consulate Against Restarting Nuke Plants And In Solidarity With The People Of Japan

Stop Restarting Nuclear Plants, Evacuate Children and Families From Fukushima and Stop Militarization, Censorship And Rewriting History
Speak Out-Press Conference
October 11, 2015 3:00 PM
San Francisco Japanese Consulate
275 Battery St. off California St.
San Francisco, California

The Japanese Abe administration continues to restart nuclear plants in Japan threatening the health and safety disaster for  the people of Japan and the world. They are also demanding that the children and families return to Fukushima or face the loss of their subsidies. This comes on the heels of a mass rally of 120,000 people in early October against changing the Japanese constitution to allow war and also against nuclear power.
Tied to this is the effort to deny the role of the Japanese Imperial Army in using “comfort women” as sexual slaves during the 2nd WW. In San Francisco Japanese consulate officials visited every Supervisor to lobby against the establishment of a memorial for the “comfort women” and their supporters personally insulted Grandmother Yongsoo Lee at the Board Of Supervisor’s meeting.
This is tied to the effort of the government to repress teachers and sanitize school books to delete the history of the crimes of the 2nd WW.
The speak out at the Japanese consulate is a possible to stand up against the restart of nuclear plants, the defense of the people of Fukushima and against  the drive toward war. This is also an opportunity to link up in solidarity with the  Japanese people.
We urge to come and speak out and for your organization to join us to stand up against nukes and against militarization  and war.

Sponsored by
No Nukes Action Committee
For information call (510) 495-5952

Thousands of people protest against nuclear power, security legislation in Tokyo
Japan TEPCO to install additional storage tanks for contaminated water at Fukushima plant
Researchers: More than 70% of No. 2 reactor’s fuel may have melted

written by NNA member Steve Zeltzer
One Response to “10/11 Speak Out At SF Japanese Consulate Against Restarting Nuke Plants And In Solidarity With The People Of Japan”
  1. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    We had another great rally in front of the Japanese Consulate yesterday. As usual, we heard from a variety of perspectives reporting on the conditions people face within the Fukushima area, the status of repair and cleaning, and attempts to mitigate the radioactive harms within the area, the persistent problems and difficulties of that cleanup, and some of the effects on the local populace.

    The Abe Administration continues to be defiant against the common good for the Japanese people on a number of fronts. The restarting of one power plant despite the will of many Japanese people — including two former prime ministers, continued enforcement of a so-called “secrecy law” that seeks to preclude robust discussion of the Fukushima issues, and the adoption of an official viewpoint that there is little or no potential harm in moving back to the affected areas are all examples of that defiance.

    Yoko wrote a very concise and practical letter to the prime minister that made several of the usual demands important to our group including repealing the Special Secrecy law and the establishing of open, transparent medical services available to residents of the affected region to allow for accurate and reliable testing of thyroid cancer, leukemia, and other related afflictions.

    We heard from other speakers, including a guest who proposed, among other interesting ideas, the potential of cleaning up radioactive areas with the use of vegetation like mushrooms. The views of other speakers ranged from how “unChristian” it was to harm the planet, to the idea that it’s been long past time for Mr. Abe to depart office, given his activities and positions.

    I’d like to make clear, here, that it is the view of this group that ALL nuclear power plants around the world, given their inherent potential danger at this juncture, should be shut down — not just those in Japan. America, especially, should lead the way and provide the example in decommissioning nuclear power plants — while unveiling and developing free, sustainable, and renewable energy sources and systems. If a nation as robust, diverse, and populous as China can lead the world in the production of solar panels and take other steps toward a Green future as it is currently doing, why can’t also the so-called “post-industrial” nations like America and Japan who’ve had a significant jump in terms of technology follow suit? Though our letters go to the Japanese Consulate each month — really, our intention is for all world governments, particularly here in America, to shut down nuclear power plants and, of course, all nuclear weaponry.

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